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Top Baby Products for Multiples from ABC

Annette with Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

Lucie’s List hit up the ABC Kids Expo in the Fall, and this time we looked at everything through our “multiples” lens!

The show gives us a sneak peek at all the new juvenile products coming out this year, many of which are just now becoming available.

Here is the list of our favorite items for multiples. Coincidentally, it came down to a list of 13 lucky items, all of which are either available now or coming later this year. For our full list of our (singleton) faves, check here. Enjoy!

1. Romp & Roost Playpen – $218

Romp & Roost is a divided playpen – perfect for twins to share while napping or nighttime sleeping without the worry of accidental smothering. The divider is removable, so they can share the entire playpen when they get older (or for playtime!). Perfect for traveling, first floor napping and for grandparent’s house.


2. Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Move & Play Mat

Coming May 2017

Tiny Love’s newest play mat is much larger than most, making it the perfect play mat for twins. The arch connector is adjustable and opens to create a larger open space for two babes at once. Don’t buy two smaller items when you can just buy one!


3. Twingaroo Conversion Kit – $24.99

One of our favorite tandem carriers, the Twingaroo, just got better. A new conversion kit allows the carrier to be separated into two individual carriers. Now you can handle your twinnies both at once, but also get some help when you are lucky enough to have it. Great carrier + added versatility = winner!


4. Beebo – $29

Though not completely new on the scene, I set out to learn more about this viral double Beebo picture:


While not advertised specifically for tandem bottle feeding, it can certainly be done (nobody is stopping this guy^^). The Beebo is a hands-free bottle holder that gives you an extra hand(s) you so desperately need as a POM. Also makes a great shower gift!


5. Cosatto Strollers

As parents of multiples, we don’t have as many options in the style department as our singleton counterparts; Cosatto is here to change that. Fresh from the UK, the Supa Dupa is a pimped-out double umbrella stroller complete with built in speakers and tablet holders in the canopies (say whaat?).

An extendable UPF 50+ sunshade protects babies from the sun and a four-way reversible “Cosy Toes” attachment (a bunting bag, of sorts) keeps legs and feet warm and dry. The stroller holds up to 75 lbs of total baby meat. It’s one of the few double umbrellas with adjustable handlebars and a one-hand adjustable multi-recline feature that lets you get the perfect angle for baby(s) to snooze (yes, it even lies flat for newborns). The only thing we don’t love is the weight (35 lbs, yikes (double yikes — pun intended)). <—– You have been warned.

Meg with the Supa Dupa in “pixelate”


6. Milestone Twin Cards – $35

I love the Milestone cards, the perfect way to print those Instagram-ready pictures. I was super excited to learn they now have a set specifically for twins! The twin card set includes twin specific milestones: smiling at each other, coming home from the hospital, etc., and each age milestone is plural for multiples – “We turned 1 month today”. Love.



7. Maxi-Cosi Dana for 2 ~ $399

Available March 2017

Maxi-Cosi has a new double umbrella stroller that… (wait for it…)… takes two infant car seats (whhhaaat!). Yes, one lightweight stroller that will take you beyond the first year.

I am in love with this stroller; you get the frame to use for at least the first 9 months (with car seats), then you have an umbrella stroller for general use for years to come. A parent cup-holder and car seat connectors for the Maxi-Cosi Mico(s) are included. The Mico Max 30 is a seat we recommend for multiples anyway, so everyone’s winning!

At 31 inches wide and 28 lbs, this double umbrella offers a compact, standing fold.

Shown with and without car seats

Coming soon — get excited, people!!

8. Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker – $49 (plus a $19 weekly subscription fee)

It’s your third trimester and you have a high-risk pregnancy, pre-term labor concerns, and/or are a worried first time mom; Enter: the Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker.

Just stick the Smart Tracker on your belly (easy to follow instructions in the kit) and let it do all the work of tracking and monitoring contractions (real vs. Braxton Hicks) for you. Bloomlife provides “an accurate second opinion for peace of mind when it matters most”. This is a rental, so you don’t have to worry about buying an expensive device to use only for a short time. Read a fellow twin mom’s experience here.

Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker

9. NuRoo Pocket Shirt – $57
& Swaddler  $25

The NuRoo Pocket shirt is a skin-to-skin infant carrier shirt. Yes, it’s a shirt that you wear! While seated, it’s approved for twins (even preemies), which is perfect for kangaroo care in the NICU and the first few grueling weeks at home.



The NuRoo Swaddler grows with your baby, with 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit at every stage. It has a smaller pocket for preemies, a larger pocket for newborns, and a expandable bottom opens up when baby outgrows the sack. There are multiple options for positioning the baby’s arms; at the side, across the chest, or out. The closures are breakout-resistant, keeping even the most Houdini-like babies snug as a bug.

NuRoo Swaddler


10. Fisher-Price Revolve Swing  ~ $129

Available Spring 2017

We are loving the gender-neutral modern look of the new Fisher-Price Revolve Swing. Best of all, the footprint is 25% smaller than most, making it feasible to have multiple swings in the same room — ’nuff said.


11. Graco Modes Duo Stroller ~ $349

Graco’s new tandem stroller, the Graco Modes Duo, has 27 —  yes, 27 different seating configurations, including the coveted double rear-facing mode. The Modes Duo easily accommodates twin infants with two Graco Click Connect car seats (sold separately). See also: Twin Stroller guide

Graco Modes Duo Infant Riding options

Once the babies outgrow their infant car seats (around a year), the regular stroller seats are positioned in tandem (below).

Graco Modular Stroller

Graco Modes Duo Toddler

The stroller folds with both seats attached, which is huge! On the downside, the Modes Duo is quite heavy at 42lbs (with both seats) and lacks all-terrain tires. Thus, it makes for a good stroller to keep at the house or in the garage (carrying it up the stairs is not advised).


12. BabyJogger City Select Lux 2017 ~ $629 & $199 for 2nd seat

Coming Spring 2017

The City Select has long been a favorite stroller among twin parents. This year, they’re rolling out a “Lux” version of the stroller, which has a 30% smaller fold with seats that fold in half for compact storage. The one drawback is the second seat needs to be removed before folding the stroller.

Check out the review from the show here:

13. Micuna FLOR Rocker and Nacelle Bassinet – $1,299

Available Spring 2017

This glider & bassinet combo has a magnetic docking system that affixes the bassinets to either side of the glider (additional $479 for the second bassinet). The bassinet(s) rocks along with the glider, making the transition from feeding to sleeping simple for middle of the night feedings, especially when you have two!

Micuna Glider
Micuna FLOR Rocker and Nacelle Bassinet

There you have it, our Top 13 best new products for multiples! What’s your favorite must-have for multiples? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the NuRoo Swaddlers and great to see that they can adjust in size. Always tough to position baby’s arms and legs, and this one does a good job just putting it all into place properly!

  2. Eagerly waiting for your full review of the Dana for 2. I’d be particularly interested in how it handles on grass and city terrain.

  3. Wow, can’t imagine having twins! I have a 3 month old, and feel like we already have so many things everywhere. This is a great article, and if I ever have twins will definitely refer to these items!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post with us. it is very informative information. It is useful for everyone who wants to know about stroller. The video you have share with post is very informative post. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.

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