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Gift Guide for Twins

When you’re buying holiday gifts for twins, it’s important to consider toys that more than one child can play with (otherwise, you’ll wind up with a house full of crap! Speaking from experience…). That’s why we’ve put together our annual holiday gift guide for twins. Enjoy!

Two is for Twins ~ $8

Being a twin is special, and this adorable little board book touches on all the unique and fun things about having a twin brother or sister.

holiday gift guide for multiples

Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks by Hape ~$12

Your multiples will have a blast building brightly colored towers made of all sorts of shapes… and then knocking them down over and over again. This set comes with 50 brightly colored wooden pieces, along with a tote bag for easy clean-up and storage. The blocks are non-toxic and made of child-safe materials.

Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game With 2 Magnetic Rods ~ $18

Go fish! Your twins will love catching fish with this magnetic fishing game. Bonus: kids can practice their hand-eye coordination, learn about colors, counting and how to take turns.

holiday gift guide for multiples

Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Seat ~ $22

Let’s have a tea party! This Rainbow Tea Set offers more than just tea. It plays 7 different songs that teach colors, counting, matching, manners and more. As the tea is “brewing”, the teapot makes a realistic gurgling sound – littles love this! – and when it’s ready, kids can pour into the included tea cups. It also comes with a 6-piece multicolored cake.

holiday gift guide for multiples

Mega Bloks ~ $25

80 colorful building blocks that are the perfect size for small hands! Kids get to use their imaginations, fitting blocks together in all kinds of creative ways. Even more fun than the building? Pulling them apart and starting all over again!

holiday gift guide for multiples

Melissa & Doug Vet Set ~ $25

Your twins will have everything they need for their favorite plush pet’s vet check-up. This 24-piece set comes with a play dog and cat, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, cast, bandages, and more.

Walkie Talkies ~ $27

“Come, come in…do you hear me?” Your twins will have a blast talking to each other from different rooms of the house, or from inside the house to the backyard, and beyond. They can carry these walkie talkies around with them all day and never be out of touch!

Play Tent with Tunnel Crawl ~ $34

Peek-a-boo! Where are you? Kids will love hiding out (from you, and each other!) in this tent/tunnel crawl. You can throw some balls in the tent to create a fun ball pit for your kiddos. Use it indoors or outdoors. The pop-up design makes it easy to put up and pack away. Hours of fun, seriously!

Mine to Love Twins ~ $39

Your twins will love playing with their own set of twins (only difference is that these ones will actually sleep through the night!)! These adorable twin dolls are super soft, cuddly and realistic looking.

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set ~ $50

These magnetic tiles are so much fun! Kids can put together all kinds of cool things with these geometric magnetic shapes. This set comes with 100 pieces — the perfect amount for your kids to share.

Hape Double Sided Easel ~ $58

Artists, unite! This two-sided easel is the perfect gift for twins who are into art; one side is a chalkboard, and the other side is a dry-erase board. This easel comes with 3 paint pots and a replaceable paper roll. Height is adjustable from 37.5″ to 43.5″. 

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers ~$64

Ready, set… GO! Your twins will have a blast racing their cars down the Mickey Ears Raceway! May the fastest car win as each child zooms his or her car down the ear-shaped double-level raceway, past the road signs and flags, all the way to the finish line. You can purchase additional Roadster Racer track sets and vehicles to keep the race interesting for years to come.

Crocodile Rocker ~$69

This adorable croc rocker can accommodate up to 3 children (twins, trips, twins and a singleton, etc!), and can hold up to 150 lbs total weight. Use it inside or outside.

Manhattan Toy Treetop Adventure Activity Center ~ $75

Another good activity table for more than one child — younger twins will enjoy this brightly colored tree top-themed activity center with peek-a-boo doors, spinning dials, gliders, curvy wires adorned with colorful beads, and more. This is also awesome for developing fine motor skills.

ALEX Discover Sound and Play Busy Table ~ $76

This musical activity table has enough going on (6 activities total) to keep multiple kids entertained at the same time. While one is tapping the xylophone, someone else may be playing the drum, while another can spin the gears.

Step 2 Play Kitchen ~ $80

The play kitchen has always been one of my twins’ most favorite toys. They love cooking, baking, conjuring up crazy concoctions, and even bringing Mommy coffee in the morning (how sweet – they don’t realize I drink it because of them! ;-))

This kitchen comes with an electric stove-top burner that makes realistic cooking noises, a coffee station, a fridge, double oven, pet hideout, and 21 other fun accessories (play food not included). For some more upscale play kitchens, check out those from Pottery Barn Kids.

holiday gift guide for multiples

Step 2 Wagon for Two ~ $84

Wagons are a MoM’s best friend (it’s mine, anyhow). It’s one of the best ways to get your toddlers/preschoolers from here to there. Seriously – just throw ‘em in the wagon and pull them around the neighborhood, to the farmer’s market, park, or even around the house. They’ll love getting a lift in their own special ride. See also: Best Kid’s Wagons

holiday gift guide for multiples

Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant ~ $113

Coffee and eggs, anyone? This is the cutest little diner set – on one side, two lucky customers can enjoy their meal, and on the other side, the chef can cook up some yummy eats in the kitchen (kitchen features an oven, stove-top, grill, fridge, drink dispenser and milkshake mixer). Add some Melissa & Doug Star Diner play food and accessories for $26.

holiday gift guide for multiples

Jump 2It Kids Portable Two-Person Trampoline ~ $128

Keep your twins active this winter with this mini trampoline that’s made especially for two kids! The foam-coated handlebar in the center is large enough for each child to grasp, and it’s also adjustable so you can continue to use it as your kiddos grow (from 24.5” to 35”H).        

That’s all for now – I hope you found some inspiration for gifts for your multiples. Happy holidays!

Also check out Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her for those adults on your list. Cheers!

~ Marissa Bader, Twins Editor

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