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Halloween Costumes for Babies and Kids – Top Picks for 2017

Oh how we envy those DIY’ers who can do just about anything with a sewing machine. For the rest of us (who can’t sew on a button to save our lives), here are our top picks for Halloween costumes 2017 from various stores. Enjoy!

Baby/Young Toddler Pick ~

The Narwhal ~ $20 – Target

Narwhals have been the sea mammal of choice in our house for the past year. This costume is cute and snuggly and perfect for chillier climates.

*Available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

See more costume ideas at Target

Toddler Narwhal - Halloween Costumes 2017

Baby/Toddler Girl Pick ~

The Donut ~ $24 – Amazon Prime

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always down for a donut. This costume is so stinkin’ cute, I can’t even handle it. This is a great no-fuss costume with minimal pieces; easy to throw on over a top and leggings you already own.

*Available in sizes Infant (6-12 months & 19-22 lbs) and Toddler (12-24 months & 30-34 lbs).

See more girl costumes on Amazon

Kids Donut - Halloween Costumes 2017

Mom and dad need a costume? Easy, this tee is perfect to rock while you’re tagging along with your sprinkled offspring.

Coffee Adult Halloween Costume

Big Boy Pick ~

Lego Batman ~ $28 – Amazon

What’s more important to kids than Legos? That’s right: Batman! This costume is so perfectly executed, I love the Lego hands! Be forewarned, he won’t want to take this off, so be prepared for Batman to be bopping around til’ at least the holidays.

*Available in sizes small (4-6), medium (7-8) and large (10-12). Also available in Batgirl!

See more boy’s costumes on Amazon

Kids Lego Batman - Halloween Costumes 2017

Baby in a Carrier ~

The Octopus ~ $59 – Chasing Fireflies

Oh, behave! I just about spit my coffee out when I saw this. Bonus: wear your all-black mom uniform and dress as baby’s scuba diving mama.

*One size fits all. Attaches to a baby carrier you already own.

See more costumes from Chasing Fireflies

Baby Carrier - Halloween Costumes 2017

Big Girl Pick ~

Kitty Cat Witch ~ $20 – Target

A fun update to a long-standing Halloween classic, The Black Cat. Throw a plain black, long-sleeved shirt underneath for colder temps.

*Available in sizes small (4-6), medium (7-8) and large (10-12).

See more girl costumes at Target

Girls Kitty Cat Witch - Halloween Costumes 2017

Big Girl Pick #2 ~

Wonder Woman ~ $26.99 – Target

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the girl-power costume of the year: Wonder Woman. Mom can also play along with the adult version (available in both slutty and non-slutty versions).

Ages 3+

Girls Wonder Woman - Halloween Costumes 2017

All Ages Pick ~

Llama Costume ~ $25 – Target

Ever since introducing my son to the book “Llama Llama Red Pajama,” our whole house has become obsessed with everything llama. Who could also forget Ludacris’ freestyle Llama Llama Red Pajama rap this year, deserving of a Grammy, we feel.  It’s the perfect unisex costume (hello hand-me-down).

*Available in sizes 18-24 months, 2T-3T and 4T-5T.

Kids Llama - Halloween Costumes 2017

For the Toddler Who Refuses a Costume ~

The Unicorn Headband ~ $20 – Crate&Kids

*Crate&Kids, previously known as Land Of Nod

Love this simple rainbow headband. If your kid is like mine and refuses a full costume, items like this let them participate without the full commitment.

*Not available during off-season, but check out Crate&Kids new offerings

Kids Unicorn Headband - Halloween Costumes 2017

Favorite Treat Collectors ~

Ghost Pillowcase Treat Bag ~ $8.99 – Pottery Barn Kids

Currently on sale (yasssss), this pillow case’esq candy bag also comes in Pumpkin theme. Add your child’s name for some fun personalization.

Ghost Pillowcase Treat Bag - Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween Baskets ~ $14.97 (on sale) – Crate&Kids

*Crate&Kids, previously known as Land Of Nod

These not-so-scary baskets are super cute and practical.

*Not available during off-season, but check out Crate&Kids new offerings

Treat Basket - Halloween Costumes 2017


Happy Halloween from all of us at Lucie’s List!

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