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Best Electric Vehicles for Families

“Parents of more than one child, who live in suburban(ish) areas, very close to big, progressive cities: do you love your EV (electric vehicle)? Why/why not? Any special challenges/benefits for families vs. the single professional types (e.g. that you usually see driving EVs)?

I’m a single mom with two kids (one is middle school age, and the other is in pre-school). I don’t drive a ton, but am considering this lifestyle change. Also, there isn’t a plug in my apartment’s parking space, but many charging stations nearby.”

Do Electric Vehicles Work Well for Families?

  • I have a hybrid, and I thought about getting a Leaf, but there just wasn’t a lot of room in the back seat. My LO is still in a rear-facing car seat, and it barely fits in my car, a Lexus CT.
Editor’s Note: Try the Combi Cocorro
  • We only have one child and a Chevy volt. While I love the car, we have no space. It’s a four seater with a hatchback. The only thing that I can really fit in the trunk is the stroller.
  • I am a working mom with one child. I love, LOVE my electric. We currently lease a Volkswagen eGolf that has a surprisingly large amount of cargo and seating space and great mileage. Car seat, stroller, even with the dog, fits really well – the BOB even fits in the trunk. I also get carpool lane access, which helps my commute so much and allows me that much more time with my son. Caveat – we have a suburban home with a charging station in our garage.
  • I like my LEAF and it’s just fine for my family of 4. However we have another vehicle that we can use for longer distances. Also the best part of having an EV is the convenience of plugging it in when you get home and not worrying about stopping to get gas. If I had to use random charging stations it would be terrible, unless you have one at work or something.
  • I have a Prius (I know not fully electric) and I absolutely love it, though my next car will be a bit bigger now that we have 2 kids and a dog. We make it work when well all need to be in my car but having a little extra space would definitely help. I love the gas mileage and knowing I’m doing my part to help the environment.I wouldn’t go for a full electric if I didn’t have a plug/charging station at my home.
  • I have a Fiat 500e with two kids but I can only have one car seat in the back..if you don’t have plug easily accessible at all times, don’t bother…
  • UPDATE September 2018: Heather, our social media maven, began leasing the BMW i3 in February of 2017… Full review coming soon. Spoiler Alert! We love it 🙂

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