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Gifts Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Here’s a hot tip for everyone gifting toddlers this holiday season: forget the loud and noisy toys and instead help them use their big imagination. Playing house, planting seeds, sweeping the floors… these are the things toddlers live for, and we’ve picked out the perfect toys to help them feel like the big helpers they’re turning into!

Gifts for Toddlers

Digital Camera ~ $37

See the world through your toddler’s eyes with this super cute and inexpensive digital camera. It comes with a micro SD card, an adapter to import into your computer and a rechargeable battery.

gifts for toddlers

Micro Mini Delux Scooter ~ $89.99

The Lean-to-Steer design of this scooter helps your little one learn balance and coordination, and the adjustable handlebar grows with your kiddo from age 2 to 5.

gifts for toddlers

Mid-Century Play Kitchen ~ $599

Buy the toddler in your life the kitchen of your dreams. When West Elm does children’s toys, it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Harbor House Dollhouse ~ $80.45

A modern dollhouse for your modern home. This beautifully chic toy is coated in eco-friendly paint doubles as a statement piece for any playroom.

gifts for toddlers

Hape Wooden Coffee Maker ~ $35.99

Teach your little one the fine art of coffee making with this wooden coffee maker. Dials turn, lids open and buttons can be pushed.

gifts for toddlers

Wooden Art Easel ~ $149

Chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other. This child’s easel from Crate + Kids fosters your kiddo’s creativity and lets you keep your style just the way you like it.

gifts for toddlers

Indoor Garden Kit ~ $21

A gift for the littlest plant lovers: this indoor garden kit by Green Toys is made of 100% recycled plastic and made in the USA. The soil pods grow zinnia, basil or teddybear sunflower.

gifts for toddlers

Pretend Cleaning Set ~ $20.99

Yes, get them started cleaning early! This classic set from Melissa & Doug inspires hours of pretend play. This super realistic wood set gives your child purpose and supports hand eye coordination.

gifts for toddlers

Touchthinklearn: ABC Book ~ $19.99

Big, thick pages with raised, colorful letters. This book thrills both parents and toddlers with its beautiful illustrations and multidimensional pages.

gifts for toddlers

Classic Brio Train Set ~ $34

Introduce your kiddo to the joy of trains with this classic figure eight Brio set. Add a train or two every year for a lifelong collection.

Gifts for Preschoolers

Preschoolers’ brains are growing and developing at such a rapid pace, they need toys that stimulate learning and exploration — especially those that help them engage in open ended play. These toys were curated to exercise both their minds and their motor skills.

Lite Brite Ultra ~ $14.99

Do you remember this? I do! Introduce some nostalgia to your child’s toy collection with this classic Lite Brite, now brighter than ever and with more pegs.

Tokyobike ~ $315

When your preschooler’s bike looks cooler than yours. This fixie is made in Tokyo and comes with training wheels.

Loog Mini Guitar ~ $79

Let your little one rock out with this mini three-string guitar that looks just like the real thing. Loog even has an app that’ll teach your kiddo how to play real songs on it!

National Parks of the U.S.A. Book ~ $19

Visit 21 of the nation’s parks right from your living room. This National Parks book is filled with maps, interesting facts and beautiful illustrations.

Checkout Register ~ $34.99

This Hape checkout register accepts cash or credit and comes with hours of imaginary play. Help your kids open a sushi shop or a library, and they won’t even notice they’re learning math at the same time.

Magnatiles Ice ~ $29.99

Engage their minds with math, science and creativity using these crystal clear, and dare we say beautiful, Magnatiles.

Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game ~  $21.95

A fan favorite game from Fat Brain Toys for the preschool age crowd. The durable game and chunky pieces are made of wood and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Hammock Pod Swing ~ $28.98

This kid’s hammock pod is so fun. The never ending swinging motion is full of sensory fun, but it’s also super relaxing and a great place to read.

Tool Workbench ~ $133

This Stanley workbench was designed to bring adults and children together to work side by side — and it does just that. The workbench (along with the ten-piece tool set it comes with) works just as well as the real thing.

Nature All Around: Trees ~ $13.99

A beautiful introduction to trees and the role they play in nature and in our lives. There’s also an identification guide to help figure out what trees are in your own neighborhood.

Happy holidays! Hope you found a special gift or maybe just some inspiration. See also: the previous year’s list.

Also check out our multiples gift guide for the twins on your list. Cheers!

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