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Top Double Strollers for 2021

We wrote an in-depth review of the 45 best double strollers of all types in our Complete Double Stroller Guide. Realizing this may be too much information to digest (I understand, believe me), we narrowed it down to this summary, the Top Double Strollers for 2021.

Top double strollers for 2020
Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Sit and stand, tandem, side-by-side, convertible, jogger… which type of double stroller is right for you? It depends on your needs, lifestyle, and kid’s ages. For the full lowdown, please read The Complete Double Stroller Guide (seriously, I love you all, but please start by reading that).

See also Best Strollers for Twins.

If you already know (more or less) what type of stroller you’re after, here are our faves:

Top Double Strollers for 2021, broken into categories

Top Double Strollers for 2020 - Baby Jogger

By the way, it was REALLY hard to narrow it down to just a few because there are SO many different kinds of double strollers, and so many of them are fabulous.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your favorite double stroller. If you have a question, again, please start by reading the intro, which will give you the lay of the land (I don’t mind answering your questions, but if I’ve already written about it, please just… read — thanks!). – Meg

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    1. Meg Collins

      I would say the City Select has the best (deepest) recline options because there is so much lateral space, bit reclining the seats in a tandem stroller is almost always an issue.

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    I would love to know what you think about the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller. I have a compact Hatch Back car. I currently have the B-Agile single and I love it.

    1. Avatar

      The britax B-Agile is a rock star among singles. We have bought 7 different strollers so far, and currently still own 5 with the quest to make it easy for my wife to deal with two boys, 15 mos apart. We had the expensive bugaboo, but the steps required to use, means it’s gone. The single B-Agile was great. For both boys, we got a Valco Snap-DUO (24lbs) and highly recommend that, which she doesn’t have on this site. It’s the best side by side (wheel chair width) that you can tackle on your own, that steers well. THIS IS KEY, it has to be EASY TO STEER and USE. I have tried personally most of the one’s on here, and there is no WAY that anyone can recommend some of these brands, because I fundamentally believe they are not using them! The contours is a disaster to fold and heavy tp steer takes way to much effort. Lot of the side by sides, like the BOB, look awesome, till you get to the width and weight. BTW_ Good luck getting anything past American at the airport (only 20lbs) so no way to do anything but umbrella. That said, the market is missing a ultraweight/sturdy/easy to fold inline that can support two toddlers, it does not exist!

      The 3DTWO we took to Hawaii last year. we wanted to love it, but the tiny wheels and lack of single handle bar all the way across made sure that all you did was hang on to the stroller with both hands, you can’t steer it with one hand. Wish some of these reviews were realistic on these assessments.

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    I have a almost 2 year old and a new one coming any day. I have the orbit system and love it! What would you recommend for a double side by side that is all terrain and light weight? Instead of buying an umbrella and a all terrain (only using for trails not jogging) Thank you 🙂

    1. Meg Collins

      City Mini GT — yes, I would. It’s NOT “Lightweight”, but pretty lightweight as far as a/t’s go. It’s the perfect blend.

  3. Avatar

    I currently have the city mini gt and love it. I live in Chicago and do a lot of outdoor walking during the snowy months. Do you think the gt double is good enough for the snow or would you go with the summit x3. I am for sure partial to baby jogger.

    Also what’s your best double car/plane stroller of choice?


    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Kirya — For snow, I would go for the largest tire you can find (16″). I don’t think the GT would be as good as the BOB or Summit X3 (both of which are 16″ tires). Good luck!

    1. Meg Collins

      Not the Contours, way too heavy. I think my favorite for city living is the Britax B-Ready. The City Select comes apart in multiple pieces, so *no* on that either. Check out the B-Ready or something even lighter, like a double umbrella.

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Emerald, I wouldn’t recommend a tandem in the sand. I have the Mountain Buggy +one and it’s still REALLY tough in the sand. Maybe try the double BOB or the Bugaboo Donkey in 2-wheel “sand” mode.

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    Meg, I’ve read every single review of the doubles and while I feel like I just got a huge education, I’m more confused than ever. Can you tell me which stroller you think would fit my family best?

    I’m a solo mom to 16-month old tall twins and a (walking) eight year-old. I’ve got the upper body strength of a fibre-board shelf and we live in Vancouver, walking everywhere throughout our (often-rainy) hilly neighbourhood. Since I don’t drive at all, our stroller has to be a work-horse because god knows, I can’t handle pushing AND carrying groceries AND a coffee. And coffee is a priority.

    Currently, I can be seen shoving our 2010 Mountain Buggy Double Urban up a 45-degree hill twice a day since we live at the top of it, but my oldest’s school and our favoured grocery store is at the bottom. It’s exhausting, and the drawbacks of the MBDU are plentiful. Thankfully, it’s falling apart, so I HAVE to buy something, and soon. Help, please?!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Terra — sadly, any double stroller that’s all-terrain is going to be quite heavy. What you get in maneuverability, you pay for in weight. On the hills, you’re best off with a side by side. This may not be the answer you’re looking for, but we used to live in the hills and it was brutal to walk anywhere. I too was pushing a double stroller 45 deg up a hill every day. We moved to a flat area, and although I miss the views, our life is SO much easier — and I feel like we can easily go anywhere we want. I wish there were a better answer, but double strollers that maneuver well are heavy, unless you do something like a double umbrella.

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    We’re about to have our second child and we are really struggling deciding which stroller is the best for our situation. Our first child is 16 months old and we need a stroller that suits her and the new baby’s car seat. Any ideas? Thanks.

  6. Avatar

    We are exploring a new doubles inline stroller but I noticed that no inlines made your list. I love your Mountain Buggy runner-up, is that your favorite inline? If you were to purchase from scratch all over again, would that be the double stroller you’d go with (inline or not)? Thanks!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Morgan — Actually, Contours Options, Britax B-Ready and Baby Jogger City Select are all in-lines or “tandems”. It’s hard to say if I would get the +one again — there are so many good strollers out there.

  7. Avatar

    Hi! Which double has the most leg room for the older child? I have a special needs child that will be in a stroller longer than a typically developing child. Thanks!

    1. Meg Collins

      Latricia — I would check out the Phil & Teds Verve or Vibe — both have a very tall primary seat. Read more here. Also, check out the City Mini GT. Good luck!!

      1. Avatar

        Hi there, I’d love to read about the P&T Verve (to carry a very tall 19 mo old and a big 5 mo old), but I don’t see anything linked?

        1. Melissa Kresser

          Hi Melissa! The Verve has been discontinued 🙁 You can still find some, check out Amazon. Also, you can read our review of the stroller at the very bottom of this article.

  8. Avatar

    Hi Meg, my name is Tracy. I have red all your comments and tips, but I still need your help!
    I have 2 baby twins of 16months old.
    I currently have the bugaboo donkey stroller, which I love, but I think it is about time to buy a new – easier and lighter stroller. Which one would you recommend, knowing that those are my criteria: need to be comfortable for the babies (and the seats have to lie down almost completely), the stroller needs to be light and practical to close/open, and it needs to be side by side. Also, having one bar instead of two handles is much more convenient for the parent so this is another criteria 🙂
    Sorry for all the details I provided, I am simply lost, don’t know what to buy but I am in a urge to buy the second step stroller as I am traveling in a few days…
    Thank you very much for your help!!!

  9. Avatar

    Do you have an opinion on the Chicco Cortina Together stroller? I already bought Chicco travel system for my first and am now expecting another. I will reuse her car seat and was thinking of trading in her stroller but now i’m thinking she won’t even be in it that long. Lo will be 3 by the time baby arrives. Is it worth it? Stupid question but at what age is the stroller obsolete?

  10. Avatar

    I have a 25 month old and a baby that will.be here beginning of April . I was looking into the Uppababy vista . The 2014 and under of course is cheaper but the 2015 has a brand new design . What do u think of the stroller just in general for these ages ….we have no idea what to do !

    1. Meg Collins

      The 2015 Vista is badass, no doubt. Seats can face in or out and its generally more spacious. The fold is easier… I think it’s great if you can afford it.

  11. Avatar

    I’m having twins and have been looking at light weight car seats – I think I have my heart set on either the Nuna Pipa or the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP. I also want a light weight stroller frame to snap the car seats into. Does a light double stroller frame exist that is compatible with these two car seats? The Joovy TwinRoo looks like the best option, but it is only compatible with certain car seats and I don’t want to compromise on those. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Meg Collins

      I love those seats, but I’d strongly recommend you stick to seats that you KNOW will fit well into these types of strollers. Chicco KeyFit + the TwinRoo is tried and true. The Keyfit is pretty lightweight at 9 lbs. When it comes to twins, the last thing you need is complications with gear. I just don’t know what the Pipa or the Mico fit well into without having to use straps, etc.

  12. Avatar

    I’m pregnant with twins and my husband and I are at odds as to what type of double stroller will work best for us. I wanted to get a snap and go for quick trips with infant car seats and a side by side for longer trips out and to grow with the kids, my husband thinks the side by side will be too wide and thinks a tandem stroller is the better option. What are your thoughts on our situation and what would work best for us? Thanks!

