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Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller Review

Price $849


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Price: MSRP $849
Weight: 34.2 lbs

Move over BOB, there’s a new double jogger in town: welcome to our much-anticipated Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller review.

Photo via Instagram @stroller24

We first visited Thule (pronounced “TOO-lee”) at the 2016 Baby Show and were very impressed with the Urban Glide (both the single and double version). Thule also has an awesome trailer that can also be used as a stroller (and a ski pulk!), the Thule Chariot Lite. 

A little about Thule: it’s a Swedish company founded in 1942, and it’s exceptionally passionate about creating products — from bike racks, to luggage, to cargo carriers, to strollers, etc. — for active families who enjoy being outside. Yes, sports and the outdoors are at the heart of the Thule brand. 

We are super excited about the Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double, which made its debut in 2018, and got a facelift at the end of 2020 (it’s even sleeker than before!). Note that the “2.0” denotes that this is the 2018 model, not the fact that it’s a double.

This stroller is most often compared to the BOB Revolution Duallie. I hate to say it (because I’m a big BOB fan), but Urban Glide 2 Double performs just as well (exceptionally), only it’s also sleeker and less bulky. Furthermore, the Glide’s handlebar is better than the rest; like the BOB Pro, it includes a drum handbrake, but its ergonomic design is simply overall superior.

All these things add up to the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double being a real contender for the best double jogging stroller.

Seeing Double

BOB brand recently revealed the newest BOB stroller design (at the 2018 JPMA Baby Show) and I thought for a moment that I was at the wrong booth! Wait, I thought, isn’t that the Thule?!? 

The new BOB is comically similar to the Thule — the fold, the seat, the under basket storage, the handlebar, the brake — everything! This is not surprising given that Britax/BOB is famous for copying other stroller designs (then getting sued for it, lol). So you’ve been warned… the new BOBs will look nearly identical to this stroller. 

Dimensions: Size & Weight

The Thule Urban Glide Double Stroller can hold 100 lbs total of precious baby cargo (50 lbs per each seat) and weighs in at 34.2 lbs.

That’s 3 lbs less than the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller and 2 lbs less than the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie.

Folded down, it measures in at 34.3 x 30.1 x 16.2 in. With a 31.5” width, it fits through standard doorways (with not much room to spare!). It will fit (on its side) in the trunk of a Honda CRV, which is a fairly compact trunk. You can remove the wheels for an even more compact fold (below).


The seats, which are about 22 inches from the base to the top of the canopies, are not as tall as other jogging strollers on the market (for instance, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is 24 inches) but they are well-padded, comfortable, and should be tall enough to take your children through their 4th birthdays (if they still want to be in the stroller that long!).

The seats each have a 5-point padded safety harness, and the buckle is child-proof (read: impossible for kids to undo by themselves while you’re running).

Thule Urban Glide Double Buckle

The seats on the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double recline independently to an almost-flat position (but since they don’t lay fully flat, you cannot use this with newborns without a car seat). The up and down “strap recline” mechanism is very easy to use. Like all sport strollers, the seats do not sit bolt upright.

Photo via IG @alltenligta

Finally, the footwell of this stroller is plastic, so it’s very easy to wipe off muddy shoe prints. It’s the little things like this that we parents truly appreciate.

Car Seat Compatibility & Adapters

The Thule is compatible with many major brands, such as Britax, Chicco, Graco, etc. You just need to purchase the Thule infant car seat adapter (sold separately for ~$60). That said, the Urban Glide Double can accept only one car seat at a time. 

If you have a Chicco or Maxi-Cosi car seat, Thule also sells car seat adapters specific to those brands. The Universal Car Seat Adapter can be used with Thule Urban Glide 1 and 2 (and the single Thule Urban Glide as well). Remember, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is not car seat compatible — at all.

