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Bumbleride Indie Twin Review

Price $899


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Looking for an all-terrain double stroller that also has the looks? In the luxe category, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is a cult favorite that you shouldn’t overlook.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Review — Overview:

The Bumbleride Indie Twin comes complete with loads of features: tons of storage, great sunshades, and amazing maneuverability. Plus, it’s truly eco-friendly. 

In 2022, Bumbleride upgraded their fashions, fabric and materials (which were already ah-mazing).

2022 Bumbleride Indie Twin ~ $899+

2022 Indie Twin in Sea Glass

Updates include some new accessories, upgrades to the brake (easier to engage) and bumper bar (easier to attach and remove) and a new wool-blend colorway — Dusk.

Colorways include:

  • Dusk Wool Blend (~ $1,029)
  • Black (~ $949)
  • Maritime (~ $899)
  • Sea Glass (~ $899)

FYI — Black is more expensive because it uses a solution dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller, while Dusk is the most expensive because it utilizes a soft-to-the-touch, poly/wool blend.

The Indie Twin’s water-resistant fabrics are still non-toxic and eco-friendly — in fact, 25% of the plastic components in the new collection are made from recycled fishing nets to help prevent harmful waste from polluting the ocean and hurting the sea life. 

Indie Twin in Dusk Colorway

You can purchase the 2022 Indie Twin at Amazon or Albee Baby

Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we? 

Size & Weight

The Indie Twin is 30” wide, which will get you through a standard door frame. It’s also 36 lbs, which is definitely on the heavier side for double strollers, though not totally out of the realm of normal weight for a double all-terrain. If you’re sensitive to stroller weight (you need to heave it in and out of the trunk a lot, for example) this is something to take note of. 

That said, the four giant 12″ air-filled tires make it feel like you’re pushing a cloud (one-handed, even). Nice work, Bumbleride! Our tired mama arms thank you. 


Both seats recline independently and nearly flat, so you can use it from birth, even without a car seat or bassinet

2022 Indie Twin Bassinet

The seats have adjustable leg rests, which are especially great for infants because they convert the seats into infant mode, and the total weight capacity is 90 lbs (or 45 lbs in each seat). For reference, this is about 5 lbs more per seat than the Mountain Buggy Duet and about 5 lbs less than the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and B-Lively Double. Smack dab in the middle. 

But it’s not really the weight limits that determine how long a stroller will last for your kiddos. A stroller’s head height (the length from the base of the seat to the top of the canopy) is also an important factor in determining how long you can use it — especially if one or both of your children are on the taller side. At 23”, the Indie Twin’s head height falls below that of its competitors: the Mountain Buggy Duet has a head height of 25.1” while the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 has a head height of 26”. Again, for those trying to maximize the amount of years you’ll be able to use your double stroller, this is an important consideration. 

Adjustable leg rests

While the head height is fine, note that there isn’t much leg room for older kids. As a point of reference, it was short on legroom for a tall 4.5 year old, though admittedly, not many 4.5 year olds will still ride in a stroller.

2020 Indie Twin

When it comes to seat fabrics, those on the Bumbleride are oooh la la. The company uses eco-friendly Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class fabrics, certifiably free from harmful chemicals. Everything is PVC- and phthalate-free and doesn’t use fire retardants or polyurethane foam. The materials also wick away moisture and regulate body temperature, plus the seat pads are removable and machine washable. Learn more about Bumbleride’s commitment to earth-friendly materials here

Car Seat Compatibility 

Attention twin parents: unlike the Britax B-Lively Double, Valco Baby Neo Twin, or the City Mini GT2 Double, etc., the Bumbleride Indie Twin accepts two car seats at the same time. It also accepts two infant bassinets. Yay! Yes, this stroller is one of our top picks for twins or two kids very close in age.

You can purchase an optional car seat adapter (or a double set for twins) — it’s compatible with the following car seats:

  • Maxi Cosi Max 30, Mico and AP
  • Cybex Aton, 2 and Q
  • Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite and Nuna Pipa Lite LX (though harder to use)
  • Clek Liing

Note that these adapters only work on Indie Twins made in 2016 and later, and will not work on versions made in 2015 or earlier. Yes — these adapters will work on the new model.

