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Tranquilo Mat Giveaway

Tranquilo Mat Baby

Recently, we were approached by Melissa Gersin, a maternity RN in the Boston area, who developed the Tranquilo Mat. The Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat that helps calm fussy babies.

We were immediately intrigued because there really isn’t anything like it on the market. We really want to test it, but unfortunately, we don’t have babies anymore!

That’s where you come in!

We’re giving away THREE Tranquilo Mats to our readers with young infants (0-3 months old) who can put this product to the test. We want to know what you think, so we ask that the winners shoot a quick video product review so we can share it with our readers. No [other] strings attached.

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Tranquilo Mat Baby_2

Here’s a Little About the Tranquilo Mat

Portable: Battery operated, simple and lightweight

Versatile: Compact and flexible so it can be used anytime and anywhere

Customizable: Choice of vibration modes to keep baby happy

Water Resistant: Interior electronic components are fully protected from diaper leaks and spit up

Washable: Gender-neutral khaki cotton cover is removable and washable

Safety: The Tranquilo Mat is CPSIA safe.

Tranquilo Mat


  • Small = $65
  • Large = $85
  • Combo Pack (1 small and 1 large) = $135
  • Twin Small Pack = $117
  • Twin Large Pack = $153
  • Twin Combo Pack = $255

You can find out more information about the Tranquilo Mat, click here.

Thanks and good luck!


    1. I’m a first time mom and my little bundle of joy is expected to be here in 3 weeks. This would be a great way to calm her when she is crying.

  1. Very interesting! I have never heard of this before, but am intrigued. Baby number two (three weeks and one day old) likes the vibrating function on her bouncy chair,something her sister never did. Still, for flying intercontinentally, the bouncy chair is just not travel friendly. This would be ideal to try out!

  2. When my son was a baby he loved the be held facing out. It calmed him down a lot of the time. I’m expecting another baby and I’m hoping he or she is as easy going as my firstborn!

  3. I have a 2 week old that is a dream during the day…but will.not be put down at night without a fuss! Would love to try this. Very anxious about co-sleeping so looking for a way to help keep her happy in the bassinet or crib.

  4. That’s awesome! We have a vibrating part of our pack n play but to be able to take one with us would be amazing!

  5. I have a 2 month old and would love to try this out. He is pretty fussy since he has reflux and doesn’t like being on his back too much. I wonder if this would help him stay calm on his back? Worth a try!!

    1. I hear ya sista! Have you read our Crib Notes emails on sleep Solutions? We give great advice on how to wean off nursing to sleep 🙂 Check them out here

  6. This looks really neat! I just had my son 10 days ago so we’re still trying to find things that help soothe him.

    1. You definitely qualify! This giveaway is running for 2 weeks 🙂 And CONGRATULATIONS, you’re almost there!

  7. I am less than two weeks away from my due date, and my husband and I have a lot of upcoming travels (plus a small condo!), so this would be perfect for us and our little man. I’d love to try it out and am happy to do a video review (I vlog for work, so I’m used to it :)!!

  8. My baby loves his vibrating bouncer seat — we have two and can’t go anywhere without it. I would love to test this out and tell you whether it has the same effect as the bulky vibrating bouncer seat.

  9. I have a preemie that was born at 33w. She is now 6 weeks old and has been out of the NICU for 2 weeks. We would love to try this (and i lived in Boston for 10 years!)

  10. I’d bet my 5 week old would love this! We’ll be traveling to grandma’s right after shots so the fact that it’s portable is ideal!

  11. This seems like it would be great for travel. My 2 month old loves vibrating seats, but we didn’t have room in the car. This would have been wonderful.

  12. My first baby is due next Tuesday, and I being a renter in a place with somewhat thin walls, I’m sure I will be eager to try anything that will keep a baby happy. My plans already include a swing, a baby wearer and plenty of time on our porch in the nice late spring weather.

  13. My 3 month old tends to be calmed down when we run a finger from her forehead to the tip of her nose. Works like a charm!

  14. Would love to try this out on my 2month old. Right now we do lots of rocking and gentle shaking so this looks awesome.

  15. My little dude gets fussy when he gets tired but he refuses to sleep during the day. I wonder if this would help!

  16. I’d love to try this out! Newborns sleep so well often and its When you reach the next stage that I need help with! He won’t sleep anywhere but home in his crib and that’s hard to always do with a toddler too. Id love to try this out on my 2 month old. I tried submitting the entries in the thing- I never know if I do it correctly- so I hardly enter in anything that is on a website.

