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Gift Ideas for Moms

Updated January 2018

[and dads and grandparents — and all caregivers for that matter. Sorry, but Google likes moms the best!]

Kids get plenty of gifts, but you deserve something nice too! Here are some random/awesome things we’ve rounded up over the year that are perfect for any parent (though some are geared specifically at mom). Enjoy!

The Blue Envelope

Shirts, mugs, and totes for everyone in your kiddo’s life. Mama, Dad, Nana, and Papa designs are made up of descriptive words (Amazing, Loving, Superhero) about that special person.

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the blue envelope mama-tee

Amazon Echo

A new parent will be oh-so-pleased with an Amazon Echo under the tree. With it, you can reorder diapers, play a lullaby (or ANY song, for that matter), get the weather, listen to an Audible book (and much more) simply using your voice. Having a partner in crime when alone with the kids is priceless. 🙂


Banky Girl Creations

Get your drink on with Banky Girl’s mugs & glasses. The designs fit perfectly in any parents life and give your drinks a whole new meaning, morning & night.

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Ezra & Eli

“Best Job Ever” shirts and “Mom Life” sweats speak to me. That is all.


Heather’s favorite kitchen tool, Blendtec, is giving you 30% off of their refurbished blender line this holiday season (no promo code necessary). Awesome for everything from baby’s first foods to grandma’s secret pumpkin pie… and great to have for those kale smoothies, once your New Year’s resolutions kick in 🙂 


Etched Reflections from Stamp the Moment

Personalized jewelry of a kid’s drawing, a sweet handwritten message, baby footprints, fingerprints, or even sound-waves. Another tear-jerker for new and veteran moms alike. — Order by December 18 for Christmas.

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Tiny Tags

Personalized necklaces with your children’s names, birthdates, and/or birth weights. A cherished necklace for all moms (and grandmas!). Consider packaging with tissues…


Welcome to Babyland

Color your way to calm with this awesome adult coloring book (coloring books for adults are the new thing, ya heard?).


– Enjoy! Annette and Meg

Thanks for reading everyone — and Happy Holidays!

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