  13. Avatar

    I have a very petite 3 month old and a very tall and sturdy 3 year old (closing in on 40 inches and pounds). My mom insisted on a double that she can take both kids out on walks while she watches them (usually suburban streets) so we started a bit of research but ultimately the real test was does the 3 year old fit comfortably in the seat. Finding the actual models I was looking at was nearly impossible. We were debating between the Mt Buggy Duet, CityMini GT Double, and the BumbleRide Indie Twin.
    Then she found an excellent used Bugaboo Donkey Twin with every accessory available and the Stokke Pram Pack for $800 and snatched it up. LOVE the thing, but my 3 year old most likely has already outgrown the weight limit. Otherwise he fits pretty good in the seat. Should I try to resell the Donkey and hopes of getting enough to buy one of the above doubles I was previously eyeing, and what double would be your suggestion for us?

    1. Meg Collins

      The Donkey and the Duet (and the Indie, for that matter) have some of the shortest seats of the group. I would sell the Donkey and get the City Mini GT –you’ll probably make money out of the deal 😉 Also because they Donkey is way too heavy for grandparents, IMO. Hope this helps!

  14. Avatar

    Great information! I was wondering what you would recommend for us. Our first will be 27 months when the second arrives. I do workout with the kids in the stroller (light running no more then 3 miles) and it also needs to fold easily because it’s stored in our small entry way. I was set to buy the B-ready until I discovered that the adapter for the car seat doesn’t work with Graco Snap and go 40. (only the 35) I prefer the inline because of our storage issue. Thank you so much!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Rachael — there are many in-line all-terrain strollers, but none that are *really* for jogging. I jog with my Mountain Buggy +one and it works fine (not for distance running, but light jogging okay). With front wheel locked, of course. For running, you really do want to side by side for the maneuverability. So yeah, check out the +one — it may be the only option in the in-line category 😉

  15. Avatar

    I’m looking into a side by side double. I’very gone through 3 tandems and hated them all. Joovy x2 is in my top 2. Wondering if you have any insight on Graco’s new one, the fast action fold duo?


    1. Meg Collins

      I’m not impressed with Graco strollers (I’m very sorry to say that because I like their car seats and other gear) and the Fast Action Fold Duo is no exception, lol. The Joovy x2 is great, just remember it’s not an all-terrain stroller – and will be a little harder to muscle around with heavier kids.

  16. Avatar

    Hi, I am currently expecting our 2nd baby due in May. Our son is an active little guy who will be a month away from turning 2 when the baby is born. We rarely use a stroller w him unless he needs to be contained… he is very sure footed and does best holding hands. He has never been one to chill in a stroller. So I’m looking for something that would work for both kids, is easy to use/smallish, has some storage, and can accept an infant seat.
    The Joovy Caboose has caught my eye… can the kids eventually face each other in any tandem Joovy? Or is there another stiller you recommend?

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Kim – No, they cannot face each other in the Joovy like they can in the City Select and others. If you don’t even use a stroller now, I wonder if you’re better off with a single? You can also add a riding board to the back of many singles if your 2 y/o wants to ride along (although 2 is quite young for a riding board).

      1. Avatar

        this is exactly what I have been debating! My son has never liked riding in a stroller and will be a little over 3, when number 2 arrives. My concern is he will want to be in a stroller because baby will. Do you have suggests for what single travel systems work well with a riding board? My son is at 100% + for height, I ended up selling his travel system because we never used it, so we’ll be starting from scratch

        1. Melissa Kresser

          Hi Jordan! What about a Sit N Stand – kinda like a travel system but without the riding board. It will allow your older to ride on and jump off when needed and no annoying board to potentially kick when pushing the stroller.

  17. Avatar

    Hi there- I’ve been considering the Joovy Ultralight Too when my second one arrives in September. My older child will be 2 and I live in NYC, so I’m looking for the most streamlined/lightweight tandem double stroller around that folds away nicely and maneuvers well. I was debating this and also the Phil & Ted’s Vibe/Verve. However, I just read an alarming review about the Joovy UL Too on Amazon. Apparently, the newest model had a modification (they were forced to make) where the front seat no longer goes up as straight and as a result, I’m hearing it makes for a very squishy ride in the back. Would love to hear if anyone else had experiences with this or if the above review was done on the newest model.
    Thoughts on the Phil & Ted’s Verve/Vibe as compared to the Joovy UL Too are also welcome!


    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Heather — I haven’t that about the Joovy Caboose UL, so I’m not sure. At any rate, the Verve/Vibe is more of a luxury stroller, so you’ll get a nicer fit and finish. The Joovy is more utilitarian in nature. The V/V is a full-sized stroller where the Joovy is more like a stroller and a half, the V/V will be easier to steer and maneuver because of the nicer/bigger wheels (etc, etc), but it’s a heavier stroller. So it’s really just a question of what kind of experience you are after (full-sized, luxury double vs. something lighter and more utilitarian). Hope this helps!

  18. Avatar

    So I keep reading and re-reading the reviews. I was pretty set on getting the Valco baby Zee Two since it has nice tall seats, and that basket makes me swoon with no bar to divide it up. My oldest is very tall for her age (98th percentile!), and will be 20months when her sibling gets here. BUT- going through the mall this past week, I have been noticing how difficult it is to even get my single stroller though a lot of the aisles, let alone a side by side! So I am also looking at the City Select. But it seem like it would be just as difficult because of how long it is. How well does the Zee Two maneuver in mall aisles compared to City Select? I wish I could get my hands on them before the new baby gets here and see them for myself.

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Sandi — for shopping, you’re better off with a tandem. It won’t steer as well, but if you’re shopping on a nice, smooth surface (i.e. not pushing it down cliffsides and such), it doesn’t matter as much. Side by sides do take up more space in narrow aisles and such, so… it’s really a judgement call.
      Please also check out the Valco Baby Snap Duo (side by side), which I haven’t had a chance to review yet. Cheers! Meg

  19. Avatar

    I can’t decide on an umbrella stroller or the britax b agile for my infant twins. I already have a double BOB SU for running and rough terrain, but need an everyday stroller for shopping, festivals, and picking up older kids from school. We have a Suburban, so car space isn’t a huge issue And we can store the stroller in the garage. What would you recommend?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Amy! Stroller choice is solely based on preference. Do you prefer lightweight and small frame with potentially no storage over a larger frame and good storage? Based on what you’d be using it for, I’d go for an umbrella. However, we have recently built twin-specific content, check it out!

  20. Avatar

    I have a 5 year old (40 pounds) and a 6 month old (20 pounds). Looking for a double, compact, lightweight stroller for outings (zoo, walks around neighborhood). My 5 yr old only wants to use it because the baby is in there. I would also like if to be under $150. I’ve purchased an umbrella side by side and a double jogging stroller and returned both for various reasons. I’m at a loss and need direction. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Melissa – Unfortunately, there isn’t a stroller that will meet your needs for under $150 (heck, there aren’t many double strollers period for under $150 – except used, perhaps). Sounds like you need a double umbrella, but umbrellas tend to be hard to steer, esp with a heavy 5 y/o aboard. I’d recommend a side by side, like the Joovy Scooter x2, or the City Mini or CM GT: http://www.lucieslist.com/best-side-by-side-strollers-general/ For something easy to steer with a heavy 5 y/o, you’re going to be in the all-terrain range: http://www.lucieslist.com/best-all-terrain-double-strollers/ — which are neither lightweight nor inexpensive. Sorry — hope this helps! – Meg

  21. Avatar

    Now that the Uppababy Vista 2015 has the same configuration as the City Select when using as a double – what would your pick be between the two, if price weren’t a factor… I will have a 22 month old and a newborn, and currently have the older Vista and am looking to upgrade. Very curious what you would choose!

    1. Meg Collins

      If price weren’t an issue?? Hmmmm. I LOVE the Vista as a single. It’s totally rad. As a double, it’s definitely much better than before. It’s not quite as roomy as the City Select, but because of that it’s a little easier to maneuver (shorter length, thus shorter lever-arm [snort]). If children’s comfort and roominess is tantamount, I’d choose the City Select. If maneuverability and style are more important, I’d choose the 2015 Vista.

  22. Avatar

    Help! Which stroller is for us? We have a 2 yr old 27 pounds and a 4 month old 14 pounds. I would like a side by side. I need it to go to the Zoo and lots of soccer fields. Is the City Mini GT really worth the extra cost? I am considering the Joovy X2, City Mini, City Mini GT, or the Britax B Agile. What do you think?!?!? Thanks so much. I have read so many things but can’t make my mind up. You are the best.


    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Lindsay! If you’re taking it onto grass fields and such, I would definitely go with an all-terrain stroller like the CM GT or the B-Agile. The CM GT will be more maneuverable, but either of those would be perfect for your kid’s ages — I’d probably pick the CM GT if I were you. Good luck, hope this helps!

  23. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I am currently in a workout class (Stroller Strides) that I take my 2+ yr old son to in our single City Mini stroller. This particular stroller has been great since I only really do some light running in class, both inside and outside, and you can’t beat how easily it folds up. That’s why I have been considering the City Mini double now that I am expecting my second baby and found one on our local Craigs list for a great price, but I wanted your opinion as to if you would recommend this double over some of the other actual double jogging strollers since I will now have an infant seat and a two year old. The women in my class almost all have Bobs, but I can’t justify spending that much money if I’m not using it for hardcore running. Any advice?