Canopy, Braking, Storage, & Accessories

It offers two full coverage, multi-position adjustable canopies (one for each seat). The canopies actually detach from the stroller frame and pull nearly all the way down to the seats for extended protection from the sun (or whatever elements come your way). Yes, the canopies on this stroller are the favorite of the whole lot.

They also both have side ventilation, as well as peek-a-boo windows with plastic covering to easily check in on your sweeties while you’re jogging or hiking. The peek-a-boo windows have a magnetic closure, which is obviously much quieter than the typical Velcro peek-a-boo window closure that you find on many other strollers. 

Both the canopies and included sun visors on the Urban Glide 2 Double are made of UPF50+ materials for extra protection from the sun.


There’s a wire parking brake that’s very sturdy, but not flip-flop friendly. There’s also an “easy-twist” hand brake for more subtle braking control.

On the 2020 model, the handbrake is now black instead of blue

The storage on this stroller is superior to all the other double jogging strollers on our list. It has an ample storage basket with a zip-top water resistant cover (cool!), so none of your belongings will fall out (or get wet) when running or hiking. This is greatly superior to BOB, Baby Jogger, or any other jogger, which have unsecured, open storage baskets. THIS WINS HUGE POINTS WITH ME!

Zip-top water resistant cover

There’s also a zippered pocket on the outside of the storage bin, where you can throw your cell phone, keys, and whatever else you need easy access to. There are also mesh pockets on the back of each seat. It doesn’t come with a “parent organizer,” but you can buy one separately.


Thule clearly designed this handlebar with parents’ comfort in mind. The handlebar is height adjustable, ergonomic and extra cushiony, and it has an easy-to-engage hand brake.

Though the handlebar is adjustable, some taller users find it’s still tough for them to find the right height and report continuously kicking the stroller’s back when jogging.


The rear tires are 16” air-filled tires and the all-wheel suspension makes for an awesomely smooth ride.

The 12” swivel front wheel easily locks into place for distance running. Yes, you have to kneel down at the wheel to lock it, but people don’t seem to be bothered by that. It also has a “fine-tune” feature that allows you to get it rolling DEAD STRAIGHT – which is SO essential for locked-wheel running. (The Bob Revolution also has this feature.)

If you’re out and about when it’s dark, Thule added a reflective strip on the wheels of the Urban Glide 2 Double for increased safety and visibility at night.


One thing reviewers of this jogger say over and over again is how easy it is to fold, even with one hand. Check out how simple it is here.

To unfold, just undo the lock strap, pick up the handlebar, and throw it open. Easy peasy.

Bottom Line

The sleek, European-styled Thule Urban Glide 2 Double looks great, performs well, and has “little things” that give it the edge: namely, a lighter weight, an easier (self-standing) fold, locking front wheels that can be tweaked, full-coverage ventilated canopies that move with the sun, a superior ergonomic handlebar, and an amazing covered storage basket. The only downsides are the not-very-tall seats and the handlebar height limitation. The price is high, but you get what you pay for: the best double jogger on the market. Cheers!


  1. It also has an amazing console! Bears any other one I’ve seen. I love this stroller and can’t wait to get my girls out of the uppababy vista and into the Thule urban glide!!

  2. There were few comments on other reviews about the seat being not-so-deep, ending up not very comfortable for toddlers. Any issues with the depth at all?

    1. Hi Katrina,
      Yes — the seats on the Urban Glide are on the shallower side. If your kiddos are taller and/or wider, it’s true that as they grow they may be more comfortable in a stroller with deeper seats. Just depends on your children.

  3. Great reviews! I am torn between the Thule Urban Glide Double and UB Vista. We have the Mesa infant seat (and UB Cruz currently, which I love). I want compatibilty with the carseat in the double stroller. Any recommendations on which is best for a 3 year old (who naps in the stroller regularly) and newborn? Hopefully for an everyday stroller – long neighborhood walks and taking it out and about? Thanks!

