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4. Bath Stuff

Ahhhh, bath time — our favourite time of the day (did you see how I slipped a “u” in there? My inner voice is British, what can I say…)

Lucie baptizes baby Alice in the Tummy Tub

The frequency of bathing babies varies greatly from parent to parent: some do it every day and some do it once a week (yikes).

The truth is, babies aren’t exactly rolling around in the dirt or getting sweaty at the gym, so you don’t need to bathe them every day. That said, however, they do get pretty gross from daily grime (spit up, errant milk, and the occasional blowout).

Alice at 3 weeks

Trying to bathe a newborn baby in the kitchen sink is kind of a joke; it’s like trying to grab a greased watermelon in the deep-end on the 4th of July. Also, baby poop and preparing dinner in the same general area? Do not go hand in hand [Kramer: I prepared it while I bathed. Germaphobe from Elaine’s office: throws up in mouth].

Thus [clears throat], you really do need a baby bathtub because babies cannot sit up (or control any part of their body, for that matter) for many months.

There are a couple of neat little “tubs” that are just for young babies (0-6 months) – or you can skip directly to a regular infant tub, which will also accommodate newborns.

The advantage to newborn tubs is that you can use *most of them* in the sink and other such easy to reach places (countertop, etc.), whereas regular infant tubs need to go in the bathtub, where you will (inevitably) be down on your knees.

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