Sup, y’all.

I’m Meg, the founder of Lucie’s List and Edamommy Publishing, Inc. I have two crazy girls, Lucie (8) and Alice (6).

My heart is in the South, where I grew up, but my soul is in the bay area.

I went to Georgia Tech undergrad and got a degree-I-never-used in Industrial Engineering. I later went to the University of Florida to get an MBA in Real Estate Finance. After the market collapsed in ’08, I got pregnant with Lucie and everything changed forever.

At the time, I had NO CLUE what I needed, let alone what to expect during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and infancy. After a miserable pregnancy (complete with hyperemesis gravidarum, kidney stones and all), failing to properly latch my baby, dealing with postpartum pain, buying overrated strollers, and struggling through sleep training, I vowed to tell everyone the *secrets* that nobody told me. You know, the stuff that no one talks about (but should).

I created this site and weekly email newsletter, a.k.a. “Crib Notes,” so others could learn from my mistakes — and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way. The email newsletter distills the overwhelming mountain of information into weekly, bite-size chunks and are delivered exactly when needed. Thanks to our 430,000+ amazing subscribers, this entrepreneurial escapade has morphed into an incredibly rich and diverse parenting community (join us on FB!).

In short, I tried to make the kind of site that I would have found useful as a clueless new mom. You know — all the sh*! that nobody told me?? I’m telling YOU.

Please leave me a comment or drop me a line.

Thanks for your support!!

Sincerely, Meg

Our Staff

I’m super lucky to be surrounded by a handful of talented and dedicated women to help run this operation. Here they are ~

Melissa Kresser, Right Hand Woman

Melissa Kresser HeadshotHi Mamas! My name is Melissa and I am Meg’s right hand woman. I answer your questions and help you get the information you need. I help manage the list of subscribers and deal with any subscriber issues. I also sort through and research all of the newest juvenile products, keep our content up-to-date and help write and edit new articles.

I love what I do because I believe that it takes a village to raise a child and every new mama needs a little help.

I live in San Diego with my husband, Jon, and my kiddos, Jackson and Madison.

Heather Reed, Social Media Manager

Heather Reed is a single mother of two boys, miraculously managing to live in the San Francisco Bay Area without turning to drugs or petty street crime.

She doesn’t eat meat, but she’s totally fine if you do.

Heather is the founder of Monkey Bars, an online eco children’s boutique (formerly brick-and-mortar store, in Alameda, CA), and has years of experience in juvenile products. She is also our green/eco-lifestyle guru, but not in the douchey/hipster sort of way.

When not posting superfluously on Facebook, she can be found begrudgingly bringing her children to various extracurricular activities and cooking in other people’s fancy kitchens. In addition to being named Mother-of-the-Year 13+ years running, she enjoys daytime baths, inappropriately long Netflix binges, and being that mom on her phone at the park.

Don’t worry: she’s working.

If you have something funny or informative you’d like her to share on social media, shoot her an email.

Marissa Bader, Editor & Multiples Guru

Hi – I’m Marissa, and I write and edit articles for Lucie’s List. I absolutely love this job because it merges my two greatest passions: writing and helping others (particularly new parents!).

When my first daughter was born, I had NO idea what I was doing. I couldn’t believe the hospital let us take home this innocent and totally-dependent-on-us-for-survival little baby! Where was the instruction manual?! Not to mention, in the year that followed her birth, I suffered a bad bout of Postpartum Depression that left me riddled with anxiety and sorrow. That’s when a friend guided me in the direction of Lucie’s List – finally I found some answers, a village, and a whole lot of laughs. I was hooked. Thankfully, my firstborn (now a kindergartner) is turning out alright, and her toddler twin sisters (yeah, you read that right: TWINS!) are following in her footsteps – literally…they try to do everything she does.