  17. This looks very cool! I’m pregnant with baby #2 and would’ve loved something like this with my first baby.

  18. This look great! I have a 3 week old who tends to be quite fussy. We’d love to try this!

  19. My due date is today! (Baby not here yet but keeping fingers crossed) Would love to try this out from the early days. (Plus my husband owns a media company and I could make a pretty stellar video review for ya!)

  20. Holding and rocking. This Tranquilo Mat looks like a great alternative that I’d love to try.

  21. This looks like such a wonderful product! Love the way it’s so portable, yet has the vibration feature. I would love to participate but guess I can’t unfortunately qualify for this, as I’m not due to deliver until October.

  22. I’m at about 28 weeks pregnant now, so I wouldn’t be able to test this on a real baby for a bit, but I could test from birth, which might be interesting!

    (Or I could try it on my elderly cats?)

  23. My daughter is colicky. Her doctor recommended setting her car seat on the dryer while it is going. But I don’t stay out in the laundry room, so that is not an option. This would be great.

  24. Had my baby son three weeks ago at nearly three months prematurity (28 weeks gestation). He’ll remain in the hospital NICU likely til his due date (July 24) but as soon as he is old enough to shed some of the tubes/wires in his isolette, the Tranquilo Mat could be useful for calming him down after too much stimulation from diaper changes, examinations, etc..

  25. This looks awesome! Thank you for having a giveaway – I would love to try this out with my little one! 🙂

  26. I’m having my first baby in just over a month and I have experience with babies, but I feel like I just rocked them and prayed they would calm down as my arms and legs slowly started cramping up. So I’m really interested to see how well this works.

  27. This would be great for my 2 week old! I try the 5 S method to calm him but I think this mat would be great.

  28. Walking, back patting, and feeding / a pacifier. Sometimes, though we just let her cry for a bit and let her try to calm herself down. After a while you can hear the difference between a cry when they just need to cry and an angry, “I need attention NOW!” cry. This is our 3rd, and a preemie approaching 2 months.

  29. I do lots of online marketing for mom brands and work with influencers who can help promote this across multiple networks ! 🙂

  30. I haven’t had my first babe yet, he isn’t due for about 4 more weeks! But I have a feeling we will be wearing him a lot in both his SSC and woven wrap since baby wearing is known to soothe babies and keep them happy!

  31. I’m due in a few weeks so I’d love to try this out! With my other kids of swaddle or wear them to calm them down.

  32. We do a lot of deep knee bends – which take a toll on our backs but at least work our out of shape quads! We have our 5 week old sleeping in a Rock and Play now but are anxious how we will transition her to the crib. This might be a good intermediary step!

  33. I would love to test this on my two month old. He loves his vibrating chair, so this would help transition him to tummy time while keeping the familiar feeling of the vibration. I wonder if this would work in a wrap too? We love baby wearing .

  34. Hey Meg!

    Baby Wood is due in 17 days! We’d love to do a video review of the Tranquilo Mat. I’ve seen their video and it looks pretty freaking awesome (if it really works)!!!

  35. My little one likes when I rock him quickly with little rocks… it’s like I’m vibrating my arms. It calms him down, but boy does it do a number on my muscles! I would love to see how this works!

  36. When mine were small I usually put them in a baby carrier and wear them to calm them down. Worked most all the time.

  37. This baby won’t nap for anything! I usually end up walking, rocking, driving her all over the place just so she will nap. I wonder if this would help!

  38. This sounds like it might help my baby, who is 7 weeks old, in the evenings when I’m away at my part time job. She often fusses for my husband and it’s hard on him after a long day at work to handle her fussiness.

  39. Baby #1 is arriving in August 2016 and I would love to try this out. I work in education, at a high school, full of new moms and other soon-to-be mommas who I would love to share my experience with!

  40. We always had to walk outside with our first. He just wanted to be outside- even from like the second week of life! Lots of swaddling and rocking and holding too for calming down.

  41. Would love to give the Tranquilo Mat a try! Baby #1 due in less than 2 weeks…and I know I’m going to make use of every trick up my sleeve to keep our little lovie “tranquil” 😉

  42. Tgis is my fourth baby and she is six weeks old. I walk with her, rock her, sing to her, pay her back and her bottom, wear her. She has reflux and we spend hours trying to get her comfortable! Would love to give this a whirl!

  43. Would love to give the Tranquilo Mat a try! Baby #1 due in less than 2 weeks…and I know I’m going to make use of every trick up my sleeve to keep our little lovie “tranquil” 😉 I know I will only be able to walk and bounce so much…

  44. To keep my babies calm and tear free, I like to swaddle and rock them. As an added bonus, it usually puts them to sleep fairly quickly as well!

