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Best Diaper Bags

I’ll admit it. I have never been a fan of the idea of a traditional diaper bag. I’ve always been a “carry a big tote and toss everything in” type of gal. But now with my second babe, I’ve become a tad more strategic in my preparedness-before-we-leave-the-house. One thing’s for sure: the diaper bag backpack is king. Without further ado… Here are the best diaper bags in 2019.

1. Little Unicorn Rambler Satchel ~$90

A 2016 ABC Baby Show discovery. Beautiful and affordable(!!) bags for men and women. Here are a few that stood out to us:

little unicorn spread
Little Unicorn Diaper Bags

The perfect neutral diaper bag. We like that this bag can be used years after the last diaper. Also – backpack.

Little Unicorn Rambler Satchel
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2. Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby Bag ~$345

Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite designers and gets extra points with me because she’s also a mom (currently pregnant with her third child, so she knows what’s up!).

This bag is on the smaller side as diaper bags go, so be forewarned. But despite its small stature, it should still fit your necessities with ease. It has a fold-out changing pad and a number of labeled pockets for organization.

3. TWELVElittle ‘Love’ Water Resistent Nylon Diaper Tote ~$139

Leopard print is a awesome neutral pattern that pairs well with nearly any outfit. This bag is beautiful and functional; inside you’ll find the perfect pockets to tote around all the necessities, as well as a great foldout changing pad. It also has the perfect strap to wear the bag comfortably across your body.

TWELVElittle Diaper Bag

I am a huge fan of TWELVElittle’s water resistant nylon (I am a Seattleite, after all). It’s durable and never feels saturated on wet days. Is leopard print not your thing, but you love this tote? No worries: this bag comes in simple black, pewter, and plum options too!

4. Vilah Bloom Cafe Crossover ~$170

Our Social Media Maven, Heather, cannot stop raving about this bag. It can be worn in four- YES four – different ways.

Vilah Bloom Diaper Bag

Vilah Bloom bags are known for their exterior access wet wipe pouch, which we love. Those wet wipes are front and center for easy access during the messiest moments in parenthood. This bag is sleek and doesn’t scream diaper bag, for the parent who also prefers a more discreet bag choice.

Vilah Bloom Cafe Crossover Diaper Bag

5. Skip Hop Duo ~$65 ($35 on sale)

Skip Hop is an affordable, crowd-favorite brand. They have really stepped up their fashion game over the last couple years, making these “basic” bags anything but.

Basic but wonderful because of the stroller straps. Its counterpart, the Dash (~$65) is equally simple and utilitarian.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Skip-Hop-Duo-Diaper-Bag.jpg
Skip Hop Duo

6. Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic ~$99 (on sale for $76)

This bag looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, and we think it’s very chic and fabulous. *Meg used the previous version (the Studio bag) for years, and it held up very well.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Skip-Hop-Chelsea-Diaper-Bag.jpg
Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic

What’s really nice about Skip Hop, is that you can get matching diaper bag accessories: changing station ($29), insulated bottle bag ($10), wet and dry bag ($15) – I (Melissa) use mine all the time – and pacifier pocket ($8).

7. Ju-Ju-Be “B.F.F.” Diaper Bag ~$180 ($141 on sale)

Ju-Ju-Be is on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. Their bags boast features that moms need, like metal hardware instead of plastic, insulated bottle pockets, luggage style feet, multiple carry options (back, shoulder, stroller, etc.), tons of prints, cell phone pocket, anti microbial lining and, best of all, you can WASH THESE BAGS in the WASHING MACHINE! Huh? Awesome. People are nuts over these bags.

Debatably their most popular bag, the B.F.F. is a convertible backpack that comes in many beautiful designs. I highly recommend.

Ju-Ju-Be “B.F.F.”

What Goes In a Diaper Bag?

What to carry in your diaper bag?

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  1. Avatar

    Hey, I’ve just made up my mind to go with a backpack style diaper bag. I just want to know that which of the mentioned diaper bag can be used with your list of best city strollers (http://bit.do/efG9D)?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Amy! You’ll love the backpack style diaper bag! Any diaper bag that comes with a longer strap can be used across the handlebar of a stroller. However, stroller manufacturers will warn against doing this as the bag could be heavier than the stroller and tip backwards – so just be careful if using the diaper bag this way.

  2. Avatar

    My husband and I use a Kånken backpack as a diaper bag and really love it. As a bonus, since it’s just a backpack, it’s useful for when we no longer need a bag.

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