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Our Mother’s Day Gift List for 2017 – yay us!

A big shout out to moms, for all you do.

Every single damn day.

You (and your mom!) deserve something very special on Mother’s Day. After all, kids take over 364 days of your year! Truth be told, I’d put a two-hour nap (mine, not theirs) on the top of my list.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of moms, grandmas, stepmoms, and mothers-in-laws too. It takes a village, let’s celebrate all of us. Feel free to forward this to your partner too (no subtlety required!).

*As per the usual, we make a small commission if you click through and buy some of this stuff. This is how we make a living. Thanks for your support!  – Meg + team

Unique, Stylish Gifts

Tiny Tags 

Wear your child’s name close to your heart. We adore these personalized charms made of gorgeous metals in modern styles. Count your blessings and add a charm for each child or add all of your kid’s names to one pendant circle.

Etched Reflections from Stamp the Moment 

Imagine your kid’s artwork or husband’s melt-your-heart message etched onto a beautiful pendant that’s unlike any other. It’s like a tattoo, but without the pain and commitment.

Each jewelry piece is laser-etched onto hypoallergenic stainless steel that will stand the test of time. Create and upload your image or choose from one of their designs

Order by May 7th for Mother’s Day Delivery.

Bracelet or Hat

Nordstrom makes gift giving easy with eGifts.

Here’s how it works: you pick something you think they might like and select “Give as e-Gift”. It sends them an email. Not what they wanted? No problem, they can re-select something different without having to return the thing-they-didn’t-want. It’s like a gift certificate, but way more personal… and convenient.

A beautiful bracelet or sunhat is right up my alley. Size-wise, you can’t go wrong (well, mayyyybe with the hats).

Stitch Fix 

Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to mom jeans and reclaim your passion for fashion (or at least, find a sweater in a color that you love that doesn’t make your boobs look HUGE.)

Stitch Fix combines online convenience with the (god-sent!) curated expertise of a personal shopper. Yup, clothing, shoes and accessories hand-selected by a personal stylist delivered to your door. You share your sizes and fashion preferences, and they take it from there. They even have maternity sizes and nursing styles. If you don’t like something, send it back in the pre-stamped envelope, no questions asked. Makes a wonderful gift for upgrading grandma’s wardrobe too!

Banky Girl Creations

My mom crush, Banky Girl, makes “mom-tastic” totes, coffee mugs and (my top pick), wine glasses that say funny things like “because kids” or “this is my me time”. I wear her “Chaos Coordinator” T-shirt, then look out for those moms who get me. Bonus points: this mom-owned business donates a portion of her profits to charity.

Reader exclusive 15% off discount code: LUCIE

The Blue Envelope

Soft, cotton T-shirts with inspiring messages like “You are enough” or “Breathe.” We love their classic “Mama” t-shirts, tanks and coffee mugs too. Made to fit women, created by women.

Reader exclusive 20% discount code: lucieslist

Cool Bags

Function doesn’t always have to trump style. A diaper bag can be classic, fun, beautiful and everyday practical. Add smart pockets that organize all that baby crap, make it machine washable – now we’re in love!!

JuJu Be 

… makes our top pick for favorite new diaper bags and backpacks this year. Two words: machine washable. 

*Also available on Amazon.

Photo cred: The Overwhelmed Mommy | Photographer: Briana Lindsey Photography

Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack

This one is beautiful and functional; I also use it as my carry on for traveling with kids (or without kids, for that matter!). They’re killing it with this indigo.

Tech Gadgets You’ll Love

Kindle Fire

Mom deserves some me-time. The Kindle Fire is an easy-to-use, all-in-one tablet, book reader, and video player. Take a bath or cuddle up at night and get lost in a great book (no night-light needed). Also: watch your favorite show on your morning train commute.

Do not share with your kids. Repeat, DO NOT. It’s just for you.

Amazon Echo

Or the Echo Dot.

I don’t know how we functioned before Alexa landed in our kitchen.

I can demand voice-operated Alexa to play my NPR, set a timer or diffuse my kid’s tantrum with a dance-party playlist. All this before I’ve downed my first cup of coffee. You can order essentials from Amazon like toilet paper, diapers, chocolate — or anything else you might need. Yes, let your robo sister-wife take some of the load off. 

Fitbit Alta

Fitness tracker, watch, sleep tracker, and a bracelet all in one! The Fitbit Alta keeps track of all those hard earned steps while swaying the baby, running errands, or actually running. The perfect blend of style and function.

Gifts for (and from) Book Lovers

What I Love about Mom (or Grandma)

This wonderful book is a one-of-kind gift that your kids (with dad’s help!) can create special memories and little things that they love about you most. Looking for something unique for your own mom? Simple fill-in-the-blank questions prompt you to remember those times or gifts you admire most about your first role model. 

*Also available on Amazon.

Cuddle-time Books

I Love my Mommy Because… This beautifully illustrated book makes for prime snuggle time while your tot learns about why animals love their mommies too. In English and bilingual Spanish edition.

The sweetest book to read before bed, I Love You, Mommy  teaches a busy baby bear to stop and listen to his mama.

Likewise, I Love you, Grandma can be read (over and over again) with young grandchildren.

From preschoolers to early readers, How to Babysit a Grandma is an entertaining read. Be sure to check out the sections on: how to keep a grandma busy, things to do at the park, possible places to sleep, and what to do once you’re both snugly tucked in for the night.

For Foodie Moms

What’s the straw that breaks our back each and every day (for me, at least)? Dinner.

Blue Apron

Explore new dinners and cut back mom’s grocery shopping time with this yummy meal-plan subscription. Blue Apron delivers the recipes weekly, along with fresh pre-measured ingredients. Vegetarian options are available too. Click here to get $30 off your first order.

For the love of cheese

Have kids have cramped your ability to host dinner parties? We love how these personalized cutting boards invite a fancy cheese spread back into your life. 

A new twist on florals

These wonderfully fragrant soap petals can be used as bath soaps (one petal at a time) or for some luxurious “me time” in the bath. Choose from Wild Flowers or Roses scents.

Jogging Strollers

Freedom is a gift we no longer take for granted! A jogging stroller is a gift that keeps on giving every time you lace up those sneakers and hit the trails. Here are our favorite single and double joggers.

Give an Experience

Not all Mother’s Day presents need to be gift wrapped. Stretch your imagination and give someone you love a day or night they’ll always remember. Gifts like theater tickets, concerts, baseball games, thai massage, pottery classes, TED talks, wine tastings and (dare-I-say) weekend getaways with the girls make mommy very, very happy too.

Enjoy your day mamas! We rocked it this year!!


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    The hat! I could use some pampering right now. Feel like sharing this link with someone, to pass them a subtle message. Thanks for sharing this.


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