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Best Rocking Chair for Twins

In the early weeks and months of motherhood, you (and yours) are going to be up a lot at night feeding your babies, and then getting them back down to sleep. You can do this in your own bed, but eventually you’ll want a comfy seat for nursing/bottle feeding, snuggling, and rocking your little ones, especially if they have their own room. An over-sized upholstered chair or sofa will do the trick, but most babies are more easily calmed by constant motion. A rocker or glider will be a very important part of your nursery, and you’re going to want the best rocking chair for twins you can find!

best rocking chair for twins

Wooden rockers have been around for ages, but gliders are having their day in the sun because babies and parents alike enjoy their smoother backward and forward motion. Plus, your butt will appreciate sitting on a softer, cushioned chair, rather than wood or cane, for long stretches of time. Thankfully, many gliders nowadays look like regular living room chairs and can be used as such after your nesting days are over.

In my opinion, armrests are a must-have feature of any good rocker or glider. Armrests will support your arms and the weight of the babies. Trust me, your arms will get tired VERY quickly unless you have something bolstering them up. I mention this because many of the fancy-pants, more modern chairs for nurseries don’t have armrests.

As with any new piece of furniture, gliders and rockers can be pretty expensive, so be prepared for sticker shock. Remember: If you can’t afford a new one, many great options are readily available for sale second-hand on Craigslist and such (seriously, that’s how I got mine).


Many of these gliders come with optional ottomans that glide along synchronously with the chair. If you have the physical space, I highly recommend getting the ottoman as well, especially if you’re breastfeeding. At the very least, get a nursing stool that will help position your body ergonomically.

ottoman and best rocking chair for twins

As with most things with multiples, the standard-sized rockers and gliders are not going to fit you (or your partner) + BOTH babies. As the babies grow, trying to fit all three of you in one chair will only get more difficult. Instead, go for a Double Wide Rocker. 

Here are a few we recommend:

Best Double Rockers

Baby Relax Double Rocker ~ $350

This will be your designated place to snuggle with, read to, rock and nurse (with your large nursing pillow) both babies. Sleeping on it isn’t too bad either.

baby relax best rocking chair for twins

Babyletto Tuba Swivel Glider Chair and a Half ~ $799

This extra wide glider is comfortable and beautiful. You’ll appreciate its spaciousness and lumbar support (ahhh, lower back relief) for all those tandem feedings, bedtime stories and middle of the night soothing sessions. Bonus: This attractive rocker, which swivels a full 360 degrees, can be used long after your nursing and newborn days are over.

Sleepytime Rocker ~ $499

This is a beautiful, neutral and modern looking rocker that will go well with any nursery decor… and once you’ve outgrown the nursing/bottle feeding/rocking stage, can be used as a standard glider chair in any other room of your house.

Outside of the nursery, a broader rocking recliner will work well until you outgrow it, and many standard, “oversized” club chairs will do the trick if you don’t mind being stationary.

Standard Rockers and Gliders

In a squeeze (literally), a standard glider is fine when the babies are newborns, or when you’re snuggling just one kid at a time. Check out our favorites here.

Good luck finding the best rocking chair for twins — now go get cozy and do some twin baby snuggling!


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