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Kristin — I am pleasantly surprised that you’ve been able to run with a City Mini. It’s really not designed for running, but sometimes we can get away with these things. You really need air-filled tires for running (esp with 2 kids) — and definitely tires that can lock straight. I just don’t think the CM double is going to be good for SS, but it is a really great every day stroller. Could you borrow a double jogger or even just buy a used BabyTrend or the like?

  24. Avatar

    I need a double stroller for my infant twins. I already have a double BOB sport utility stroller that I used for my older children. So that can be used for rough terrain and running, but does not have a moveable front wheel for shopping and other activities. What would you recommend for a good every-day stroller. I can’t decide between the MacLaren double triumph or the Britax B-Agile double. I would like something lightweight and easy to fold and put into the back of our Suburban (along with everything else that 4 kids need).

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Amy — yes the SUS is great for running — and that’s about it. Sadly, the words “lightweight” and double don’t go hand in hand unless you’re talking about an umbrella stroller. I love the Maclaren Double Triumph and it’s perfect for car trips, errands and such. It’s not good for rolling over grass or any kind of terrain. The B-Agile double will give you a little better ride and steering — and if you need to roll over any serious terrain, I highly recommend that City Mini GT double — which is perfect for twins. Good luck!

  25. Avatar

    Hello! I’m just wondering which stroller would you recommend for a 3.5 year old and newborn? We would like a tandem stroller that works well on bumpy sidewalks and grass and such. I also need it to accommodate a car seat carrier. Im not against getting a single that would convert to a double but I’m just so unsure of which way to go!

  26. Avatar

    Hello Meg,
    I am due in December, and at that point my second child will be 28 months. He loves his current stroller (MacLauren XLR). I am looking for a good double stroller that has full recline for both seats, and one that my second will still fit in for some time. My oldest will be 6.5 and can walk. I think I would prefer one that is not side-by-side, but I def want one that will fold up not too big/heavy.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Amanda, most 6.5 year olds are well over the weight limit for stroller seats, perhaps with the exception of running strollers and the Phil and Ted’s Verve/Vibe, so you may be very limited there, sorry 😉

  27. Avatar

    Hi Meg –
    Any thoughts on the Schwinn Discover double swivel stroller? I like the Joovy X2 but my husband likes the look of the Schwinn jogger.

    1. Meg Collins

      The only difference in the Discover and the Turismo is the color (why is that? I don’t know). It’s very different from the X2 in that the Scotter X2 is not an all-terrain stroller and you DEFINITELY cannot jog with it. Thus, if you’re looking for an a/t stroller you can jog with, go with the Schwinn. If not and you love lots of storage, go with the Scooter 😉

  28. Avatar

    Hello! I am hoping that you can suggest a double stroller for me. I am so overwhelmed by the options! I am open to either a side-by-side or tandem (but if you prefer one over the other, please let me know)! Here are the basics:
    -I live in NYC, so will be used for city dwelling mostly
    -My son will be turning 2 exactly when the new baby arrives
    -I don’t want to have to put air in the tires
    -I want a lot of storage
    -Car seat compatibility (Graco Snug Ride Click-Connect) a plus
    THANK YOU!! I am enjoying this website so much!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Jenna — thank you! On city sidewalks, you can use a side by side if you son’t care about getting the stink eye from passersby for taking up too much of their precious sidewalk space 😉 (only partially kidding). You didn’t mention weight limit, so my first inclination is a double City Mini (click Connect adapter available) — or City Mini GT if you’re looking for all-terrain tires. Not TONS of storage, but not too shabby. Both seats lie flat, not terrible heavy, don’t have to pump up tires, not terribly expensive….

  29. Avatar

    Hello, I’m trying to find a double stroller that will fit my two girls till at least 4. Right now they are 2 1\2 and 3 months. I would like it to fit a Graco snugride click connect 35 as well. There are no stores where I live to test strollers so I need to research online. A lot of strollers look good but i cant tell how well my 2 1\2 year old will fit. My priorities are that they are comfortable, the eldest will fit it for a couple more years and it will fit in the trunk of my station wagon. Any suggestions? Thank you

    1. Meg Collins

      2 1/2 years olds fit well into any stroller. The strollers that are not as tall (won’t get you much past 3) include the Mountain Buggy Duet, the Bumbleride Indie and the BOB Duallie. Everything else is fair game 🙂

  30. Avatar

    Hello – Does the Britax B-Ready Stroller fold with the 2nd seat on? The video had a note saying it did NOT fold with the 2nd seat, but then I see on the reviews and online on other sites that it DOES fold with the 2nd seat.

    Thank you!

  31. Avatar

    I have a 6 month old and 3 y/I and am looking for an all terrain side by side double stroller. I had the bob duallie but hated how huge it was when folded and for storage purposes. I just got the mountain buggy duet which I like but my 3 year old isn’t crazy about it (she says she is too big for it! Lol). Anyhow, any other recommendations? City mini double gt sounds like a happy medium between the above mentioned but not sure if it’ll be ok for every once in a while jogging. Any other ideas, suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi there, the CM GT is a great “middle ground” for what you’ve said, but no, you really can’t jog with it. And really, it’s not THAT much more compact {when folded} than the BOB, so if I were you, I think I would keep the BOB :S

  32. Avatar

    I’d love some advice. I have twin toddlers and live in NYC in a pre-war building with elevator that isn’t ADA compliant – the opening is only 27 inches long. We have a mountain buggy duet as our primary stroller but need something lightweight that one adult can use to take the kids on the subway. Sometimes elevators are out of service, so then the stroller has to be lugged up the stairs and the MB is too heavy. (We have two single umbrella strollers for use with two adults). I was initially thinking a double umbrella stroller but can’t find any narrow enough. Now considering all lightweight strollers – side by side or tandem. Priority is lowest weight and width 27 inches or less. Any advice? Thanks!!

    1. Avatar

      What did you decide to buy? i’m looking at uppababy g-link, new to the market, a double umbrella stroller. thanks!

  33. Avatar

    Hi Meg-
    Expecting our second in January when first will be a few months shy of three (but very tall for his age). He is currently content to sit in the stroller and chill on his tablet when we have long shopping trips or errands and will happily nap in his stroller. I’m debating the Valco double or the Joovy caboose ultralight too. Which would you recommend? Lightweight, room for him to sit comfortably, longevity for use and the ability to pop the infant seat onto the stroller are my four biggest factors in selection. Thanks!

    1. Meg Collins

      Unless width is a concern, I would personally choose the Valco Snap Duo over the Caboose — I think you’ll be happier with it 🙂

  34. Avatar

    Hi there, the reason im commenting here is beacuse i saw here most comments were from mom of twins and toddler. Recently my brother had a twins and they have toddler as well, so it was on me to find a solution for them so they were able to go outside. Their toddler wont walk by herself most of the times and I finally found the solution. I bought a Valco baby snap duo 2 (i found this stroller being very sturdy, compact fold, lightweight under 24lb (compared to many twin strollers) and it will fit most standard doors, easy to maneuver) but it may not look very expensive, if it is what you want, it is only 500$. And I bought attachment called englacha 2 in 1 junior rider for 100$. I am the person who wants quality item for reasonable price, and i took a ride with them so I was pleased with my decision. If you are looking for stroller for twins and toddler you can check out my mentions, but if you have twins and infant i cant say anything:))

  35. Avatar

    Hi – so I bought the City Mini double GT a few months ago – thinking I’d done all my research. Just had my second boy – first one just turned 2 less than 2 weeks ago!

    Now I’m ready to get all my accessories for it and realize that there is no car seat adapter available for my Graco 35 click connect for this stroller (totally thought I’d read there was in my infinite pregnancy brain glory).

    Any advice? I’m much prefer to to buy a new car seat and bases or a new stroller since we are done having kids…ugh!

    Would love any thoughts/advice/experimence.

    Thank you!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Mary, it’s a super huge bummer that the Graco Click Connect is compatible with so very few strollers. I think this is to force you to buy one of their strollers. At any rate, my only piece of advice is to buy a Baby Jogger compact pram to use with your infant. Or, if you must, get a car seat this is compatible: http://www.babyjogger.com/uploads/CSA-Guide.pdf
      Sorry and hope this helps —

  36. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I have am expecting my second son in December. At that time my first son will be 19 months. My 19 month old is not fond of strollers but is too young to not ride in one. I’m looking for a double stroller ( I think side by side). I’d like it to be compatible with my britax infant seat if possible. I live in suburbia so it will not be my lifeline but nonetheless it will be needed for outings. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    1. Meg Collins

      Unless you need an all-terrain stroller, I would suggest a simple City Mini or B-Agile double. And if you need an all-terrain, the City Mini GT would be great, although I can’t help with the 19 month/old who doesn’t want to be in a stroller… although I will say that when they see a baby or younger sib riding in the stroller, they often want to hop on so they don’t miss out.

