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Little Lotus Swaddles

Updated February 2019

Little Lotus baby products, founded by Jane Chen of Embrace Innovations, makes innovative swaddles and sleeping bags with a social cause. For every swaddle you purchase, Embrace Innovations helps put a vulnerable baby from a developing country into an Embrace Infant Warmer. Watch the video below, it’s truly amazing!!

manjula_thumb Little Lotus swaddles

You see, when infants are born prematurely or underweight, they lack the ability to regulate their own temperature. In developed countries, these babies are typically placed in an incubator. But in developing countries, incubators often aren’t available.

The Embrace Infant Warmer doesn’t require constant electricity and is portable, reusable, and cheaper than traditional incubators. It‘s also a safe and reliable alternative.

Little Lotus swaddles EmbraceWarmer

Embrace Infant Warmer

Why we love these swaddles

The Technology

Little Lotus baby products use a proprietary fabric, originally developed for NASA spacesuits, to keep your baby at the ideal temperature and resting comfortably. The technology works by drawing away excess heat if your baby starts to get too warm, then releasing it if he starts to cool down.


The Company

Embrace Innovations was started by Stanford students working on a class project. Their challenge was to come up with an incubator that costs less than 1% of what a traditional incubator costs. After extensive research, the Infant Warmer was developed.

But the students didn’t stop there; they made it their goal to offer well-designed baby products, and in the process, give 1,000,000 premature and underweight babies in the developing world a better chance at life.

Developing Country_ Little Lotus Swaddles

The Design

The art design on the swaddle and sleeping bag fabric is made from traces of ACTUAL mothers’ and babies’ hands who have been helped by the Embrace Infant Warmers.

Little Lotus Swaddles Blanket Hand Design

The Products

  • Swaddle (0-3 months) – $75 each/$130 for 2

With their proprietary fabric on the inside and cotton fabric on the outside, the unique design of Little Lotus swaddles make them extra easy to put on and take off even while your baby is sleeping. Shoulder snaps and zippers provide easy in & out access, as well as a “do not disturb” diaper access zipper. Swaddles also have multiple shoulder snaps for neckline adjustment, a distinct wing design for the perfect swaddle, and high quality Velcro for quieter application.

*Check out their two new prints! Lotus Flower and Lotus Triangle.

Little Lotus Swaddles _Open_Detailed_V5

Purchase a swaddle for your baby or as a gift for a friend and know that you’re gifting warmth to a baby in need 🙂

Little lotus swaddles


  • Sleeping Bag (3-6, 6-12, 12-24 months) – $75 each/$130 for 2

As your child grows, Little Lotus sleeping bags feature their proprietary fabric that keeps your baby at the perfect temperature in any climate. They also have a unique design that makes them extra easy to put on and take off, even while your baby is sleeping.

Little Lotus Swaddles Sleeping Bag



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