  45. I’m only a few weeks away from my first!! I would love to try this out and hopefully give him some comfort!! I’m so nervous!

  46. I’m due with my first in 3 weeks, and this would be awesome to try out-especially in those early days! What a creative idea!

  47. Walking, rocking, bouncing, mini “vibrating” movements (it’s super tiring to keep this up!), shushing, talking, singing for HOURS hahaha this mat would be awesome to try!

  48. My baby is 2 weeks old and gets fussy when he’s laying flat on his back. I think this may help him so he’s more content.

  49. I would love this for my 1 month old girl! This would help her relax so much when we are in new environments trying to put her down for a nap! It would also mean less rocking her bassinet when she’s going to bed at night! The vibrating would put her right to sleep! Would love to try this!

  50. My heart leapt when I saw this post about the Tranquilo mat! I have a 2 month old that will only sleep in his bouncer or swing with the vibrate feature on. We have tried everything to try and get him to sleep safely in his back. Out of exhaustion, we resorted to letting him sleep at night in his bouncer. I’m a wreck each night because of safety concerns. The Tranquilo mat seems like it would help comfort my sweet boy and give me some peace of mind. We would LOVE to give it a try!

  51. I am a new mom to an almost 2 month old and I have had a difficult time getting her to sleep without breastfeeding her. I finally found that swaddling has helped, but I am so intrigued by this and hoping if I won one that it would be a God send!

  52. As a mom of a 1 month old, I’m definitely looking for great ways to calm my newborn. We recently found out she has a stridor and worsens when she cries. Hopefully this mat can help calm her and she outgrows her diagnosis of Laryngomalacia.

  53. My husband and I have seriously been wondering why something like this isn’t around. Our baby loves the slight vibration of the Rock n’ Play, and we wish we could get the same effect in her bassinet or crib. Love this!

  54. I have a 6 week old that is a very fussy baby (fussiest of my 3 kids). I would be willing to try any thing at this point.

  55. I like to soothe my newborn by rubbing his back gently as I hold him against my chest. He seems to love it (or let out a burp!!).

  56. Due with baby #1 on July 1st. I am ready to try anything to get help us survive the first months of parenthood.

  57. I swear by a boppy pillow with my 2 week old son but i would love to find something else that is more portable.

  58. I would love to try this for my 3 month old who is fussy and who only calms down by my husband and I picking him up.

  59. First time mom of very “spunky” twins who fear the dark and anything that involves sleep outside of mommy’s arms.

    Rationale: There are two of them and Mom has two arms.

    Desperate. To. Try. Anything.

    Thanks in advance,
    Utterly Sleep Deprived and Delirious.

  60. My 3rd boy and my 3rd one who loves to be swaddled and bounced. 🙂 really any place next to me he loves to sleep.

  61. FTM with a new little guy (9 weeks). When he starts getting fussy he likes to be bounced. This looks great as it’s something portable and I can’t always be there to bounce him!

  62. My baby likes to bounce while I’m walking to calm down. This mom is tired and would love to have something that I can lay her down on to calm her.

  63. I give my little girl light massages or sing to her to help calm her down at night. The massaging has proven to work 95% of the time.

  64. A warm bath followed by nursing our 2 month old little girl usually does the trick! Sometimes I have to challenge her mind and body first with some play mat time or a book, feed her and try again, but these usually work!

  65. I calm my baby by singing, or patting her bum, but in general vibration tends to calm her quickly. I would love to try the large size as she will be 3 months in a week. Sounds like a wonderful idea!

  66. I use the walking with the butt patting to soothe my fussy daughter . Would love to try out a different option when my method doesn’t work.

  67. My baby will be here any day now! I saw a video of a pediatrician holding a baby face down with her arms wrapped in, so I’m curious to try it!

  68. Jackson likes to be worn (or nursed) when he is fussy. If neither of those calm him, patting him on the back sometimes helps (just DO NOT STOP patting, whatever you do).

  69. I have a 6 week old and have basically set up camp at my house in fear of having a fussy baby in public. This would increase my anxiety by not having everything to calm him down as I do at home. I would love to try out this product. I also have 2 friends that just had babies too that could try it out with me(1 who had twins) 3 reviews for the price of 1. ?

  70. Right now I calm my daughter by bouncing and walking or nursing her. She’s only 12 days old though, so I know that will change as she grows.

  71. My son is 3 weeks old. We listen to country music or the running water from the bath tub when he is fussy.

  72. When my little one is fussy, i tend to nurse him more, put him in a carrier and walk around, try lots of position changes, burping and cuddling.