    1. Hi there Lauren!
      I asked Meg as she’s truly a stroller guru! Here’s her take:
      “Those are very different strollers (Side-by-side vs tandem). I would say — if you don’t mind having a SBS and want a smoother ride, I would go for the Thule. If you need something more compact, I would go for the Vista.”
      I hope this helps in your decision-making!
      ~ M

  4. Hey there!
    I keep going back and forth between the BOB Duallie and this stroller. My babes are 2 weeks and 6 months (long story, haha). We have a tandem that is compatible with our car seats, so we don’t need that feature, but we are looking for a jogger that is infant friendly for walks and reasonably easy to travel with (in a car or airplane as both sides of the family live out of state). Do you have a recommendation one way or the other considering those two concerns?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there, Katie. I posed your question to Meg, founder of Lucie’s List and stroller expert, and here’s what she had to say:

      “the BOB and Thule are very similar. Neither of them are going to be “good for travel”, IMO, because they are all-terrain doubles, and those are all heavy and bulky.” As for using the Thule with an infant, the seats recline deep, but not fully flat. You’ll either have to use it with a car seat or Thule’s infant bassinet (sold separately) until baby has solid head and neck control.

      Similar deal with the BOB — here’s what we found in our research: “The manufacturer says you can use this stroller from birth with the use of infant car seats (walking only — no running!); once babies are 8+ weeks, and if they have solid enough head and neck control, you may place them directly in the stroller seats (again, walking only — no running!). Once babies are 8 months+, you may use it for jogging and off-roading.”

      I hope this helps a little!

  5. If my husband is 6′ 3″ would the handlebars be an issue when jogging? I see the review says taller people have found an issue..just not sure what height starts the issue.
    Are there other jogging strollers for twins that are best for taller parents?

    1. Hi Noelle,
      So through our research, it seems the BOB does have a taller handlebar than the Thule… but it’s hard to say if Thule wouldn’t be tall enough for your husband. I know it’s challenging right now to “test drive” strollers in stores, but wondering if you’d be able to head to a local baby store to try it out for yourself? Otherwise, order it — keep the receipt, and return it if it’s not tall enough. Good luck!

  6. Hi Marissa. Any insight into actually trying to navigate the Thule in an airport. We have traveled a lot with our single Bumbleride Indie and take it everywhere. But with a third on the way, wondering if we can make the Thule work with travel or is this just not feasible. Thanks!

    1. Hey there, Jason!
      The Thule is an awesome stroller… that said, not great for travel. It’s pretty bulky and heavy (since it’s an all-terrain), so if you plan to travel a lot, this wouldn’t be your best bet. So sorry!
      Good luck!

  7. How much more of a recline/angle is there on the Thule vs BOB when in the upright position? Is it noticeable? I’m worried that the little ones won’t like always having to lean back, but otherwise was leaning towards Thule (over BOB). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any stores with the Thule in stock to see in person. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Bobby!
      Thanks for reaching out. I spoke to Meg, a complete stroller expert, and she said that honestly, they are about the same. Typically, jogging strollers don’t sit straight upright (bummer, I know). For more information to help your decision, check this out.
      Good luck!
      ~ M

  8. Thanks for the in-depth as always. Lucie’s List is the best! One question — can you provide update or link for the console/drink holder for the double stroller? I only see one for the single.

  9. Twin mama here. Since the Thule double can’t accept two infant carseats at once, do you happen to know if it can accept one infant carseat and the Thule bassinet on the other side?