  37. Avatar

    I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, I walk them to and from school 3-4times a week about .75miles since their school/daycare is right next to my work. I initially had an Uppababy (2012 version), and then added the rumble seat. It has worked fairly well for a while but the kids can’t face forward with the configuration and the front wheels are starting to wear with the heavy use on the streets/etc. I am looking for a new double stroller and am so confused by all the choices. The seats must recline a bit because we often do go on long walks and let them nap in the stroller. (Another reason the rumble seat for the Uppababy hasn’t been useful since it can’t recline). And we may also use it for our everyday stroller like shopping malls, etc. if possible. What do you suggest? Thanks!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Danielle — If reclining is important, I would definitely opt for a side by side double. Also because your kids are getting older, a side by side makes more sense because it will be easier to maneuver. I don’t know what your budget is, but I’d recommend something like the City Mini GT Double, perhaps – or the Snap Baby Duo2 (if you don’t need all-terrain wheels). Hope this helps!

  38. Avatar

    Hello! I was wondering if you had heard anything about the Stroll Air My Duo? I am expecting #2, and my first will be just 2 when the new baby arrives. He is very tall for his age, and I like that the My Duo had reversible side by side seats AND tall seat backs. We already have a Britax car seat.

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Kate! Thanks for this reco, we’re going to check it out 🙂

      At first glance, I like that it’s lightweight for a SBS double and it’s narrow at 29″. I think it may be the only SBS reversible stroller on the market – at least that I’ve heard of. It’s priced at a reasonable price point for what it offers, however, it has poor reviews on Amazon (take that for what it’s worth).

  39. Avatar

    I am planing to buy side by side or side by side double stroller. can you suggest me which is the best for 14 months old twins?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Maria! It truly depends on what you’re looking for specifically, what works for your day-to-day situation, lifestyle and what your budget is. Meg wrote an excellent set of articles covering all types of double strollers. Check out the Best Double Stroller article to answer all of your questions. Best of luck!

  40. Avatar

    Is the city mini double safe for a two month old to sit in without the car seat adapter? I know it says it’s suitable from birth to 5 years but wanted to see your opinion.

  41. Avatar

    Hello- I’m searching for a double stroller. I have a 16 month old and I will be watching a family members baby as well for at least 6 months when the parents both go back to work (that baby is due very soon) We currently have the single city mini GT and love it. I wasn’t sure about a side by side or tandem. We also plan to have one more child, but it will be a little while still. I was thinking of the City Select tandem because it might be easier running errands etc and should be fine for walks, zoo and other activities. I wasn’t sure if the child sitting in back would get annoyed with not being able to see.

    Is the city mini gt double really wide for shopping and small aisles?



    1. Meg Collins

      I would say that if shopping is the main thing you do with a double, go for a tandem vs. a SBS. Regarding the smaller child in the back getting annoyed, I find that little ones don’t really *know* enough to be annoyed by this until at least 2 years of age, at which point they might begin to protest. But some never do — or at least, by the time they do, you’ve outgrown the stroller. That’s why tandems are better for kids closer in age.

  42. Avatar


    So I love your site and it’s been the most informative thing I’ve read in a long time!

    I’m preggers w/ #2 first butterball is 3y and will be turning 4y 2 months after #2 is born. We live in Chicago but no worries I do not trek out in the snow. There may be some times that I travel w/ #2 alone as she’ll be born in July while it’s gorgeous outside and the butterball is in daycare otherwise the remaining times we’ll have both (and my butterball loves being in a stroller). He’s always been on the lighter side so I’m not worried about weight (he’s 30lbs now) just need something I can handle on my own when not w/ the hubby. I saw your recommendations and I’m still debating btwn a sbs and a tandem. Not sure which way to go.

    Also, what’s your opinion of a first wheel city twin double stroller??? Don’t know much about it, only saw a few reviews out of Canada and was wondering if you had any insight that could be useful. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Mayra, since you’re oldest is 4, I’d definitely go with a side by side. Not knowing any more about the situation, I’d recommend the City Mini GT double since it has tall seats. I don’t know anything about the First Wheel double stroller, sry 🙁

  43. Avatar

    I purchased this stroller for my boys when they were almost 3 years old and 4 months old. I researched double strollers relentlessly and after spending way more time than I am comfortable admitting to, I chose the Baby Jogger City Mini GT double. I simply couldn’t be any happier with my decision! I have been using this stroller for almost 6 months now and it is simply the perfect stroller for a toddler and an infant. I struggled to come off with the extra money to upgrade to the GT.

  44. Avatar

    Both of our local big box baby stores no longer carry the Britax B-ready, explaining that it was discontinued at the end of 2015. Since you are “in the know”, do you know if they are coming out with a new version or a new convertible stroller?

    1. Meg Collins

      Yes, the new B-Ready is coming out March 1st 2016. New features have not been revealed yet. You can still buy the old one on Amazon, etc. Will keep you posted!

      1. Avatar

        Is there a new release date for the Britax B-ready? Ive been waiting for the 2016 model to come out and I still don’t see any announcement on it. Im due with my 2nd on the 14th and need this stroller because it converts to a double (i also have a 16 month old)

  45. Avatar

    How come no love for the Phil and Ted’s Promenade?? Both seats turn into bassinets which we are still using after 4 months. My friend outgrew the city select bassinet – he had to pay extra for – after only 3 weeks!

    Few points:
    – I put a Maxi Cosi on top and Key Fit on bottom so the top adapter doesn’t have a “cross bar”
    – Don’t bother with Phil and Ted’s or Mountain Buggy infant seats because the only way to release them is by holding down 2 buttons and lifting (hard for me, impossible for my wife)
    – We had to get the snap n go because the twin roo+ wasn’t compatible, but strapping in is not a big deal, in fact its easier to take out because you can lift with both hands after unstrapping and no additional adapter to buy and worry about.

    #1 comment we get is “That stroller is amazing!!”
    #2 comment we get “How do you decide who goes on top!

  46. Avatar

    Hi! I’m looking for a great travel double stroller that is lightweight and folds easily. For plane rides, disney, shuttles etc. I was looking at the Zoe XL2 and noticed that it didn’t make any of your lists. Do you have a review for it or an opinion?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Jodi! We haven’t had a chance to review that stroller yet, but it’s on our radar. For other travel strollers that we like, check out our recos for double umbrellas here.

  47. Avatar

    I love your list but am very confused. Everything seems great but I really don’t know which is the best out of the best? If money is not an issue, which would you recommend for someone with a 5 years old and 1 year old? My 5 years old girl can walk but many times she likes to ride in a stroller because she sees her little sister riding in one. Please advise.

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Celia! The truth is, is that there is no “perfect” stroller out there 😉 For your situation, I would look at a Sit n Stand or a stroller with a riding board for your older, as your daughter will out grow a stroller really fast. Just make sure to check weight limits before you buy. Best of luck to you in your search!

  48. Avatar

    Hi there! I’ve literally just spent hours reading your blog and first off, I’d like to thank you for the immense information you’ve provided us readers. Having that said, I’m unfortunately even more confused than ever on which stroller to purchase.

    Here’s the thing, my husband and I are expecting baby number two in November (most likely October since baby number one was five weeks early). When he/she comes, baby number one will be about 14-15 months old (we wanted them close in age but now I’m really feelin the pressure!) I want to be as prepared as possible and the stroller is top priority on my list at the moment.

    I was originally thinking the Baby Trend Sit and Stand as we currently have the Baby Trend Velocity SX and I figured we would stay with the same brand as I personally loved many things about the VSX:

    – I found it easy to maneuver

    – A/T which was perfect as we live in Canada and near walking trails

    – Lightweight which was a major factor since I am still in recovery from an MVA and am quite small as it is (4’11 to be exact).

    – My husband also loved the whole built in speaker system. (I personally don’t care for it but he claims it’s the Cadillac of strollers).

    I’m hoping you can help me find the best stroller for my needs. A few more tips you may need to know:

    – My husband and I alternate vehicles every couple of weeks so it needs to be small enough to fit in an Acura TL (car) for days he takes the SUV

    – I would prefer for ample storage as I tend to do the grocery run alone and cannot push both stroller and cart together unfortunately.

    – Something that is easy to fold up and store after use.

    – Since both babies will be under 2 by the time the stroller gets use, I’m hoping to have something that will last until their around 4-5 years old.

    I have a long list of “must haves” and although I know I’ll have to make some sacrifices, I’m hoping you can help me narrow it down. Thank you in advance!!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Becky, I don’t think a Sit N Stand is appropriate for a 14 month old. Want to wait until at least 2 or 2.5 for that. Are you looking for side by side or tandem? In the all-terrain category, there is the Baby Trend Double Navigator, if you are on a tight budget. It’s a side by side, as most are, and easier to maneuver. For tandem, I would check out the Britax B-Ready. Some of your criteria are contradictory to others, like Lightweight and all-terrain. You may also check out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double. Hope this helps!

  49. Avatar

    I had a Graco travel system stroller with my first son. I loved the large storage basket underneath, the kid snack and drink tray that could be easily opened and shut for him to get in/out of the stroller himself, and the parent drink holders. I am now looking at side-by-side double strollers for my twins (currently 5 mos.), and I’m having a hard time. Could you recommend any good side-by-side double strollers that have a large (and accessible) storage basket underneath, kid snack and drink trays that can easily be opened and shut (for them to get in and out), and parent drink holders? I don’t care if I have to purchase the trays/drink holders separately but at least if they have the capability of having them. Thanks for all of the information on your site. Much appreciated!