  73. Perfect timing!!! My little guy is three weeks old. It takes a lot of bouncing/rocking to soothe this little guy to sleep after his feedings, especially between the hours of 3am and 5am. Even though all of this bouncing and rocking is whipping my arm muscles into shape, I’d love to try the Tranquilo Mat!

    If selected, we have a DSLR that takes high def videos. Just saying. 😉

  74. Baby Bella would love this! She often has gas and is hard to settle. She’s 2 months old and loves to be cuddled!

  75. I have always found a nestled on the arm, gentle swinging motion to be very soothing to an upset baby. It is quite the workout, too! think Mowgli from Jungle Book over the tree branch…

  76. At just over a week old, feeding is the main way I calm dd – she loves to either be held or at the breast which is a killer at night time!

  77. This would be amazing for baby #2. Our first baby did not like to be laid down at night. I’m hoping that the vibrations will make baby #2 calm and allow a bit of a break for me to get a few hours of sleep. Honestly, our 2yr old still doesn’t quite sleep through the night. I’m one tired momma. Anything this mat would provide would be a godsend in less than 4 weeks.

  78. My little guy is 3 weeks old and I can imagine this would be a great help for sleep at night

  79. Hmm, a few months out, so I don’t know my favorite way to calm a baby…yet! Do really love this idea though!

  80. Expecting twins in the next 2 weeks and based on how fussy and difficult my first was, I’m terrified. I won’t be able to constantly wear and bounce both babies like I did with my son, so it sounds like this mat could be a lifesaver!

  81. We do a lot of bouncing on the medicine ball. And we recently discovered that Nick Lachey’s lullabies are sweet, sweet sleep anthems for our little guy.

  82. This looks and sounds great for home and travel. I would love to try it out. Even have a few travel dates set up for my soon to arrive little one and am very interested to see if this helps soothe him/her to sleep in a new environment

  83. I’m due with baby number 2 June first! With my son (now two and a half), we swaddled him and did all the S’s from “Happiest Baby on the Block” (shush, side/stomach, suck, swing.) Hopefully that works this time around!

  84. Would love to try this for my little one. I’ve been a career nanny for 13 years and I’ve tried it ALL… Bouncing, rocking, swaddling, singing… The Tranquilo looks amazing!

  85. Our little one is just 6 weeks old, and according to our toddler she cries alot! This product would be awesome to help soothe our baby and keep us all calm.

  86. Looks so very cool! I love that people are constantly coming out with new ways to help babies, and therefore parents, be happy and calm ❤️

  87. Baby due in 2 weeks. It’s been ten years since I’ve had a baby! I remember lots of time rocking and nursing.

  88. Just had our second baby and she is the polar opposite of our first born who was a fantastic sleeper from birth. This little girl we can. Not. Put. Down. And this is no exaggeration. She only sleeps on me or my husband and won’t stay asleep once we set her down for longer than five minutes. Will this mat work for us?!!

  89. I walk, pat, shush, and bounce my one month old, simultaneously, to calm her. This mat would help alot!h

  90. I could defiantly use one of these mats. My three week old will not sleep in her bassinet. She only wants to sleep in my arms. My husband is currently deployed and this will help us get some more sleep so we have more time to skype daddy.

  91. Our sweet Jonah is a week old today and we would love to try this out! He’s not super fussy, but there are times where we just haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with him. He’s had a hard time breastfeeding, sadly, so that’s been rough, and I think this could really help us when we just don’t know what else to do. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!! 🙂

  92. my baby is 7 weeks and i have struggled to calm her down this whole time! i swaddle, give a bath with calming wash, white noise, singing to her, cuddling, etc.. i’ve tried it all. i would so love to try this mat to add it to my bag of tricks.

  93. My favorite way to “try” to calm my newborn down (born 4/25/16) is by swaddling him. However, sometimes he prefers his arms to be free so it doesn’t always work. I would LOVE to try this with him. He’s been more fussy at night, and also has some gas fits that he is NOT happy about.

  94. I would love to test this with my 6 week old newborn baby. He has reflux and is very fussy at night and in the middle of the night. He currently sleeps in a reclined sleeper. Curious if this would help him transition to sleeping flat on his back.

  95. Right now, feeding her is the only way to calm her down. Even then, she refuses to sleep anywhere but in someone’s arms 🙁 we’re exhausted!!

  96. My husband has the magic touch with our son, whenever he holds him upright and does squats, our baby calms right down–but there are times when Daddy’s knees want to give up so we would love to try Tranquilo!

  97. Thing most likely to work is a gentle rocking and singing to him. Definitely can’t imagine being able to calm him down by laying him down, so I’m interested to see how this works!