You can remove the seats themselves to use with a car seat if you’d like, easily and without tools. It’s easy peasy. 

Canopies, Storage, Accessories

The canopies on this stroller are incredible. Not only are they huge, but they also include a pop-out canopy extension (see below). Each canopy comes with a mesh peekaboo window and unzips in the back for added ventilation. These fabrics, I’m telling you!

The handlebar adjusts by rotating up and down and will accommodate the height of just about anyone.

As an added security measure, there’s also a parent wrist strap on the handlebar, so you’ll never have a runaway stroller situation (been there, done that… not fun). 

The storage basket in this stroller is AWE-summmm (below). A big complaint with most double strollers is lack of storage, which you especially need when you have two kids. This stroller basket is unique because it doesn’t have a giant structural bar cutting down the middle the way most side-by-sides do. Nay, it’s just a wide open basket, so you can fit your big ol’ bag in there with no problemo. It has a 59 liter capacity! Seriously, it’s no joke.

Additionally, the seats have “easy stow pockets” in which you can stuff toys, snacks, sippy cups, and anything else your kiddos usually ask you for over and over (and over) again, similar to the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie.

There’s no parent organizer, but you can (and should) buy one separately (see below).


The Indie Twin boasts an all-wheel suspension system that takes the bumps out of your ride, and the front wheels lock straight for rolling over rough surfaces. This stroller really does push like a dream and rides well over all types of terrain.

Like most air-filled tires, the four 12 inch’ers on this bad boy will need to be re-inflated from time to time. But luckily, it comes with a tire pump for emergency fill-ups.

The Indie Twin has a simple foot brake (it’s flip-flop friendly — yay!). Step on it, and the stroller brakes and locks in place. The brake on the 2022 model is even easier to engage than previous models.  

Foot Brake

Folding & Carrying

The Twin has a one-step fold, plus an auto lock and a standing fold.

As with most A/T doubles, this is a larger folded stroller, so it may not fit into smaller trunks and corners, though you can very easily take the wheels off for a tighter squeeze.

Bumbleride offers a 3-year warranty and an unofficial “call us if anything goes wrong” promise. They’re a small company in Southern California and I like them very much (these things matter!). Bumbleride customers are VERY happy with their customer service.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Review — bottom line: the Bumbleride Indie Twin is a favorite among twin parents and parents of two, especially those in need of giant tires that can plow through anything. While it’s not great for jogging, this stroller tops the charts for beauty, storage capacity, suspension, ease of pushing, usability, eco-conscious design, and folding and locking. That’s a long list of reasons to love it. Oh wait, one more: let’s not forget Bumbleride’s excellent customer service. Hurrah!


  1. Do you need the separate Bassinets for infants or will the lay-down seats suffice with an infant pad?

    1. Hi Sandi,
      You don’t need separate bassinets for infants. You can lay them directly in the seats, at full recline mode.

  2. Hello, can you share more about the infant mode, and whether you think in that fully reclined setting a bassinet would not be needed at all?

    1. Hi Andrea!
      I think you would be just fine without the bassinet for your infant in the fully reclined “bassinet” mode. For added protection, you can certainly use the infant insert as well. You can try it–see if it feels comfortable for you and your baby, and then if needed, always get the bassinet later (or borrow from a friend). Hope this helps!

  3. Hi, do you think this would work well for a newborn and a 3 (close to 4) year old sibling? We walk a lot and the toddler can’t always keep up and loves his BOB but we can’t use that from birth.

    1. Hi Ali!
      I do think it will work, depending on the weight/height of your toddler.
      The Bumbleride can hold about 45 lbs per seat (90 lbs total), with a seat-to-canopy height of 23 inches.
      Another option is to hold onto the BOB, and wear your newborn in a baby carrier (at least for the first couple of months) while on walks.
      Hope this helps!

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