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Underwear for Post C-section Moms

Question: “What kind of underwear did you wear after your C-section? Was it comfortable?”

Top Answers:

1. Jen Jardin Stolen mesh ones from the hospital!

2. Sarah Herrington Brown You guys may find this ridiculous, but a friend of mine who had a C-section swore by Depends for the first little bit. So much so that I traded in the mesh hospital panties for some after my vaginal birth. Let me just say, they put those mesh things to shame. I never thought I’d say Depends were amazing but they so were.

3. Jackie Leigh Davis  Granny panties that came over my gut while the incision was still healing. After a few weeks, I was fine wearing my bikinis again.

4. Kim Hendricks Also wore the mesh ones from the hospital for a couple weeks then went to my normal undies. Neat trick from my 1st: use a long maxi pad, place the pad against your incision, & stick it to the inside of the front of your panties. It keeps the waistband from rubbing on your incision & provides some extra padding, so when you bump into something (or get kicked by your child…) it’s not quite as painful!

5. Cherise Littlefield Lansford  High waisted cotton panties from Wally World! Lol.

6. Stephanie Schofhauser  had an unplanned C-section and wasn’t prepared for the panty dilemma. I bled through the last pair of mesh panties on day 2 home from the hospital. In a moment of desperation, I grabbed an old pair of the hubby’s tighty whities and they were the best ever. Kept a pad perfectly in place and hit high enough that they didn’t hurt.

7. Lindsay Akri Motherhood sells compression underwear that goes very high on the belly. It was a LIFESAVER after surgery. I wore them for 6 weeks.

8. Nicole Kelly Depend Silhouette. Compression + pad + disposable. A nurse even commented wondering if the hospital got new fancy ones. The best!

9. Hillary Kramer Lynch I LOVED the C-Panty. The silicone strip felt heavenly after trying the itching mesh panties or Depends. Plus, I never got a C-section shelf. The swelling from my incision went down immediately two days after wearing the C-Panty. It was the best $70 (for 2 pairs) I’ve spent in a long time!

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