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Love List February 2020

Watch It: Disney Plus ~$7/month

Our family has been having so much fun watching a new Disney movie from “the vault” each weekend — we make a big thing of it: popcorn, blankets, the works. The classics make for a feel-good throwback, and it’s fun to hear the kids talk about their new favorites.


Watch It: I’m Sorry

This epic show right here — courtesy of the brilliant mind of one @andreasavage — is one of those amazing finds. I’m Sorry reminds me so much of myself I feel like I could have written it. Dare I say, Andrea’s character is me… except with better hair, cooler clothes, a daughter, and an adoring and tolerant husband. This show touches me on a spiritual level 😍😍😍.

~ Heather R.

Read It: Lactivate!

From parenting & pregnancy blogger, and mother of four, Jill Krause, Lactivate! provides a fun-loving, helpful, and honest take on how to activate (and thrive) using your new superpower: breastfeeding.

~ Heather R.

Read It: Quit Like a Woman

This book sheds light on alcohol’s ubiquity in our culture, how alcohol companies have successfully targeted women (and moms!), and how the default systems of recovery are archaic and patriarchal. Whether or not you agree with these, Quit Like a Woman is an eye opener!

~ Meg

Listen to It: The Owner’s Manual: A Podcast for Parents

A reader suggested this podcast, and it was actually recommended to her by her pediatrician. She told us: “I think it’s objectively fabulous!”

Listen to It: Ludovico Einaudi

I am obsessed with this composer — his music is absolutely gorgeous and it’s simultaneously peaceful and energizing. I listen to his work everyday while I work, and often during the hectic getting-ready-for-the-day phase of the morning.

~ Brit

Shop It: Honey Bug Gift Boxes ~$49+

These adorable baby gift sets are wrapped beautifully and delivered straight to your door. Full of unique, artisanal brands you won’t find everywhere else, each box ships also includes fun freebies: hand illustrated stickers, holiday themed goodies, and Honey Bug’s signature wand!

~ Marissa

Shop It: State Harbor Artfolio

This is the perfect thing for your kiddo to bring along to a restaurant – or to the DMV. It comes with a pad of paper and 10 crayons, and it has a handle for easy carrying. Plus, my kids love the playful bear design.

~ Charlene

Shop It: Fingerless Gloves ~$5

My hands are always FREEZING, and I love these for daily use around the house — such a cheap fix for an annoying problem. I wear them typing at my desk, taking notes, or tidying up to keep my hands at normal-human temperature.

~ Brit

Shop It: Patagonia Puffer ~$249

For our cold New York winter, the Patagonia silent down jacket is my new favorite. It’s honestly the softest thing I have ever touched, and it provides great insulation without being too “puffy.” Bonus: it’s made of mostly recycled material (we love Patagonia for that!).

~ Charlene

Shop It: STÁLOGY Notebook/Planner ~$31

I’m a sucker for a good journal, I admit — and I. love. planners. This is a beautiful notebook with a simple graph paper interior that offers some of the freedom of bullet journaling without all the work.

~ Brit

Shop It: Kind Lips Lip Balm ~$5/each

This all-natural lip balm is not only amazingly hydrating, but what I love the most is that with with every product purchased, Kind Lips donates 20% to anti-bullying organizations.

~ Marissa

Baby Basics Pick of the Month

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Cover ~$37

I’ve been loving this carrier cover this winter (see all Carrier Covers) — the cold doesn’t stop us from getting outside.

~ Melissa

Explore It: Chatbooks Photo Books (~$10)

This streamline photo printing service helps you get your photos (if you’re like me, all 22,000 of them) off your phone and into your hands — with little to no work required. It takes less than 5 minutes, and you can even sync the app with your social media channels to automatically print monthly albums. Makes a great gift for the family.

~ Charlene

Explore (With) It: Babyganics Hand Sanitizer Wipes ~$7

These are a perfect substitute for hand sanitizer. They’re 2-in-1 — cleaning dirt off hands while also sanitizing. The mandarin scent is devine!

~ Melissa

Explore (With) It: Evenflo Sonus ~$79

This is our new favorite budget convertible car seat — it’s got all the basic features and lasts up through 50 (or 65) pounds. It’s great for everyday use or as a backup, travel seat (only 11 lbs!), or for grandparents. (Read here for more.)

~ Meg

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments section!

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