  98. Baby 2 due in 8 weeks! Would love to try this out and compare to everything we tried last time!

  99. Gah! My second is 4 weeks tomorrow and I have to hold her constantly otherwise she cries! Husband goes back to work in a few days. Have no idea how I will put me two year old to bed or down for a nap let alone get a shower in!

  100. We do a lot of bouncing on an exercise ball. A white noise machine at night is a lifesaver! Definitely interested in this product. 🙂

  101. I’m curious to try this product with my two month old baby boy! I’ve been known to drag my bouncer all over town and that is just ridiculous. A legit portable vibrating mat? Yes please!

  102. I’m due in less than two months, and would LOVE to have this as an option for soothing my new baby boy!

  103. My baby takes a lot of rocking and bouncing to get to sleep, but then she usually wakes right up if I put her down in her bassinet, crib or any other flat, non-moving surface. I’d love to see if I could put her on top of this to keep the effects of the rocking/bouncing going while being able to safely put her down on a flat surface.

  104. Currently, my secret weapon with my 9 week old is holding him while bouncing on an exercise ball. If he’s really fussy, I’ll bounce him on the ball in a dark room with his head right next to a sound machine and give him a pacifier. This is getting old and my back is so tired of this routine! Not to mention, this is not a portable solution! How awesome would it be to have something that might soothe him at the park, at mom & baby yoga, at social events… I am intrigued!

  105. I’m due on July 7 and am likely to deliver early (says the doctor who delivered my second four weeks early). I would love to test this product out as I am familiar with all gadgets to help calm a baby… but this one sounds intriguing!!

  106. Sleep deprived mother of two little ones here. My oldest was an easy baby and everyone warned me that the second one would be hard. I just laughed thinking they had it wrong because I’ve obviously got the special touch – just feed them, change them, and put them on a schedule, no big.

    My second one is now 7 weeks and colicky. Every night, between 9:30 and 1:40. Like clockwork. As if on a schedule.

    I sure showed them. ?

  107. Definitely worth a try! Car rides always work for my little I think this could help too.

  108. My baby loves the vibrating function on his Rock N Play, so I’d love to try this out! Much easier than taking the Rock N Play with us when visiting the grandparents.

  109. My son is 5 weeks and fussy especualy in the evenings. I make him listen to white noises on an app I installed and it helps sometimes.

  110. My son wanted only me to hold him, and when he was fussy I had to do this rock, bounce, sway thing haha. I’m hoping this little one due in 7 weeks will enjoy the tranquilo mat.

  111. The tranquilo mat looks like an amazing product i would absolutely love to give it a try my little girl Aria born april 26 is super fussy and very hard to settle pretty sure she may be colic doctors appt coming up soon but anyways looking for ways and things that can help!

  112. We are expecting our first baby soon so I’m sure we can use all the help we can get!

    Thank you for this website! I’ve used it many times as my go-to for what to get our baby.

  113. I can imagine how my 5 weeks old baby would appreciate it! There were so many days and night that he wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me…having something warm and vibrating sounds very promising!!!

  114. It is “funny” I received the email about this mat. I had my first child 3 weeks ago and when she wakes up for the early morning feedings and when she is so tired she doesn’tdoesn’t know what to do with herself she can get pretty cranky. For the first time I tried white noise last night and she did ok with that. AlthoughAlthough mommy had to listen to it for 4 hours 🙂 The mat in combination with that would be nice to see if it eases some of the fussiness.

  115. I’m due in three weeks and am looking for all the help I can get in getting my new babe to sleep! Would love to try this out!

  116. My 2nd is due August 2nd. But my first came early at 30 weeks so I’m getting everything ready now!!

  117. Just had my second baby 3 weeks ago. I’m back to the tried and true rock and play with vibrator. It worked for my first for four months, and seems to be working for the new baby too. Would be nice to find something to help transition to more crib sleeping though.

  118. To put my daughter to sleep in usually breastfeed her or walk around with her on my arm, she likes to move!

  119. This mat looks like a tremendous addition to the tricks and ways to soothe a Little One! We live in upstate NY but Daddy is looking for work in CA, this would be a welcome travel-friendly item to help me get my shiny new (6wks) Baby Girl and my 2.5 yr-old (43 lb) Big Brother across country when I take a week from work and travel to visit Daddy. Right now sister loves bouncing, rocking, singing, and the straight out arms for 3-4 slow mo drops, not sure why but this quiets her every time. Confuses her possibly? And that confusion could be just the ticket if the vibration tricks her to feeling comfy!