    1. Hi Allison!
      I’m a twin mama too. 🙂
      Unfortunately, the Thule double can only accept a car seat OR a bassinet… not both at the same time.
      Frustrating, I know!
      Good luck in your search!
      ~ M

  10. Hi there – I have a question about the Thule double side-by-side when only one seat is being used by a kid.
    Is the balance way off? If my older one (4 yo) wants to walk and not be in the seat for parts of a walk, does it feel strange pushing the stroller with just one kid in there (who is 18 mo)? I ask because we are traveling and have the options to rent a stroller at our destination, and wondering if we rent a Thule 2 for some light hiking/walks (no major off roading, very maneuverable trails, but don’t feel comfortable pushing our travel babyzen YoYo on them) or rent the Uppababy Vista with two tandem seats instead? The Uppababy will cost a bit more, but if pushing a side-by-side jogging stroller when only one kid is in it is uncomfortable/challenging/off balance, then I’d be okay paying a bit more.
    For reference, our everyday stroller at home is the Bugaboo Cameleon with a kickboard seat for the older kid. We will also be bringing our Babyzen Yoyo stroller for the airport and getting around on more flat/smooth surfaces.
    Would love to hear your thoughts – thanks!

    1. Hi Annie!
      I think you’d be just fine with the Thule! Since it’s the younger child you’re worried about, I would not think it would make the balance too off-kilter. Even with the older riding without the younger, I still think you’d be OK. Thule is such a great stroller, and you won’t be disappointed for the hiking/walking you decide to do while on vacation!
      Good lucK!

  11. Hi! Do you have any insights on car seat adapters’ fits? I have a Graco SnugRide as well as a Chicco KeyFit, and not sure which adapter (universal vs Chicco) will provide a better “user experience.” I’ll be using with an infant and a 2 year old.

  12. Hello,
    I was wondering if there are any alternative bassinet options that are compatible with this stroller? We have purchased the universal car seat adapter for our Mesa car seat. Thank you for any insight!

  13. Looks like Thule now has an infant insert to make this stroller newborn compatible! (Obviously not for jogging, but for walking/all terrain use.) For me this solves the 3 close-in-age kid conundrum…now I don’t have to commit to one side of the stroller being dedicated to newborn car seat/bassinet for an entire excursion, and can opt to wear newborn for part of the trip if one of my toddlers gets tired of walking and just pop out the newborn insert and toss it in the basket. I’m excited to test it out!
    Seems like it would also solve the issue for twin parents who’d like to use it for an “about town” stroller until kids are big enough to use it as a jogger, as you could put a newborn insert on both sides. Winner!

  14. I’m considering the thule stroller for our family — we’re expecting another baby this april. Our toddler will be 2.5 at the time, but my concern is that he’s very tall. Is there a better SBS jogging stroller that accommodates tall children? I’m trying to evaluate or even figure out how to evaluate how much an issue height will be.

    1. Hi Becky! Congratulations on welcoming your second baby to your family! This is a great question. The thing you want to look at on each of the double SBS jogging strollers is “head height” or “canopy height.” The Thule, for instance, has a height of 22 inches from seat back to the top of the canopy, while the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 double has a head height of 26 inches. The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 is another good choice for taller kids (it can acommodate kids up to 44 inches tall), though some say when folded back the canopies bunch up a bit, which bugs taller kids.

  15. Deciding between the Thule and Bumbleride for an infant/3 year old combo since I want something from birth and the Thule now has an infant insert. The Thule seats seem taller, but I’m concerned about the depth as others have mentioned. Do you know which stroller will fit an old toddler for longer?

    1. Hi Ali!

      Great question — this is a tough one. It truly depends on the weight/height of your toddler… Here are the details to help with your decision:

      The Bumbleride can hold up to 90 lbs (45 lbs per seat). This isn’t a super high weight limit, but it’s not awful. The length between the seat to top of canopy is 23 inches. Once your toddler reaches 23 inches, you may have a harder time closing the canopy over their head.

      The Thule, on the other hand, can hold slightly more weight. It can support up to 100 lbs (50 lbs per seat). That said, it’s height from seat base to the canopy is only 22 inches. So if your child is taller, you’ll run into the same problem as with the Bumbleride.

      Truly, both strollers are amazing, and will certainly last you quite a while… and you never know, your toddler may reach the point where they don’t want to be in the stroller anymore (happened with mine once they were about 3.5/4 yrs old).

      I hope this helps!!

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