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Boy’s Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017

A “capsule collection” is a quick, seasonal wardrobe consisting of interchangeable items for easy, no-fuss dressing. We all need more simplicity…Enjoy!

15 Cute Toddler Boy Things for Fall

Trapper Hat ~ $14

Full disclosure here: I’ve had my boys in Trapper Hats since day one. Who doesn’t want a mini Uncle Eddie in the fam? All realness, I love how trapper hats offer good ear coverage, and they’re just too damn cute.

*Available in sizes from 2-12 yrs

Pull-on Boots ~ $49

So $49, I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me… This style survives the test of time, in boyswear terms. We love an easy pull-on boot with a sneaker tread for spur of the moment games and chasing. Two words: UGG quality.

*Available in colors chestnut & black and in sizes 6-10 toddler & 11-12 little kid

H & M Joggers ~ $17

Tapered at the ankle, joggers are awesome for easily fitting into rain boots or showing off cool sneaks. I love the neutral two-tone style of these sweats, as they give dimension to a really basic style.

*Available in sizes from 2-10 yrs

Gymboree Long Sleeve Shirt ~ $11

Gymboree has some cool shirting options at great prices. I love this “forest print” for its fun twist on a neutral camo. Shirts like this make for great layering pieces to wear open over t-shirts, too.

*Available in sizes: 6-12mo, 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T

Zara Trousers ~ $12

Zara offers no shortage of “trousers,” aka comfy combo legging/lounge pants that don’t look like pajamas. You can’t go wrong with the fun textures and colors available seasonally. These snowflakes are a great print that will go with tons of colors or basics that are already in your kiddo’s closet.

*Available in sizes: 9-12mo, 12-18mo, 18-24mo, 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs

Old Navy Shirt-Jacket ~ $26

Anything lined with sherpa fleece is a complete winner in my book. I love this take on the jean jacket, plus its cool charcoal denim will go great with other greys, plaids, and prints.

*Available in sizes: 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T

Old Navy Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt ~ $8

We usually stock up on a gang of Old Navy t-shirts every season for both of our boys. The prints and colors are always spot-on for so many different looks!

*Available in 16 prints and in sizes 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T

Zara Slip-ons ~ $29

A pair of slip-ons are definitely necessary year round, especially for our readers in warmer climates. These faux shearling slips look cozy and snuggly for the season.

*Available in sizes: 4-8

Burt’s Bees Pajamas ~ $22

Sometimes, less is more. I love the sweet grey ribbing on these PJs. They also come in red (ho, ho, ho) and a dreamy cream.

*Available in sizes: 2-4T and 6-7yrs

Target Long Sleeve Henley ~ $7

What’s cuter on lil’ dudes than henleys? Yeah, not much! I love the fabric (and the price!) of this top. The chambray pocket is a fun addition. I’ve already purchased this for both my little dudes this year.

*Available in sizes: 12mo, 18mo and from 2-5T

Patagonia Winter Coat ~ $99

Every year, I buy my sons a Patagonia down winter coat. They are pricey, but it’s the major thing I invest in annually (or else hunt down at consignment shops). I love them because they fold up so small when traveling and are not giant “puff-balls” (as my oldest refers to most winter coats). Pro-tip: Purchase one size up and fold the sleeves so the coat takes him through two seasons: more bang for your buck!

*Available in colors green, red and blue and in sizes from 2-5T

Gymboree Fuzzy Vest ~ $26

This fuzzy camo vest comes in some fun color combinations and affords so many possibilities for outfits. Vests are great over thermals or long t-shirts for those mild fall days that don’t warrant a coat or jacket.

*Available in sizes: 6-12mo, 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T

Old Navy Long Sleeve Thermal ~ $8

Thermals are so necessary for colder temps. A white, a grey, and a blue provide a great foundation for layering. Although they are almost sold out online, Old Navy usually has awesome multi packs of thermals, so be sure to check your local store.

*Available in 7 color options and in sizes 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T

H&M Jeans ~ $24

As seen in our girl’s capsule, these are especially great for kids who hate wearing traditional denim. They are super soft with a thick, elastic waistband for easy up and down, solo bathroom trips.

*Available in two washes and in sizes from 1.5-8yrs

Gap Zip Cardigan Sweater ~ $44

Shawl collars are great for dressing up and down. My motto in life, “zippers over buttons,” definitely rings true on this super-soft knit.

*Available in sizes: 12-18mo, 18-24mo and from 2-5T


Kristen Toshner, Lucie’s List Fashion Editor

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