Updated June 2017

by Heather ReedOwner of Monkey Bars Children’s Boutique

Hand-me-downs are the bizness. They’re also a really awesome, eco-friendly way for your friends to show you their love. But let’s be honest, y’all; sometimes you just wanna get some cool sh*t for your new baby – especially if s/he is your first.

BONUS: You can still add most of these goodies to a new or existing Amazon registry, should you be so inclined.


Layette is really just a fancy French name for tiny onesies/footies/blankies that are cute as hell that your baby will wear/use for a short time… then poop on. Also: photo shoots!

Over the last 8 years, the one thing my customers have come to expect from the lines I carry is quality and durability, not just aesthetics; you want your adorable onesie to hold up for more than three washes (ahem, Crazy 8). Rest assured that 99% of everything on this list has been personally vetted by either me or my customers.

And since organic apparel is my jam, you’ll be happy to know that most of this collection is sustainable and eco-friendly to boot.

Without further delay, here are our favorite layette pieces for 2017!

Best Newborn Apparel…

There are some common themes you’ll notice, and they’re all for convenience; specifically, diaper-changing convenience. Kimono style one-pieces, zippered footies and newborn gowns (with the gathered elastic on the bottom) are great since you don’t have to pull a poop-stained outfit off over baby’s head.

Because, gross.

$ – BabySoy 

A soft, economic basic made from soybeans (what?!).



$ – $$  SkipHop 

Your fave diaper bag/toy company now brings you ridiculously cute and durable BARGAIN layette!



$$ – Zutano 

A time-tested and trendy customer favorite… patterns for days.

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