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Boken Diaper Bag

Update (1/7/2019): Currently out of stock everywhere. Unfortunately, it looks like this bag is no longer being manufactured.

Moms need bags—lots of ’em. We need different bags for different purposes. After all, who else is going to carry around our kids’ bottles, passies, jackets, sippy cups, and string cheese? Not our husbands—that’s for sure!

Meet the Boken Everyday Diaper Bag.

boken - stuff

Maybe you have a designer diaper bag for when you want to dress it up a bit. I love them too—they’re so pretty—but at the end of the day, I need a highly functional bag that I don’t have to worry about destroying. And preferably, one my husband can carry too without looking like a fool.

Boken Side Carry

I use my Boken diaper bag just about every day. My favorite thing is that I can carry it like a purse—or switch to backpack mode. Backpack mode is super handy when I’m out and about with my umbrella stroller, for example, which doesn’t have a ton of storage. In fact, I can strap it to the back of any stroller.

And let’s not forget babywearing—when you’re wearing your babe, you really need a backpack-style bag; otherwise your bag will constantly fall off your shoulder.


My Boken at Disneyland

The bag itself is lightweight (13 oz.) and easily wipes clean when I inevitably spill stuff in it. It’s got outer mesh pockets for bottles and such, lots of storage pockets (so you NEVER have to guess where your phone is), and it comes with a large diaper pad for easy changing on the go.

The only downside is that the nylon is a bit crinkly and doesn’t look super refined or polished, so this is not a bag for people who are looking for a formal or crisp look. Nope, this one’s for everyday moms in yoga pants. Like me 🙂

boken - colors


Read more about the Boken Diaper Bag here.


*This bag was provided to me as a free sample.

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Boken Diaper Bag
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This article has 7 comments

  1. Amanda Watlington
    Friday 20 March 2015, 7:42 pm | Reply

    can this bag be worn cross body?

  2. If this is similar in size to the Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote, then the IKEA Skubb organization boxes will fit PERFECTLY into the bottom and add a little structure/organization to the bag!

  3. Does it fit nicely on the handles of a stroller? Hooked over, strapped on, well balanced, etc…
    We have a Bob.

    • Hi Danielle! Yes, you can definitely fit it on a stroller. The bag comes with a messenger strap, so loosen it however much you need and drape over the handles of your stroller 🙂

  4. I bought this to wear as a back pack for traveling through airports while I wore my baby on front. Unfortunately all the zips split open on our first trip:(. The bag wasn’t over stuffed, but once I put it on my back and things shifted, zippers popped open. Sad to say that it’s going back.

  5. I used Boken and it broke in second use. After replacement, I bought Skip Hop and its doing great.

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