In addition to Lucie’s List, I also work as a freelance writer specializing in topics pertaining to mental health, wellness, fitness and parenthood (check me out here). My work has appeared in various publications such as HuffPost Parents and Psychology Today. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

When I’m not working, you can likely find me in my hometown of Minneapolis, playing dress-up, kitchen or baby dolls with my three girls and husband, who is totally drowning in tiaras and hairbows! [Email me]

Brit Cowgill, Researcher/Writer

Hi! I’m Brit – Meg’s research aficionado. I live with my husband and two kiddos (James and Mary) in Portland, Maine. I have an MA and a PhD in history, and my field of expertise is medicine/health. I’ve taught and written about the history of women’s health, pediatrics, disease, and motherhood. My first book, Rest Uneasy, is a history of SIDS, and my second book (in the works!) is about pregnancy health and medicine. I also run a blog on the medical history of parenting science (

Since I became a mom, I’ve been using my training to uncover insight into parenting questions…daily. I’m fascinated with parenting health literature, science, and advice, and regularly investigate parenting decisions large and small. In between trying to find time for yoga, happy hour, cross country skiing, podcasts, and biking (yea right, kidddding — those were all the things I had time to do before I had kids), I love keeping up with the latest pregnancy books, unpacking new medical findings, and reading everything I can about family health.

Please feel free to email me your questions, recommendations, or observations anytime!

Alicia Safier, Writer and Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Alicia, and I write and edit articles for Lucie’s List. I wear many hats: mom to two youngsters (ages 2 and 4), English teacher, and editor for Lucie’s List and Remote Bliss.

Since having my two kids, I’ve inhabited both the working-mom and the stay-at-home-mom worlds, and I can attest that both require an incredible amount of work (and caffeine!). I’ve gotten such amazing tips and support from other moms over the last few years, and I hope to share some of my hard-won wisdom with new parents in turn —  because it takes a village to civilize these tiny, adorable barbarians. And to stay sane in the process.

Please feel free to email me any time with questions, comments, to commiserate about New England weather, or just to say hello! Good luck out there.

Kristen Toshner, Fashion Editor

Kristen Toshner Headshot

Hi! I am Kristen Toshner! I am the Fashion Editor here at Lucie’s List. I am a lover of all things fashion related.

I can be described with a few other titles: Wife, Mom, Sleep Coach, Retail Obsessor, Baby Whisperer, Trend Setter, and lover of a good Netflix Crime Series.

I live in Seattle, WA, in the heart of the city, with my husband and two sons. We are a total urban family of four. My sons Cohen + Brodie are a complete blast.

I’ve been in fashion and retail since my first job at 16 and can’t wait for each season’s new launches and trends. Saying I live for this is an understatement.

I hope I can help you find the best deal or your new fave go-to in all areas of children, maternity, postpartum or regular day-to-day fashion finds. Let’s get shopping!

Giveaways and Samples

Would I like to review your product? … Maybe!

I always want to share the latest and greatest products with my audience, but please understand when it comes to reviews, I call it as I see it. Therefore, I cannot promise a favorable review for any product nor can I ship samples back to you.

Chicco KeyFit

Installation of the Chicco KeyFit

If I like your product, I will eagerly share it with my audience (I might even do a video review!); if I don’t, I’ll keep mum (i.e., I’m not going to write a bad review, I just won’t review it at all). Deal?

To get in touch, please email Melissa.

Advertising and PR

I’m not currently offering advertising, sorry. It takes too much away from the user experience.

PR people, I love you but I don’t care if a celebrity is using your product. Especially if it is Kim Kardashian (this may actually count against you, in fact). However, I do want to know you and get product updates, so please keep in touch.


Contact Me

Email ExcerptIf you’d like to contact me for any reason (other than to sue me), please email my peeps. If you want to sue me, please call 415-555-5555.

I’m sorry, we cannot offer sleep or feeding advice to individuals (there are just too damn many of you!). But I still love you.

Meg is a former CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) who published a top-selling travel eBook called Flying with Baby. She lives in Alameda, CA with her husband, Rich and two daughters, Lucie (8) and Alice (6).