  120. I have a 2.5 month old baby and she can only sleep with vibration. She loves it on her rock n play but the vibration setting on her bassinet only stays on for 2-3 minutes and then shut off. This will be perfect when we put her in the crib, too!! I need this for my baby!

  121. My daughter is 2 months and 2 days, born March 21st at 37 weeks. I am about to return to work in June and feel nervous about being away from her. She is so much fun despite her gas bubbles that we fight together. We’ve tried infant massage, gripe water and now probiotics. Would love to try out this mat to see if it helps to settle her tummy 🙂 seems pretty cool and I’m up for trying it out and reviewing for other mommies before I go back to work mid-June!

  122. I will have two under two very soon and I’m terrified! Anything to help us out! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  123. What a great idea! I walk and bounce my baby to calm him down. This seems like it would be a great help.

  124. The easiest way to calm my little one down is to nurse her! This would be a great way to help ease the fussiness without her being attached to me all the time 😉

  125. Science teacher (and dad) here, with a DD of June 29th. Happy to give a slightly different perspective for the mat! Seems like a neat idea.

  126. I default to the boob and babywearing when kiddo is fussy. If those don’t work, heading outside for a bit or taking a bath seem to help too!

  127. Our baby boy was born on April 28th. He will be 1 month on Thursday!
    We’d love to test out the changing mat. I try to calm Jack down with a 4 Moms MamaRoo or using the 5 S methods described in Dr. Karp’s Happuest Baby on the Block and just by cuddling him with lots of love, kisses and soft singing !

  128. My son is a week old today. We like to calm him by rocking him or using a light / sound machine.

  129. Waiting any day now for my newborn baby girl, so this would be a great item to test out on a new newborn!!

  130. My daughter is 4 weeks old and it seems like the only thing that calms her is rocking her side to side with a slight up and down motion while patting her tiny tush! Now doing all that while keeping up with her two year old sister is a hand full! Would love to try and review the Tranquilo Mat! It sounds amazing!

  131. My little one is 7 weeks old and I rock her to calm her down or sway. She also likes the white noise machine. She has her fussy times in the evening now.

  132. The pack and play has vibration that works great. I often want other “beds” to have the option. This would do it.

  133. My first loved to sleep on my chest. He still loves to have his feet on my belly to fall asleep, and he’s almost 3! I’d love to try this excellent productout for #2 due in August!

  134. My third girl is 6 weeks old. My older two were really difficult at night so I’m trying anything to help get some sleep this time around. I love finding new products and would love the opportunity

  135. My 6 weeks old is happiest when being held, so we’re getting a lot of use out of our boba 4g carrier and ring sling!

  136. I am a first time mama and my little Max constantly has to be in his bouncy chair and in my arms which gets exhausting. I am curious to see how he would react to this mat!

  137. I am due next week and would love to try this with our new arrival! It would be wonderful to have a portable soothing device that is so unique.

  138. Baby 2 is due in two weeks! With 1, a pacifier really was his biggest soother. But, man oh man, that thing popped out too often. It would be great to try a calming method that “stayed put” longer than 5 minutes! 🙂

  139. We’re about to take our first trip with out little one. This seems like it would be perfect for that!

  140. My son is just shy of 2 months and very fussy. I try to emulate the vibrating motion myself to calm him so this would be a lifesaver!

  141. This looks great! I just gave birth today and so far super tight swaddling is doing the trick, but we’ll see!

  142. Had a baby on Valentines Day and she is now about 10.5 pounds. (Lucie’s list had helped me so much as a first time mom and I’d love to give back by reviewing this item.) My daughter has gotten very fussy in the last two weeks. I walk in circles in her room patting her bottom over and over again to get her to sleep. I think she would love the vibration of this and I would love the portability because we are always on the move.

    I work at a public school and recently went back to work so anything that can help get my sweet babe to sleep is appreciated!!!

  143. I’m due with my second child, a boy, mid-June. The timing would work out perfectly to be able to test this product out for a maximum amount of time. I stay at home, so I’d be able to provide lots of detailed information. My husband and I greatly thank you for this opportunity–would have been great for the first go around!

  144. He loves to be held, rocked, bounced, and patted on the bottom. I have a 16 month old as well, so I need a way to put him down and for him to stay happy!! Hope I can try it out! Looks neat!

  145. I would love to try one of these on my baby when she arrives in July! Please consider me for the giveaway 🙂

  146. My son is one month old and is quite fussy in the evenings. The only thing that calms him is nursing or snuggling on my chest.

  147. Looks like a great idea! My three week old little guy loves his vibrating bouncy seat. I think he would love this in his crib as well!