  50. Avatar

    Hi Meg,
    First off a big fat thanks for these extensive stroller reviews. I read them all and all 99 comments…and I still need help!
    I have one on the way and will have a 20 month old at go time. I currently have a single Bob revolution that we use for daily walks in the hilly neighborhood, the occasional hike, etc. I also have a g-luxe that I keep in my car for everything else-errands, grocery store, dr, mall, etc. I LOVE both of these strollers (got them both on sale!) … so do I just get the double version of both? Seems a little much to have two but I don’t want to lose the options of the compactness of an umbrella. Or should I just get something semi in the middle like the citi mini gt double? (Just as full disclosure I have a britax infant seat I will be using, already have a bob single adapter. Also have the Britax b-agile and the steering was awful, plan on selling asap). Any reccs is much appreciated!

    Also, I plan on selling all my singles on Craigslist but will there come a point in time when my oldest won’t be in a stroller and I’ll need a single again? Should I wait?

    1. Alicia S.

      Hi Nicole,

      I also love keeping an umbrella stroller in the car and a more heavy-duty one in the garage for those frequent neighborhood walks. I think it’s a great idea to go with what you already know/love, and also to keep your favorite single stroller for when your older kiddo is no longer up for getting into the stroller or you’re just going out with one (or possibly even switching to a double with a bench seat so your older child feels like they’re a “big kid” but you still can easily push them around). Best of luck to you!

  51. Avatar

    Hi! Love reading all your reviews of strollers but I’m seriously stuck when it comes to a double…looking for 2.5/3 year old and a newborn. We live in the suburbs so mostly mall trips, walks, and vacations. My top three are brutal b ready (not sure if it’s worth the extra weight and $$ as my older child is very active!) joovy graphite (not crazy that the infant carrier goes in the back) or the contours elite (not crazy about the quality compared to others) right now we use the baby jogger city versa love that it folds parent facing but not into taking apart the double for the city select or the weight. Any hep would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

    1. Alicia S.

      Hi Kara,

      Have you seen our review of the new City Select Lux? It has an optional bench seat, which might be good for your older, more active child. Here’s a link: https://www.lucieslist.com/lucies-list-blog/2017/12/05/baby-jogger-city-select-lux-review/ . The Joovy Caboose is another great option if you don’t mind that the car seat has to be in the front position (as you mentioned in your comment). I’m personally a huge fan of the bench seat for kids 3 and over. Hope that helps!

  52. Avatar

    Would love your advice please! Firstborn will be 3.5y when Newbie arrives. Firstborn is a little over average size for age, but is special needs so while walks/runs etc, still needs a pushchair when we are out as he tires. We have a mountain buggy and a city mini now. But while he might be able to use a stand platform, likely not for awhile.
    So we now need a tandem and I was looking at the Uppababy Vista Double tandem versus the Baby City Mini GT Double side by side. Ignoring cost, and just looking at what would cater best for both give he is already 3.5y, would love your thoughts?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Jen! What you should consider most is maximum weight/height per seat. For example, the GT Double allows for up to 50 lbs per seat (100 lbs combined) vs. the Vista at 50 lbs for the toddler seat and 35 lbs for the front seat.

      Choosing between a side-by-side and a tandem really comes down to your lifestyle. Are you using it for shopping in tight doorways and isles, do you travel in your car mostly and need a compact fold, are you going over rough terrain and curbs? Read the intro for more thought provoking questions and best of luck to you in your search!

  53. Avatar

    Hi! We are expecting our 2nd in December, our oldest will be 23 months. We live in a rural area so I use our stroller for walks/sprints down our road which has a couple of hills, one that is steep-ish, but for the most part is flat. Other than our grass front yard we don’t do a lot of off-road strolling. I would also be using it for occasional shopping trips that don’t have buggys in store. I want a tandem stroller but the mountain buggy just doesn’t seem big enough and I don like gap from 3-6 months. What stroller would you recommend?

  54. Avatar

    I am Jennifer i have two kids 1st one 6 years old and 2nd one and half years old.
    2 months ago i bought a stroller for my new legends. If you want to buy best double stroller, you have to see their feature and product configuration. Then you can make your decision for buying best stroller.

  55. Avatar

    Hi. I am Alanta, I am looking at strollers for toddler. What do you think could be the best travel system strollers? Thanks.

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Alanta! Not sure you need a travel system now since you have a toddler – travel systems are strollers that come with an infant seat for 0-6 monthers. You’re best bet is looking through all of our stroller guides: full-sized, jogging and umbrella to determine which best matches your lifestyle and needs. Best of luck to you!

  56. Avatar

    Any update on the release of the new B-Ready? I’ve been procrastinating on buying a double/convertible stroller for a tall 28 month old and #2 due in two weeks.

  57. Avatar

    I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction. I have an almost 3 year old and an almost 8 month old. Currently we have a single stroller which I was gifted 3 years ago. It does the trick to get my 3 year old around on long walks to the grocery store or the park. However my almost 8 month old has to be in his baby carrier while she is in the stroller. If he is in the stroller I have to hope that my toddler is up to walking without getting to hot, tired or falls victim to a temper tantrum. this whole set up worked fine up until now as my baby is getting to big and active. Would investing in a double stroller be best or would a sit and stand be better for my family’s needs? I am all puzzled as to what would work best or if a double or sit and stand would even be worth the expense.

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Morgan! One option is a ride on board for your stroller, that might be a less expensive way to give your 3 year old a break from walking. A sit and stand stroller might be worth the investment so both kids could sit or your 3 yo can stand if they want to. Check out our review of Sit N Stand strollers here.

  58. Avatar

    Thank you for your very helpful article of best double stroller. But I am a little bit confused because it’s so difficult to select suitable double stroller. I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I love that both kids have snack trays. I love BOB strollers because I was impressed with how sturdy & well-built these stroller are. But the price are quite high compare to others. Can you explain more about it and help me to select an appropriate stroller ?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Abby! Have you read the double stroller guide intro? That should help you decide the type of stroller you are looking for- tandem or side-by-side, jogging, all-terrain, general purpose, etc. Then from there you can read our specific stroller recos in each price category. Best of luck in your search!

  59. Avatar

    Hi Meg- I think I have my stroller choices narrowed down to 3: The B-Ready, The City Mini, and the Contours Options Elite. My first is going to be turning 3 within 2 weeks of baby number 2 arriving. Baby 1 is 32 lbs and tall. Could you please tell me which of these three strollers is best for a 3 year gap between kids, can hold the most weight (so they can fit in it longer) and which one also has the best storage. I would really like them to be able to face each other at times, and away from each other at times. Which one gives them the most leg room? I have the Britax B-Safe carseat, so it should be compatible with that. I’m struggling with the cargo room and the maximum weight capacities of each. The stroller would be used for international travel, day trips, and outings. I do not live in an area where a stroller would be used everyday, but any day that it is used, it has to be driven first, so I also need it to collapse into the back of the car easily. Thank you so much for your help. I hope that I will be able to narrow my choices down quickly with your help. Cheers.

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Jessica! I think we do a pretty good job of laying out all of this information in the reviews for each stroller: Britax B-Ready, Baby Jogger City Mini Double, Contours Options Elite. However, to put it all in one place, see below:

      – B-Ready: 55 lb weight limit on top seat/35 lb weight limit on bottom seat, top seat is reversible, storage improved in 2016 model, compatible with B-safe, compact fold with both seats attached.

      – City Mini Double: 50 lbs/seat weight limit, side-by-side, large storage but not easily accessible, not compatible with B-safe, more compact fold but wider b/c SBS.

      – Options Elite: 40 lbs/seat weight limit, best versatile seating options, large storage but access depends on seating config. but incl. side zipper access, compatible with B-safe 35, standing fold with both seats attached.

  60. Avatar

    Hi there,
    Would really LOVE some advice on which stroller you’d recommend, you seem to be a bit of a guru at this! My situation is this…..I’m a mother to a 1yo but also do home-based childcare and have another child of the same age (but a couple kgs heavier, as mine is a teeny little dot) 4 days a week. On average I’d say we get out of the house twice a week (with second child in tow) & I use our current pram over the weekend. Once a week, the pram goes off road briefly for an hour & for the rest of the time it’s either on a pavement walking or helping me cart 2 non walkers into various preschool activities/playgroups/parks etc. I have a mazda axela hatchback so a compact fold would be ideal although I can fit a mountain buggy in it, just takes up most of the boot. I currently have MB+One but due to my short stature & it’s weight, I am not loving it. I like that it’s inline & easy to use but it’s just too big for me. I can’t see over the sunhood & it’s not only heavy to lug into my car, but also heavy to push. Help!!!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Pele! I’d check out a convertible stroller as you say you only have one child the other 3 days of the week. That way you could remove the second seat when you don’t need. If you’re concerned about needing an all-terrain double for the times you’re off-roading, check these out.

      Regarding the fold, we talk about that in articles linked above. Lastly, depending on your height, I’d go straight to the manufacturer’s website and look at stroller height in the spec tab. Best of luck to you in your search!

  61. Avatar

    Hello! I’ve spent hours and hours researching double strollers. Finding your blog has been my favorite because of all the information. Unfortunately, I am still just as confused as to which stroller to by. WHY DOES THERE HAVE TO BE SO MANY?! I was hoping that if I gave you some information, you could tell me your top 2-3 picks!

