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Valco Baby Neo Twin Review

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If you loved the Snap Duo, you will lose your mind over the Neo Twin, which is really more like the City Mini GT than anything else: a compact, lightweight all-terrain double. 

Valco Baby does double strollers REALLY, really well. This elusive company (out of Australia — they sometimes have product in stock… and sometimes they don’t) is one of the few companies that understands that every pound matters. Which is part of why I’m so pumped to be able to spread the word via this Valco Baby Neo Twin Review — this stroller really is one of the latest and greatest doubles. (BTW, this stroller is available in Denim Blue, Grey Marle, and Lightning Black.)

Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Size & Weight

The Neo Twin is one of the lightest full-featured, side-by-side strollers on the market (I went back through my other reviews to confirm this — and it’s true!).

Photo courtesy of Delia

The Valco Baby Neo Twin weighs 27 lbs. For comparison’s-sake, this is even lighter than most double umbrella strollers. Crazy, right? Families who take their stroller in the car, carry it up the stairs, and/or travel by plane will especially appreciate the weight.

Pinterest/{Photographer Unknown}

This stroller is a good 5 lbs lighter than the aforementioned City Mini GT. Don’t get me wrong — we love them both, but this one is a clear winner in the weight department. For the lightweight-ness (yes, that’s a word), you’ll pay about $50-$70 more than you would for the CMGT, so take all of that into consideration. The build quality of these two strollers is roughly the same.

The Neo Twin is 29.5″ wide, like the City Mini, and will fit through standard doorways.


Each seat takes up to 45 lbs of kiddie meat. (For comparison’s sake, the Britax B Lively Double and the Baby Jogger City Mini Double both accept 50 lbs per seat.) The Valco Baby seats recline independently (one-handed strap recline) and have their own adjustable footrest. You also get Valco Baby’s signature toddler-proof puzzle buckle (sometimes it’s parent-proof too… or so it seems. You’ll get the hang of it after a try or two!). The seats recline nearly flat, so, according to Valco Baby, the Neo Twin can be used with newborns without a car seat. 

That said, Valco’s website says, “When placing the infant directly in the seat we do recommend using an Infant Head Hugger, such as the Valco Baby Universal All Sorts Seat Pad & Head Hugger Set.” (See below.)

Car Seat

Car seat-wise, you can purchase an adapter to use one — and only one — car seat. It works with the Graco Snugride Click Connect, Chicco KeyFit 30, and the Euro seats (Maxi-Cosi Mico, Nuna Pipa, and Cybex Aton). Yes, if you’re looking for a compact, all terrain stroller that works with the Chicco (the CIty Mini/GT does not), this is your best bet. 

Canopy, Braking, Storage, Accessories

The canopies on the Neo Twin are huge and amazing. They’re individually operated, so one child can be covered while the other is not. 

Pinterest/{Photographer Unknown}

There’s a magnetic “peek-a-boo window” for each kid, so you can spy on them from above. You also get removable bumper bars, which my kids LOVE.

The storage basket (below) is BIG. It’s bigger than that of the City Mini and B-Lively Double, but not as big as on the Joovy ScooterX2. My only complaint is that the shoulder strap sometimes gets in the way of the opening. And the bar down the middle… most side-by-sides have a bar that bisects the storage basket. Such is life.

Another perk is the storage pockets — there’s one on the back of each seat which can be used when the seat is upright or reclined.

Like the City Mini GT, the handlebar is adjustable (up to 41″) and seems to accommodate everyone pretty well. The brake is flip-flop friendly and very easy to use.


The Neo Twin has air-filled tires, y’all. It rides sooooo well! The wheels are 8″ in the front and 10″ in the rear — this equals great steering and maneuverability. Reminder: you will have to re-inflate them every so often (like a bike) — and you may get a flat.

Folding & Carrying

The folding and carriage of this stroller is my favorite. To fold, simply press a button, squeeze the lever on the handle, and it folds down and auto locks. This stroller folds forward like a clam shell (inward), thus protecting the fabrics from dirt and wear (unlike the “seat handle” fold, like on the Baby Jogger and B-Lively, which fold backward). 

It also has a self-standing fold. This is really helpful when you have two kids and everyone’s belongings to contend with. 

Valco Baby Neo Twin Review — Bottom Line: I think Valco Baby put the best of everything into the Neo Twin. It’s underrated because, well, most people have never heard of it. It’s lightweight, has all the features we want, rides incredibly well, and is super easy to fold and carry. I think it’s a major contender in the lightweight all-terrain department and beats the CMGT in weight. If weight is a big factor for you, this could be the lucky winner. 


  1. Is it possible to do some light jogging with the Neo Twin? I’m leaning towards it because of the AMAZING seated height and would prefer not to have to buy a separate jogger!

  2. Hi Lynsay! You could potentially pull it off if you lock the front wheels, but I don’t think anybody would really recommend it, officially, as a jogger. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Esther,
      Yes — we just learned that Valco Baby is working on a new model of this stroller. However, it’s been taking much longer than anticipated due to Covid and recent supply chain issues. They are hopeful the new model will be available sometime in 2022, but it’s not for certain. We will post updates as we get them.

  3. Do you know if this stroller was discontinued? I hope not because your updated review was so recent but I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. H Caroline!
      I just spoke with Valco Baby. A new version of the Neo Twin will come out *hopefully* sometime in 2022 — they’ve been working on it, and had hoped it would be out by the end of last year, but with Covid and all the supply chain issues — that didn’t happen. The new Neo Twin will apparently be lighter & more compact. Stay tuned — and we will keep everyone posted as we learn more. Thanks for the comment!

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