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Learning & School Supplies for Home

There are a number of school supplies we all love having at home that are great for little kids’ creativity, exploration, and learning in general. We’ve created this easy-to-follow checklist outlining the major categories of supplies and the items we suggest.

*These are certainly not all “must-have” items (actually, please don’t, LOL), but rather the kinds of things we just think are great to have on hand for after school, the weekends, school holidays/closures and such. Pick what you like and leave what you don’t!

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The Basics

Educational Resources for Home

For the preschool and early elementary crowd looking for some fun educational props, we got you! 

Letters and Spelling Practice

  • Word puzzles are also a great way for children to practice spelling. With this Melissa & Doug set of wooden boards and letters, children learn to spell 3- and 4-letter words with over 50 pieces of colorful wooden chunky letters and 8 two-sided cut-out boards. 

Activity Books and Cards

  • If you want to limit the amount of stuff you have at home, you can opt for activity books that are multi-disciplinary. With this Big Preschool Workbook, your little one can practice tracing, writing, shapes and so much more. Some activity books are more specific, focusing on numbers, letters or tracing — all great for developing motor skills.
  • We also love these SmartyPants cards by Melissa & Doug, which offer a variety of questions, puzzles and games for your little ones to learn while having fun. Available for different grade levels. 

Math Practice

  • The best way to help our kiddos understand math concepts is by making it tangible — think sorting, counting, and grouping. If you have kindergarteners, first- or second-graders at home, manipulatives like this cube set, mathLink builders and an abacus are perfect. For time and clocks, take a look at this Melissa & Doug Educational Wooden Clock

Art and Music

These are for everyone! Make sure to stock up on art supplies (I should be planting a tree everyday for how much paper my kids go through in our house…) and whatever musical toys/instruments/players you can.

Some Ideas:

There’s also this:

For more inspiration, check out Pinterest for some awesome preschool activities, printables, art projects and more. 

Organization Tools

Some things you’ll need to set you and your children up for distance learning success; jump ahead to see workspace essentials, planners, and more.

A Good Workspace

  • Desk Organizers: an organized work station will inspire productivity and focus. We are firm believers in that. 
  • Rolling cart: a mobile cart makes it easy to store materials for multiple kids and different categories of supplies/gear. It’s also nice to be able to roll out for certain activities and then put away when you’re finished. (Because: messes.)
  • Kids locker: such a fun way to bring middle school vibes into the home (hah!). Seriously, an at-home locker is an easy way to make little kids feel SO COOL, and it happens to also be a practical solution for storing school stuff — whether it’s artwork they bring home from school, books, workbook pages or what have you.

Go here for tips on how to create a cozy and inspiring kids’ workspace, and here for organizational advice

Planners & Calendars – Time Management

For Kids: 

There’s something about having a record of what needs to be accomplished on paper. School planners that let you write down detailed entries for each day are clutch, especially for older kids. And again, can we talk about how satisfying checking things off the list is?!

For Parents Trying to Wear the Teacher Hat: 

  • The A+ Homeschool Planner: this planner offers homeschool lesson plans for up to 6 kids, and although it’s aimed at those who are formally homeschooling, there are tons of fun ideas for the afternoons, weekends, snow/heat days, etc.
  • Plum Paper Distance Learning Planner for Parents: this planner was originally created for distance learning in the throes of the pandemic, but it’s actually just a fabulous completely customizable planner that’s perfect for parents juggling multiple schedules. You can even add your own categories to your planner, such as meal planning, family budget, etc., to (try to) keep the rest of your life streamlined too. 
  • Desk Calendar: for parents who prefer a traditional large desk calendar to a small planner, this one’s for you!
  • Time management clock: this little guy is a great tool for setting up structure and routine — it’s a lifesaver for getting out the door in the morning, and we love how kids can easily see the passing of time.

Alternatively, for younger tots who need a color-coded reminder, you can repurpose your Hatch Rest (or other OK to wake clock) and set it up for various activities (blue for getting ready in the mornings, orange for reading time after school, etc…). 

Organization & Multipurpose Tools

  • Whiteboards & Dry Erase Markers: A whiteboard with dry (magnetic) erasers is great to write each day’s schedule or to practice skills like spelling and counting while minimizing paper use. Also great for meal planning!
  • Calendar & Multipurpose Whiteboards: these can help your little one keep an eye on the bigger picture for the week or the month. It’s also very satisfying to cross out or erase assignments once they’re done.

Annnnd that’s all folks! Hope you found something that fits the bill for what you and your family need — and if you have other suggestions for home learning gear, please share in the comments!


  1. hi! I need recommendations on a preeschool guide for homeschool learning. i have the gear just need ordered ideas and a lesson plan. any recommendations?

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