    I have a 21 month old and an almost 3 month old. I would like to stroller to be as light as possible so we can take it in the car/airport (we fly a few times a year.) Plus, who really wants to lug something heavy around. We have two little dogs as well so walks around the neighborhood are a definite must. Of course zoo trips, museums, mall walking as well. Currently we have BOB (gifted) we’ve gone on a light walking trail one time in it, so it’s not a huge deal to get one for that purpose, but it would be nice if the stroller could handle it once or twice for a spur of the moment trip. I was thinking the UPPAbaby G-LINK. But spending $500 and not knowing if I’m making the right choice scares me! Any advice would be welcomed!

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Megan! I love our UPPAbaby G-Link for my 15 mo twins. I have a full size double as well but I like the G-Link for any and all outings. We use it for walking around the neighborhood as well and it is easy to steer and push (even with a dog in tow). the recline and the foot rest for infants will be perfect for your 3 mo. I was worried about the price tag at first too, but I figured for all the use we will get out of it, the investment is worth it. You can also resell it when you no longer need it :). Hope that helps!

  62. Avatar

    Hi, hope you can help! I am soooo torn over this double stroller situation to the point that I am losing sleep over it! So I have a daughter who will be 2 &1/2 when the baby is born. She is 33″ and 28lbs. I would very much like a double that I can take the kids in for light jogging maybe once a week and something that is easy to push wherever we may go. The problem is that with my husband being in the Army, I am many times alone for months at a time (6-12). This is why my stroller must also be useful for shopping and running errands. I’ve been looking at the mountain buggy duet but am afraid she’ll outgrow it. I bought a bob but hate how big and bulky it is, especially the fold! I love the ride but can’t see myself hauling it in and out of my trunk. What are my options here? Will the duet work til dd is 5 and in school? Thank you!!!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Susan! We can relate, picking out a stroller that is right for you and your family is a hard decision. The toughest part is that all double joggers are side-by-side strollers and most people don’t want a SBS to run errands. Lastly, just know that there is no such thing as “the perfect” stroller out there. If you’re not doing much jogging, try an all-terrain tandem for brisk walks, etc. Because of the seat weight limit on the MB duet (39.5 lbs each seat), your daughter will probably outgrow it before 5 years old. Best of luck to you in your search!

  63. Avatar

    Hello! I was wondering if you can guide me towards a stroller that would be good for a 3yo and a 5yo. The heaviest being 33lbs. People have told me they’re too old for a stroller but I know my kids get exhausted and fall asleep on me! We would use it for outings like theme parks, zoo, museums etc. I would prefer a tandem but wouldn’t mind a SBS. By the way we live in Los Angeles. Thanks!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Teresa! Have you read our double umbrella stroller guide? I think an umbrella would best fit your needs, lightweight – however, they only come in SBS. You could also try a tandem all-purpose, but keep in mind, they are a bit bulkier. Just make sure to look for max weight capacity for each seat when evaluating different strollers. Good luck in your search!

  64. Avatar

    HI! I currently have a Britax B Agile Double, having our 3rd in February so looking to add a kickboard to it (suggestions on brand are welcome), all kids will be 3.5 yrs and younger. Any suggestions or if it will even work? I can’t imagine where the child’s body/head will go with the bar being the way it is, inside or outside the bar. Thank you so much!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Megan! Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂 I spoke with Britax and unfortunately, no stroller board attaches to the B-Agile. My suggestion would be to wear your infant and have the other two in the stroller.

  65. Avatar

    Has there been any update on the new Britax B-Ready? Last I heard, a new one was coming out in March 2016, but the one I just ordered from Amazon was manufactured in 2015. Is there a new one out there, and if so, what are the updates/differences?

  66. Avatar

    I’m interested in buying the City Mini GT double for my 20 month old and newborn. I had the City Mini GT when I just had one baby and loved it! I used it with the Uppa Baby Mesa. Do you know if the same adapters for the Mesa with the single CM GT can be used with the City Mini GT Double? If not, do have you any other recommendations for side-by-side strollers that I can use the UB Mesa with for the newborn?

    1. Meg Collins

      Hrmm, yes that’s a bummer. I don’t even see the Mesa on the list. Here’s the thing, though. The Mesa, Nuna and Maxi Cosi seat connector areas are VERY similar. My thought would be to buy one of these other ones and just see if your Mesa works. if not, return it.

  67. Avatar

    My three year old loves to sleep in the stroller, but her legs always dangle uncomfortably. Is there a stroller out there that helps in that department?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Abby! It probably looks more uncomfortable to you than it really is for your kiddo. However, if it seems to be a problem, you might look for a stroller that has adjustable footrests. Take a look at the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

  68. Avatar

    Hi 🙂 I currently have a 3 year old and a 11month old baby. And, in about 4 years we plan on having a third baby. I’m not quiet sure if to get a City Mini GT with a board. Or a City Mini double GT? Which one would you recommend? I currently have Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller and I would like to upgrade.

    1. Meg Collins

      It depends, does your 3 y/o like being in a stroller? What I find is that if there’s a little sibling in the stroller, the older one sometimes “wants to ride too!!” Else, they feel left out, but that is highly dependent on their personality. You’ll have to decide based on her personality. You can always sell it later and buy a GT 🙂 Our needs always change over time.

  69. Avatar

    Hi Meg, have you seen this? I’m wondering your thoughts. I will have a 3.5 year old when new baby comes and my 3.5 year old has always been in the 98+ percentile for height. But thin. She’s so curious and I cannot count on her to get in and out when asked so I need to be able to strap her in and not worry once I’m also carting around a newborn. Thank you!


    1. Meg Collins

      Honestly, I have not played with the Entourage YET, but it seems to me to be more of a specialty/niche product. Great for travel through airports, sure. Great for walking down smoothly paved streets and sidewalks to a picnic destination, sure, but it’s not going to work well on any kind of terrain (grass, sand, etc), and is going to be hella difficult to steer, even on nice, even surfaces, with a child in the front with the stroller extended. That’s just physics for you. And it especially won’t work for those living in the hills, especially when extended.

      I would say if you live in a very flat area with nice, paved surfaces and walk to do recreational activities frequently, then this could be very convenient stroller indeed.

  70. Avatar


    I just discovered your webpage and wanted to say Thank You for all the research you’ve done.

    We have a 2 year old (big long boy) and another one due in Nov.

    I use a simple britax stroller and he loves it.

    Now with the new addition I rreally don’t know if we should get a side by side or a tandem or a convertible.

    I want something that will last till the oldest one grows out of it.

    Oh, and I’m really petite, just 5 feet 🙂
    Although the 2 year old has the height of a 3 year old baby. Oopss.

    Thanks for any advices/ideas!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Ani! Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy! Choosing a double stroller is such a personal decision. I think we did a great job laying out our favorites for each category and then giving you our likes and dislikes. Have you read the double stroller guide intro? I think that will help get you started in the right direction. Just a piece of advice, get a stroller with an adjustable handlebar 😉 I think you’ll find it more comfortable. Best of luck to you!

  71. Avatar

    hi! Thanks so much for this info. I currently have a three month old and am planning for a second child in the next 2-3 years. I presume I should invest in a double stroller now. It will be used mostly for walking (largely flat terrain) in the city and suburbs and for shopping trips and errands. Is there an option you would suggest that is adjustable enough to be (relatively) lightweight with our current baby, but flexible enough for a newborn and 2-3 year old down the line?

  72. Avatar

    Hi, I’m having trouble deciding between the UppaBaby G-Link and the City Mini Double. I see a lot of people with the City Mini Double around the neighborhood but I am partial UppaBaby as we already own the G-Luxe and the 2015 Vista.

    We would use this stroller primarily for the car and travel. I really like how UppaBaby insures their strollers if they’re in the travel bag.

    What do you think? My kids would be 3 years apart.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Alize — I would get the G-link if trunk space (and other space) is at a premium. You’re not going to get the same amenities with a double umbrella that you’ll get with a regular double, such as storage and a slightly better ride [due to larger wheels]. Though if you already have a Vista, perhaps those needs have already been met.

  73. Avatar

    Hi, great post. My recommendation is UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller in black colour. Price is little higher but overall quality is very good. By the way great blog.

  74. Avatar

    Would LOVE your thoughts on the double stroller for our family. I live on a hill so the lighter the better, however our sidewalks are not all even, so the bigger wheels are definitely appealing. I was looking at the Valco Double Stroller, I’m not familiar with the brand but it seems like a reasonable match. The only thing is I kind of like the idea of having a bassinet type seat in the beginning months, rather than both facing forward (similar to the Bugaboo Donkey ). Also my son is 98% in height and weight, so I want to make sure I find something that he doesn’t grow out of immediately. I swear every time I find one that sparks my interest, the height or the weight doesn’t work. I’d love to know what you think!

      1. Melissa Kresser

        Hi Jade! You are on the right track with the Valco Snap Duo. It has a high weight limit, great tires, and a runaway strap for hills. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is another great option. They have the bassinet option for newborns, giant tires, high weight limits, and a runaway strap.