  148. Our little one is two months old, and is so fussy from 8:00-10:00pm. The only thing that calms her right now is a drive around the block (or sometimes 15 blocks). We would love another option that didn’t require going out every night!

  149. Love holding my chunky monkey but as much as I’d love to hold him constantly, I’m a single mom so I just gotta put him down sometimes. Would love to try this out!

    1. Oh and to actually answer the question, lol, I rock him, bounce him, shhhh him, snuggle him, kiss his cheeks, and sometimes sing to him. I’m not the best singer though ?

  150. Just found out my son has a milk/soy protein intolerance that has cost us all plenty of rest. Anything that shakes loose the toots is soothing to him!

  151. Our baby loves going skin to skin and loves being bounced to calm her down. Unfortunately, I had a surgery a few years back on my shoulder, and it’s never been the same since. Because of this surgery and the near-constant bouncing of our little one around bedtime, my shoulder is ON FIRE!!! I’d love to have another option to get her to fall asleep.

  152. I always rocked or breastfed my son but as soon as I out him in his crib we would cry like crazy! Would love to test. Spunds very interesting

  153. I have a 3 week old that only likes to sleep in her car seat or during feedings. If love to see if this could help us put her down on her own.

  154. I’m due in July with baby #2! My poor first son had GERD & a bunch of food sensitivities. He was in a lot of pain and cried a lot until he was about 6 months old. I mostly calmed him by doing laps around the neighborhood with him in the baby wrap. Would’ve been awesome to have had something like this to help him stay comfortable. Would love to try this with my second baby!

  155. This is something I never thought about before but I like it and the baby will like it very comfy looking

  156. This Tranquilo Mat seems like such a great idea! Our son was born 2 days ago (5/22/16) and we would love to be testers.

  157. Wow! What a creative product! I am very intrigued. I have a 4-week old little boy who loves his vibrating swing, this might be a good alternative! Cannot wait to find out more!

  158. The Rock and sleep worked great for my first, but my two week old is not loving it so far! Would love to try this product!

  159. My 2month old has painful gas. He seems to like movement and vibration so I’d love to see how this would help him.

  160. My son (8 weeks old!) can usually only be calmed by being held by me. So if he is upset and needs to sleep, it’s me. This would come in handy when I go back to work!

  161. Really, it’s down to the classics – rocking, walking, sometimes I also put her in the stroller and roll her back and forth in the living room. I am intrigued by this product, would love to know if it works for fussy babies!

  162. A second-time mom here due in 5 weeks. My first was colicky – and nothing calmed her down. Looking for some additional ways to calm down a newborn/infant!

  163. So far I’ve found the best way to calm my baby is to wear him and walk around or sit with his tummy leaning against my hand and bouncing up and down.

  164. So far the best way to clam our baby down is in our baby carrier. She’s upset again when we take her out though. We also rock her with an ocean cd playing.

  165. i am due with my 2nd child in 4 weeks. would love to try this out with my newborn and compare it to not having one with my 1st!

  166. Woah this looks amazing! I’m due with #2 in a few weeks and I would love to test this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. As a new mom to a 7 week old, figuring out what he needs on a daily basis is a full time job. Throw in bouts of crying that seem to have no reason behind them (although I’m sure he has a good one, if only I could understand!) leads to lots of sleep deprivation for both of us. Currently car rides help to soothe him, and I’ve often wondered if the vibrations of the road are what does the trick. Would be wonderful to test the theory with a Tranquilo Mat!

  168. I tend to calm my little one down by walking and bouncing him – but he often wakes up when I put him down – this is the perfect solutions!

  169. This looks like a cool way to soothe fussy baby. My only concern is that the baby will get use to the mat and will always want it in order to sleep which may be a bad thing if you forgot it or on the road.

    1. Hi Tania,

      My name is Jordan Bryant, I ‘m the Marketing Manager for Tranquilo Mat + I wanted to quickly address your concern! The Tranquilo Mat has 5 vibration modes which allow you, when the time comes, to slowly wean your baby as they develop healthy self-soothing methods + avoid dependency on the mat!

      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

  170. Ha nothing has calmed her down except for nursing at the moment. 2 weeks old and would love to try this product out.

  171. I have twins and one goes down without a fight but the other is impossible! Anything to keep him calm I am willing to try. Any parent of multiples would be grateful for a chance to try this gadget!

  172. I am just a few short weeks away from my twin delivery and would love to check one of these out!

  173. #1 is still up every few hours at 3 years old. Willing to try anything to make a sleeper of #2, due in a few weeks.

