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Little Feminist Book Subscription

Updated February 2019

Not long ago, our friend Brittany Murlas told me she wanted to create a book subscription service that features strong women and people of color; I immediately thought it was a great idea.

My first box featured a book called Me, Jane about the amazing Jane Goodall (❤️). I read it to my girls that night. It’s an illustrated book about Goodall as a child dreaming of going to Africa one day to work with animals (which was fairly unheard of back then).

I reached the last page, which showed a photograph of Goodall as a young adult reaching out to a baby chimp. The lump that formed in my throat prevented me from finishing the page.

After an awkward moment of silence, Alice said, “Read (weed) it!” Lucie turned to me and said, “Mom, are you… crying?”.

I shared this experience with a few other colleagues and they said, “omg, me too!”.

We have too many books about Disney Princesses and such. Yes, it’s getting better out there (Moana saves herself without the aid of a handsome prince (yay!), etc.), but still… we have a long way to go in the world of print.

It’s no coincidence that they launched their book + activity subscription service this week, exactly one year after the election. After that day, the day that Americans elected a man who bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, many women decided to take on the establishment by whatever means necessary; many of these ideas led to fantastic entrepreneurial endeavors.

This is one of those. Read her story here.

Contrary to popular belief, feminism, by its definition, is, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want their children to believe that women are deserving of equal rights and respect? Seriously, it’s not some radical notion.

I digress.

How it works

Each box is built around a book-of-the-month that features a female or person of color. Their books are selected by a team of teachers, librarians and parents. Each box is packed with activities that make that month’s book come alive; the box allows kids to explore themes of feminism and social justice through fun and creative projects.

The box includes family discussion questions surrounding the book-of-the-month.

*Their books are currently only for 3-7 year olds. Stay tuned for more age ranges!

Subscription Options

  • 3 months = $21/box
  • 6 months = $20/box

So excited for them! Pay them a visit at thelittlefeminist.com.

Congratulations Brittany!!!

~ Your friends at Lucie’s List


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  1. Wow, You can’t go anywhere on the net these days without someone going political. I consider myself a strong woman. I’ve raised 2 wonderful kids as a single mom and started my own business in the process. I’ve been an advocate for women’s rights through various groups but I can’t stand feminism!. Feminism at it’s origin means well but the term/philosophy has been hijacked into something that is ugly and man-hating.

    I suggest you stick to reviewing products and less about what you think about our president and how out girls should adopt radical views.

  2. Awesome! Just signed up – thank you for reviewing this awesome subscription!

  3. Love love love this!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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