        1. Avatar

          Thank you Melissa. What age can you typically use the Bumbleride until? It seems like it is a little shorter (seat height), my son was already 34 inches at 15 months, so I am nervous about him growing out of the seat quickly. It seems that there’s also a 7lb difference between them, do you feel this more so if you’re picking it up (to put in a trunk), rather than when pushing it? Would love your thoughts.

  75. Avatar

    Hi Lucie! Your website and recommendations are amazing! Thank you for all that you do!
    I need your advice bc I’m torn on what to do….
    We’re going to Disney World in 10 days and I have twin 25mo old boys (just turned 2 in Nov but are small – 24 & 25lbs) and an almost 4.5 year old daughter. We have a vast array of strollers already at home but am thinking a double umbrella stroller (w/backs that almost fully recline for possible naps) for the twins would be the easiest to fold up and get on and off the Disney bus back to the hotel each night. And, then a separate single umbrella stroller for my 4.5 year old bc we may send the twins back to the hotel for naps some days when my oldest doesn’t. (Luckily, my parents are going so we have an extra set of hands.) Our biggest issues: need stroller for boys to recline significantly in hopes they will nap, a larger canopy would be ideal (also in hopes for naps), basket underneath for “stuff”, ideally they’d be able to climb in and out on their own (but not dealbreaker), folds small/light for travel on airplane and on/off Disney shuttle bus from hotel to parks each day.

    Of course, a double Maclaren was always on my wish list and seems ideal but I never REALLY needed it, nor did I want to pay that much. We’ve always just used our double City Mini which has been great but I can see it being a pain bringing it on the airplane (and the travel bag for it is $79!) and doesn’t fold super small to lug on the Disney bus each day. (Although it folds SO easily!) We also have the Valco Tri-Mode w/Joey Seat and/or glider board (could fit all kids but it’s a beast), double BOB (4 yr old sits in front foot well but not comfy for long stretch), single City Mini, single Maclaren Volo, a much older not the greatest condition single Maclaren, a few other cheap umbrella strollers, a sit and stand, and probably some others I need to get rid of. Lol. So, here are the options as I see it but if you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

    1. Bring my current double City Mini and a single Maclaren with us from home (CM not ideal bc of folding size in airport/on shuttle bus. But, maybe it’s more common than I think and not too big of an issue?)
    2. Buy a double umbrella stroller (I’d rather not spend as much as a Maclaren considering I already own so many other strollers and probably wouldn’t use it much after DW) for the twins and use a single Maclaren from home for 4 year old. Suggestions on double umbrella b/c I couldn’t see any cheaper ones that fit the bill. (For Kolcraft – can you get an aftermarket basket to put under the stroller? & would need canopy extenders probably)
    3. Rent a double City Mini or double BOB down in Orlando for $85 for the week and take crummy (who cares if they get ruined) umbrella strollers from home just to make it through the airport. Bring Maclaren from home for 4yo

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Help!!! Need to buy something asap if I’m going to…any suggestions on travel bags for strollers that won’t break the bank? We used a super cheapy from BRU last time and it came back all torn with holes in it after a gate check. I hate to see what the stroller would’ve looked like without it though! Sorry for all my specific questions but I’m starting to second guess myself (originally was taking double CM & separate single Maclaren) and freakout that I need to buy something asap like a double umbrella.

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Jen! I would get the Zoe double stroller for the twins. It fits almost every box you want except it doesn’t recline flat. It has amazing canopies and it is super lightweight. I’m thinking the boys will be tired from all the activity that they will be able to nap in the stroller (and the huge canopies will help). It has a pretty big storage basket, small pockets on the canopies for your stuff and it has two cup holders for the kids and a snack holder to share. We used it on vacation and my 19 mos twin girls napped in it everyday. Then I would just bring along another stroller for your 4yo in case you need it. Have fun in Disney! We are thinking that will be our next vacation too!

  76. Avatar

    Hi! This is the best site I’ve seen in all of my searching for a double stroller! Thank you so much! UppaBaby has the new G-Luxe Double Stroller and I thought it may be a good fit for my needs and wanted your input.I read that this stroller holds up to 55 lbs. and is lightweight. I also liked that it reclines on each side.

    I have a very tall and big 3.5 year old weighing in at 45 lbs. and 37 inches tall. I also have a 6-month old who is 17 lbs. My older son wants to sit next to his brother, but I don’t know what stroller he will fit in, if at all. I also looked into the BabyJogger City Mini GT Double stroller as an option since it can hold 100 lbs. combined.

    What stroller would you recommend? Does one exist for my needs? Thank you!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Leanne — the G-Luxe double *should* work. Note that with that much of a weight disparity — any stroller might pull to the side a bit. The BJCM GT is another great bet — these are *very different* strollers. Do you need the all-terrain wheels? If yes, def go with the GT. If you’ll mostly be on paved surfaces and weight is a big consideration, go with the umbrella. See also the Maclaren Triumph or even the Techno. UB has had lots of quality problems, hopefully they will be remedied with this new version.

  77. Avatar

    Hi – thank you so much for all of your advice. You’re my go-to page before I buy anything! Now it’s time for a double stroller – I’ve read all of your reviews and still don’t know what to get! Baby 2 is due in July and my daughter will be 22 months by then. She’s already 25 lbs and 32″. I was leaning heavily towards the Vista, but do you think it’s a good choice given her size already? I’m worried she’ll outgrow the rumble seat quickly. If you agree, any other suggestions? I’m not set on tandem (bc of the push), and am considering the Bumbleride Twin or City Mini Double GT for side by side options as well. Thank you!!

    1. Alicia S.

      Hi Jessica!

      I guess the question is whether she’ll outgrow the rumble seat before your second baby has outgrown their car seat/bassinet, because when that happens, they could swap seats so the little one uses the rumble seat instead. Hard to say without knowing where you’re all at- but your other choices here are great too, and then you don’t have to worry about doing all that weight/age/readiness predicting into the future! There’s also the City Select Lux (new last year) or City Select double strollers to consider, along with your other choices here, and these won’t limit you in terms of maximum weights per seat. Hope you were able to make a choice you’re still happy with! Best of luck to you.

  78. Avatar

    My partner and our 14 month old twins have a few trips on the horizon, most notably a month long visit to Europe this summer, and are trying to determine the best travel stroller to bring with us. We currently have a Bumbleride which we love, as well as a Kinderwagon Hop as our travel/commuter stroller. I had planned to use the Kinderwagon as our go-to travel stroller, but I’m now considering a lightweight side by side because of the easier steering and the ability to recline for napping on the go. These things weren’t issues when we were just making quick trips on the subway and through airports, but they seem more significant since the travel stroller will be our day-to-day stroller while we’re in France. I’ve been thinking about either a Maclaren Twin Triumph or a Zoe XL2. Are there any thoughts on which of these might be better for travel and as a regular stroller while abroad? We’d also like to make sure that we can throw it in the trunk of the car (and have it not take up the entire space) for weekend trips back home.

    Thank You!

    1. Meg Collins

      Hi Racquel – bravo for your bravery. The Triumph is pretty much built for this mission. The Zoe XL2 is fine but not as compact, though it may steer a bit better and give you some more cargo space. I would weight size of fold vs. these 2 benefits and choose from there. Both are good choices, though.

  79. Avatar

    Hi! What would you recommend for a 4 year old and newborn? I am primarily wanting to use it while on maternity leave for outings with both kids to the zoo, amusement park, etc. The 4 year old still likes to ride in a stroller and will even nap in one if it’s around nap time, so I’d like a double that accommodate him and a newborn (either with a car seat or fully reclined). Also, I’m a wimp and would love something as lightweight as possible. Thanks for the suggestions!

  80. Avatar

    Hi! Thank you SO much for all of your helpful information!! I’m due in May and will also have a 15 month old at that time.

    I’ve read everything, and although it may be a bit nutty I think we’re going to get a double BOB for the purpose of running (hoping we’ll actually get back into shape) and then want to get a separate (not as crazy expensive) double stroller for around town, or when we don’t feel like lugging the BOB around (right now we have a BOB and the Chicco caddy for our singles).

    I was thinking about getting the Chicco Cortina Together as the around town stroller. I like the configurations and we already have the Chicco KeyFit carseat. Just wondering if you thought there may be a better fit for our needs? I noticed the Cortina together wasn’t in your top 10. It was just hard to find one under $300ish that could be used with an infant carseat.

    Thank you!!

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Krista! For around $300 with a full seat for your 15 mo and a carseat adapter for the newborn the Contours or the Cortina are your best bets. You can also get a second seat for a Joovy Ultralight, which would be more of a lightweight convenience option. Congrats on baby #2!

  81. Avatar

    You must be so sick of all these questions, but I, too, am stumped as to what to bring on my upcoming trip to Florida. I need an umbrella that is suitable for a 3 mo and a 21 mo, ideally without a car seat. I’d love to be able to gate check it. Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Annette Parrent

      I love the Zoe XL2 for trips since it has a nice canopy for beach-side naps and it is SUPER lightweight. Uppababy Glink is another great option for travel and everyday use. All the reviews for double umbrellas are here. The full review isn’t up yet but the Joovy Twin Groove is a budget option to the Uppababy with very similar features. Enjoy your trip!

