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Round-Up: Our Fave Rain Boots for 2019

Updated January 2019

As fall has officially moved into full gear, you’ve probably thought about rainboots for your littles. And if you’re like me, you keep reminding yourself to buy them as your 4-year-old continues to come home from school with his sneaks covered in mud (le sigh). In Seattle, our rain season really kicks off in November (and doesn’t finish until April) so now is the time!


Here is the low down on our fav rainboots for the season, surely to survive the muddiest of puddles on the wettest of days.

Western Chief ~ $20

Cult following alert! This brand easily has the best themes and character offering. In fact, Lightning McQueen will be making his way into our house next week for my son’s birthday. The handles on these boots make it SO easy for littles to pull on themselves, and the tread is super durable for whatever adventure you have to conquer next.

Shop [girl’s styles here] and [boy’s styles here].

Fall Rainboots - Western Chief

Kamik Stomp Boot ~ $30

Kamik makes incredibly durable boot for rain and snow! These boots come in a number of colors, basics and brights. They have an intense tread pattern offering amazing traction – hello muddy puddles!

Fall Rainboots - Kamik

Joules ~ $ varies

Our founder, Meg, is a big fan of Joules boots for her girls. They offer an amazing boot with cute prints — and for a great price. The 5-star reviews continue to pile up on Amazon as purchasers rave about durability and comfort of these amazing boots.

Shop [girl’s styles here] and [boy’s styles here].

Fall Rainboots - Joules

Bogs Kids Baby Classic Boot ~ $54  – Top Pick for New Walkers

This is the first year I purchased Bogs. Our 1-year-old started walking right before fall began. I scoped out many rain boots on the market, but thought, “He isn’t going to be able to walk super great in these just yet.” He needed a boot that was structurally easy to walk in.

I purchased him classic Bogs and he has been wearing them daily – even on dry days! They are great for a first walker as the front of the boot is rounded, allowing for little shuffling feet to roll through their steps much easier than other treaded rainboot styles. The brand typically runs a tad larger – so size down, even if only a half size. No matter if basic colors or prints are your style, Bogs have both!

Fall Rainboots - Bogs

Hunter Flat Sole Chelsea Bootie ~ $60

Personally, I’ve been buying my own Hunter Boots for many years (living in Seattle and all). I was originally drawn to the classic, streamlined style of these boots. I love them for my kiddos as well because they aren’t that big and clunky. These boots are perfect for those days where it’s still wet outside, but not actively raining. They’re so easy for my little one to pull on and off with the larger tabs. I also bought them for myself – twinning!

rain boots

Enjoy the rain and snow!

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  1. Not sure if I missed it, but have you done a gear guide for snow boots for toddlers? I’m at a loss and cannot find in ANY store for some reason. Hesitant about ordering online without some other feedback.

  2. We are loving the Crocs rain boots. They seem warmed than some others and nice and wide.

  3. Agreed, would love a snow boots guide! Thank you all for such great info 🙂

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