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On our Radar: Cat & Jack Adaptive Clothing for Kids with Sensory Issues and Disabilities

I know many readers out there have kids living with sensory issues, illness, or physical disabilities. Target’s new additions to its Cat and Jack line – aimed at providing “sensory-friendly” and “adaptive” clothing specifically designed for young children living with disabilities or other health issues – made us turn our heads.


Last summer, Cat and Jack premiered its sensory-friendly apparel line, and just this week, Target released the Cat & Jack Adaptive clothing collection (insert the loud cheers of parents from all corners of North America!).

This line is engineered to fit the needs of the many children who wear medical devices or have sensory sensitivities. It currently has 40 pieces, including puffer jackets, t-shirts, bodysuits, sleepwear, and hooded sweatshirts for boys and girls.

The adaptive apparel designs boast the same cute prints and colors we’re used to from Cat & Jack – and the same price point – but with added benefits.

With features like side and back snaps, zipper closures, and hidden abdominal openings, the clothes in the adaptive apparel line make getting ready in the morning a much smoother, easier process, and ensure kids stay comfortable all day long. Plus, the clothes are made with durable, extra-soft cotton knits for an added cozy touch (and easy laundering).

Rejoice! We are so excited for this collection and can’t wait to see if Target expands it further, as this exact kind of selection presents such a need for so many families (I mean….. I don’t like rough seams or tags and I’m adult….).

Pieces we Love

View the full line here.

Girls Adaptive Fleece Jacket ~ $34.99

What’s more cozy than a fleece jacket in fall? This style features an open-back with a snap at the neck for easy on and off.

*Available in sizes: toddler (2T-5T) and girls (XS-XL). Also available in blue (toddler and boys).

Boys Adaptive Long Sleeve Tee ~ $6

The tagless and flat seams alleviate normal irritations many children struggle with. We all know that sometimes cutting a tag just won’t cut it (yes, pun intended).

*Available in other prints for boys and girls in toddler and kids sizes.

Girls Adaptive Sweatshirt ~ $7

Love the rainbow heart print. This style features a hidden opening for easy abdominal access.

*Available in other sizes and styles for boys and girls.

There are so many more cute pieces — see the full line here.

And thank you, Target, for filling this gap!

Kristen Toshner, Fashion Editor

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  1. Some times its a pain in the ass to read what blog owners wrote but this website
    is real user genial!

  2. Hi there!

    Any idea if the Cat & Jack Adaptive clothing collection is still available? All the links you included seem to be removed from Tatget’s site. My cousin would benefit greatly from the clothes, so I was just curious if it was still and option to buy.

    Thank you!!!

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