  82. Avatar

    Amazing blog!
    I am expecting my baby in may and my daughter (tall and skinny) will be 19 months. I plan on using her chicco key fit 30. I have the vista for her which I love. But now need a double. At first I was thinking of the city select, but worry because of the bad reviews of hills and feel a side by side may just be easier to walk with for sidewalks and such. I would get the city mini double gt but it is not compatable with the chicco key fit 30 and I do not want to get a new car seat. As of now I’m thinking about the mountain buggy duet. (I can’t get myself to spend the amount on a bugaboo donkey)
    Any recommendations?
    Thank you!

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Abby congrats! You can get a second seat for your Vista so you can keep using it with both kids.

    2. Meg Collins

      Hi Abby — yes, if your area is hilly or you need to pop your stroller up onto curbs, a side by side will be much easier. You mentioned you already have a Vista — my initial thought is to try the Vista with the Rumble seat. It’s much easier to pop the Vista up due to it’s shorter length and better weight distribution. All things being equal, I would start there (cheapest/easiest solution). Next to that, I think the Duet is a fine choice, esp since your older daughter is on the skinny side. Good luck and report back – Meg

  83. Avatar


    Thanks for the great reviews! I’m deciding between the bumbleride indie twin and the city mini gt. Do you think the indie is worth the price difference? Thanks!

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Jessica! It depends on your location & the main uses for the stroller. The City Mini GT is perfect for a compact double with the all terrain ability. The Indie Twin is THE all-terrain double with a larger footprint, you can literally take this stroller anywhere. Hope that helps, it is always so hard to decide!

  84. Avatar

    Hi! would you recommend stroller for twin girls 6 year old.
    i plan go to melbourne , gold coast and sydney. my plan we will go to mall .. mall.. n mall. and also go to the zoo, sea world,etc. The 6 year old still likes to ride in a stroller and nap at stroller. so i need the stroller can reclined. my plan i will go from sydney to melbourne by car. i need a compact stroller n i love something as lightweight as possible.
    i’m very confused to pick the rite stroller. singgle stroller , double or tandem stroller.
    can you give me any suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Annette Parrent

      Hi Amanda! The Uppababy G-Link would be a great double umbrella option. Perfect for the mall & zoos. It folds compactly and is lightweight. Plus it reclines flat and it still maneuvers well even with 2 older kids. You can check out all our double umbrella faves here. Have a great trip!

  85. Avatar

    Hi – I’m due in July with my second. My daughter will be 25 months when baby arrives. She is not a huge stroller-lover and usually doesn’t tolerate one for very long. The main reason we’ll need a double is when we’re traveling / in crowded places and need to confine her, but I would also like one that is car seat compatible for the infant.

    The one that has peaked my interest is the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite. Do you think my daughter will be too young for that, assuming I buy the additional rear seat for the back?

  86. Avatar

    We will have a 21 month old and a newborn come this winter. We have the Britax B-right now with the baby seat. I am hoping to find a double stroller that will work with the same seat we already have. We live in a suburban area and the stroller gets a lot of use. We mostly keep it in the car now for when we are out and about. I open to the side by side or tandem option and would lean more to something lighter if possible. It would also be great if we could continue using this stroller for the duration when the baby out grows the bucket seat. I did read through the help guide you have which is helpful but now makes me think more about what our needs will be.

  87. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this website and all of the advice found here! I’ve read through both the twins recommendations and all of these double stroller recommendations and I feel torn. We will be expecting twins in December (fingers crossed) so it will be winter when they are infants. We live in a more suburban-ish part of the city so will be walking AND driving places. Additionally, we like to go for trail walks and runs in the woods near us so all terrain would be great. We also (maybe to soon) purchased bassinets for the City Select Double from parents of 4 month old twins, who have also offered us their Joovy roo+. There are hills in our area but nothing incredibly steep anywhere. There are also curbs but in most cases places that you wouldn’t have to jump the curbs. Ideally I want something that is going to be easy to transport from car to home, will be okay in the snow and on trails, will take infant car seats, and will grow with us. What do you recommend?? Is the City Select Double okay for these purposes? Would you recommend instead the City Mini?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Lauren! Congratulations on twins!! The City Select double is a great all-around stroller that will probably work nicely for you in most cases. However, this stroller might work ok going over bumpier terrain, but it’s not made for trail walks (and definitely not for running/jogging). The City Mini would be your best bet for what you’re describing. Unless you’re in a city where space is an issue, I would go with an all-terrain side-by-side. Just know that all-terrain doubles are heavy, so if you’re loading and unloading from your car on the daily, it might be tough.

      1. Avatar

        Thanks for the response! We ended up getting the Bumbleride Indie Twin with the car seat attachments and the prams. So far we really like it but the babies are not yet here so it’s all kind of theoretical. Do you have any tips or tricks for the Bumbleride Indie Twin that I should be thinking about?

  88. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this and all of the gear guides you do–I’d be lost without your blog!

    I have read and re-read all the double stroller info and looked a lot online, too–does a side by side double exist in the $300-$400ish price range that can work with an adapter for the Chicco Keyfit 30? I cannot seem to find such a stroller! Would love to know if you know of one!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Ashleigh! Thank you for your kind note 🙂 You’re research sounds about right, I couldn’t find one either. In fact, there aren’t many doubles (side-by-side, inline or umbrella) in that price category anyway. I would encourage you to try and find a used one that takes Chicco. Look for a used Baby Jogger 🙂

  89. Avatar

    Hi! Is there a double stroller you can recommend for my petite 1 year old and tall 3.5 year old (close to 40 pounds). We are moving to NYC and will be doing lots of City walking which is prob more like brisk walking in NYC. We currently have a bugaboo Cameleon for my 1 year old but since walking and getting in and out of taxis will be our primary means of transportation, we need a double stroller for our older child. Pref easy maneuvering! Thanks in advance!

  90. Avatar

    Wow you REALLY push the City Mini. I am SHOCKED. The Bumbleride is the smoothest ride you will ever push. Its no heavier than a BOB. And if most people leave it in the car, or why is it a big deal? I only have to push it with one hand, I can go over anything, rocks, grass, you name it. It lays COMPLETELY flat, made up of at least 26 plastic bottles and is literally so pretty. I am gotten compliments from people who don’t even have kids. It doesn’t lost it’s value, so once you’re done with the stroller you can still sell it for half the price. Any other cheaper strollers don’t have it (not including the high end strollers). Its worth the money, I promise you. And strollers are so important, especially when you’re on kid #2. Or you can get the skateboard and it carry 3. Thats my 2 cents lol!

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Brittney! Thanks for your input! We love both the single and the double Bumbleride as well 🙂 Check out our review of it here.

  91. Avatar

    Hi! My son will be almost 3 when baby #2 comes along. I need something more than a sit and stand as I need a little more control of my son. I need a double stroller that can adapt to the Britax B Safe car seat. I’m going crazy and I feel like I haven’t found what I’m looking for. I prefer side by side. Does that even exist?

  92. Avatar

    I previously have used a Graco click connect car seat with a Graco stroller. I have a 3 1/2 year old and one on the way. My son will have just turned 4 when the new baby gets here. I know I probably need a sit and stand stroller, but I am torn on which one to get. I don’t mind going away from Graco, but there are just so many that I don’t know where to start looking. I really liked how secure the click connect was when placed on the stroller, but I am not opposed to using one that requires the car seat to be strapped in, if the general consensus is tha t this is plenty secure enough. I keep looking at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite, but I don’t like how it doesn’t have a parent tray. Do you know if this is an add-on that can be purchased?

      1. Avatar

        I am just in a world of confusion now, lol. I stopped by my local BRUs and pushed a few strollers around. Hands down (by far) the City Select Lux felt like driving a Cadillac. It handled so much better than the Graco and Baby Trend, but the price reflects that. I guess I need to go test drive a few more on a day when I have more time. I will say that the Graco Sit and Stand (I forget what the model is) was horrible for me. Every step I took had me kicking the back of the stroller and standing platform. The Baby Trend just felt really awkward and I don’t think I would enjoy it at all.

  93. Avatar

    Have you seen the new Zoe tandem stroller? It’s an attachment you can add to the normal stroller to make it a double. Would love your thoughts or a review!

  94. Avatar

    THANK GOD you removed the B-Ready from this list! Unfortunately, I purchased the 2017 version based on your previous reviews and I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the B-Ready. It is less than a year old and the second seat is essentially useless. I tried calling and without a receipt, I was informed that no one could help me. It will not stay upright nor can I remove it. I want to throw the stroller in a river. Worst money I ever spent!

  95. Avatar

    Hi! I LOVE your stroller reviews! Trying to use them to select a double stroller for a tall 3.5 year old and a newborn (4-6 weeks old) for a 24 hour series of international flights. Baby will have a car seat so I need a stroller that will carry the car seat plus a tired, grumpy, large toddler through airports, during waits at security, etc. Plus a couple of bags, and just me to push it all. The City Minis look impossible to get bags in and out of readily. The City Select looks impossibly big and heavy. The new Evenflo Pivot Expand would be amazing but I think too small for my 3.5 year old. Other suggestions for this scenario??

    1. Meg Collins

      I tried to make ins with then at the Baby Show — they were very standoffish and hard to deal with. And also, lack of availability.

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