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Love List November 2019

Watch It: Dead to Me

“This Netflix mini-series is both dark and hilarious. Christina Applegate stars as a grieving widow; she meets Judy at a grief support group and things get really interesting. Thank goodness Netflix just renewed it for a second season!”

~ Meg

Watch It: Younger

“Word is out about this romantic dramedy, which has quickly become a mom-favorite. Liza Miller is a 40-something newly divorced mom trying to re-enter the workforce and dating scene — all while trying to pretend to be about 15 years younger. The generational references are spot-on.”

~ Heather K.

Watch It: The Biggest little Farm

“A couple breathes new life into an old, defunct farm after quitting city life in LA. It’s a true story of perseverance and learning everything the hard way. Perfect for the whole family, it’s the most beautiful film I’ve seen all year.”

~ Meg

Read It: An Epidemic of Absence

“This mind-blowing non-fiction book answers the question: why do so many children suffer from autism, food allergies, ADHD and other autoimmune diseases? More importantly, can something be done about it?? Spoiler alert: we’re too clean.”

~ Meg

Read It: Deep Work & Digital Minimalism

“We are all living in a state of constant distraction (cue the pinging and ringing and chiming…), and these books preach the value of unplugging for the sake of work, thoughtfulness, and creativity, not to mention lifestyle/mental health. More importantly, how are screens affecting our kids? (spoiler alert: a lot!). I learned so much about the nature of distraction and about how to overcome it.”

~ Brit

*Tip! If you prefer, listen to this podcast episode with the author 🙂

Listen to It: “Understanding Adult ADHD: Hunters vs. Farmers”

“With the challenges of ADHD come great skills that others lack; learn how to leverage the strengths of the ‘hunter’ in this eye-opening podcast.”

~ Meg

Listen to It: Scribd

“I have been plowing through books with my Scribd subscription. For $9/month (or $100/year), Scribd offers unlimited access to audiobooks, e-books, and magazines. I love that you can save titles and download audiobooks to listen anytime without using data. Although I’m a huge fan of podcasts, there’s something incredibly satisfying about having listened to a book at the end of the week.”

~ Brit

Shop It: The Ultimate Maxi Dress ~ $37

“This is the ‘it’ maxi dress — it’s the right price but still excellent quality. It comes in lots of colors and patterns; plus, it has pockets! Tons of my friends swear by this dress, and it looks great on all body types. Bonus: it can double as a maternity dress.”

~ Melissa

Shop It: Gilt

“This service is so easy to use and always has amazing deals on designer clothing and accessories. They’re too good to pass up. If you want deals at restaurants, hairdressers and more, check out Gilt City.”

~ Heather K.

Shop It: Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil ~ $72

“Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil is a multitasking wizard. It hydrates, brightens your skin, diminishes dark spots, and even reduces signs of aging. All of this without the actual oily sensation… What kind of dark magic is that?! Plus, it’s EWG Verified, which means it’s got the cleanest good-for-your-skin ingredients. Yes, this stamp of approval comes at a price, but a bottle lasts me about 4 to 6 months.”

~ Charlene

Shop It: L.L. Bean Shearling-Lined Lounger Boots ~ $210

“I am OBSESSED. My husband bought these for me last year (after I spied a friend wearing them) and they’re just amazing. They’re as comfy and warm as slippers, look adorable with jeans, leggings etc., and they’re SLIP ON. Give me slipper-warm boots with no laces any day. The best of the Bean boots, hands-down.”

~ Brit

Shop It: Rose Quartz Face Roller ~ $28

“This rose quartz facial roller, which was a gift from one of my very best friends, has become an indispensable first step to my skincare routine. Not only does it sculpt and depuff my face, it also grants me a nice glow that my tired mama skin was lacking. Plus, it allows me to slow down and find my zen (even if for 5 minutes) after a long day of mommying, working and doing all the things.”

~ Charlene

Shop It: CozyChic Lite Cardigan ~ $116

This sweater is SO soft and cozy — it’s somehow perfect for everything from Breastflixing in sweatpants, to strolling around with my kids, to throwing on over “work clothes” for a meeting… and everything in between. Yes, it’s a jack of all trades that’s also comfy as hell. Just please don’t go putting it in the dryer!

Shop It: The Aeropress ~ $29

“I admit it: I am a total coffee snob… sitting down to read or work with a quality cup of fresh, hot coffee makes me SO happy. I’ve worked in coffee shops and tried tons of prep methods and contraptions, and the Aeropress is hands down my favorite. It makes the most delicious cup of coffee in a matter of minutes (seriously: the joke is, it even makes crappy coffee taste good). Plus, it’s way more intuitive to use than a french press and way cheaper than many high-tech coffee-makers. Join the converts. Do it.”

~ Brit

Explore It: Barre3 ~$29/month

“I found Barre3 on our website — hah! — and quickly became hooked. It’s such a sustainable exercise, and I love that it combines different types of workouts — yoga, HIIT, pilates, etc. — into one. Every session leaves me feeling just the right amount of feel-good exercise exhausted and energized.”

~ Brit

Explore It: 1 Second Everyday

“This app is AMAZING for parents. You simply add a live photo daily, and the app keeps a running video journal. You can literally watch your kids growing up in real time. Anytime I am in a weird mood, I watch my video and feel better. (You can use the app for free or upgrade for more special features.) I seriously cannot recommend this enough.”

~ Brit

Explore (Cook!) It: Creamy Pasta With Smoked Bacon and Peas

“This elevated version of a childhood classic is one of our favorite dishes to make on a week night. It’s creamy, flavorful, and our kids basically inhale it (and so do we). Plus, the prep time is 15 minutes only.”

~ Charlene

Explore It: Inspiration

“This quote from Christine Cain changed my perspective. Rather than feeling utterly overwhelmed, down and ‘buried’ during difficult moments, maybe those are exactly the moments that are meant to help us develop, gain strength and resilience, and grow?”

~ Marissa

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism, is on my shelf forever as a reference for how to live in this world of screens and still manage and take charge of your own sanity. Seriously great read about taking back our time!

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