  174. I have this in the large and the small sizes as I backed this in a kickstarter campaign. Melissa has been great to work with and we love our tranquilo mat…especially the small size as the batteries last longer and it’s just easier to maneuver with a baby, especially since I tend to use this when holding him, rather than lying down.. It’s been great for travel and is invaluable on nights when our gassy little man just can’t settle. It’s gotten us through some really rough nights and I was really sad when I couldn’t find it at 4am last night. I vowed to locate it as soon as I got home tonight! Cannot recommend this product enough!

  175. Having a toddler already with a little one on the way, I think the Tranquilo Mat might be a savior for me with battling the toddler and his energy while the infant is fussy.

  176. With our first (who is almost 2) we used the vibrator on our bouncy seat and the swing, in addition to wearing around the house. Unfortunately, with baby #2 due this, we have access to neither right now because we are in temporary housing while my husband has training with the government before we get sent overseas in August. So all our infant things are in storage and will be unavailable to us until they arrive at our overseas post (most likely November/December!!!), and really only will have what we can fit in baby’s 2 suitcases on the plane until this shipment arrives. So having an additional tool would be great because the only one we have available to us currently is a basic rock-n-play (without the motion/vibration motor). Given our travelling/mobile state right now, this Tranquilo pad looks like just what we might need that fills the place of our other items, but also provides the portable element we need for our current place in life. We have a video recorder, so making a review would be easy for us to complete.

  177. I’m a first time mom and am navigating my way through what products I like and need. Had never heard of this mat, so I’m really interested in checking it out.

  178. It’ll depend on her personality 😉 I would definitely review this product for my website though–can’t wait to have all kinds of Mommy reviews up!

  179. My sweet Emma loves being outside in Texas! I swaddle her and rock her on our back patio for a few minutes. It works every time, but I would love to try this mat!

  180. Having a baby soon, in a few weeks and I would love to test this product. It looks amazing! And I love that it’s portable.

  181. I rock my baby, walk around with him.. And play the humming puppy toy next to him (it vibrates as well!)

  182. I calm my baby down by bouncing her on a yoga ball, holding her while walking around, wrapping her in a nice warm blanket, a change of scenery or some combination of that.

  183. I am a first time mom. I place him on the bouncer and sing a lullaby for him. So I am really excited to try this vibrating mat which would be great to lie next to him and stay rested.

  184. Would love to try this for our 1 week old little boy! Currently trying white noise, walking, bouncing anything to help get some sleep during the night!

  185. My baby girl is 3 weeks old. She has just started to get more fussy. I like that this is flat, I hate to leave her in her lounger to sleep. This would be awesome!

  186. I usually walk to calm the little one down, but would LOVE to see how well this works! With baby 2 on the way, something to keep the crying to a minimum while toddler is sleeping would be IDEAL!

  187. A walk around the block usually does the trick. If she refused milk before the walk, she’ll often accept it after a little fresh air, too.

  188. My one month old baby is a SCREAMER- like, all the time. It’s draining to say the least. I could give you some awesome video footage of it! The only thing that calms her down is sitting on the dryer, so I’m hoping this has the same effect. Gimme!

  189. Love this idea of having vibrations portable! My little girl was born a month ago (April) and she tends to have fussy moments, especially due to gassy issues, so this would be awesome to be able to try/test out!!

  190. Our 2 month old is quite fussy. We calm her by standing up and bouncing her. She also likes being swaddled.

  191. My little pumpkin loves when I just walk around the house, doing whatever I need to get done while holding her with her belly towards my belly (nursing position). She’s out like a light every time.

  192. Swaddling and then in the Mamaroo and if that doesn’t work then lots and lots of pacing the halls bouncing! 😛

  193. Very interested to see how this works! I would love to give it a shot. With an almost two year old and a baby due in less than a month, I’m sure it will come in handy!

  194. What a great invention. My kids did not like to be held when little so they were rocked in their swings til they got used to having us rock them . I would love to see how this works

  195. I am a pediatric OT and I also have a newborn. I would love to test this out with my fussy baby. I’d also like to be able to test it out on children that I see who have sensory processing issues. If it works for each child, I know that their family will be so glad to have found a product that helps their child sleep or calm.

  196. For baby #1 we did a lot of bouncing and shhhing. I hope this time around to try a Glider and what looks to be a magical mat!

  197. Would love this for my 14 day old – she loves the vibration from her rock n play – would be great for travel

  198. I calm my baby down by a white noise machine and nursing. He absolutely loves it! He is currently 2 months old.

    I am so excited to see the Tranquilo mat and try it out. It looks very cool!!

    I also do newborn photography and I think this mat would be very helpful in my studio!

  199. We are currently expecting our first child, but this mat seems like a great way to calm down our baby!

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