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2. Baby Carriers

People have been wearing babies for centuries. We could learn a thing or two from our ancestors.

American women went away from babywearing a couple of generations ago when doctors preached that a baby who received too much love, touch, and attention would be “spoilt.”

Now we know better: babies desperately want to hear the sound of your voice and the beating of your heart. They also have a very good sense of smell; just the scent of mommy or daddy is enough to calm their nerves. In fact, one study showed that infants who were carried/worn during the day cried and fussed 43% less (overall) and 51% less in the evening hours (4 pm to midnight)1.  Yes, please! Sign me up for that.

The Tula Baby Carrier

Babywearing is also a practical logistical solution: wearing your baby allows you to go about your day like a normal person.

In the early days (before your baby can sit unassisted), babywearing is the only practical way to do things like grocery shopping, where you really need your hands free to push a cart. Things like getting the mail, walking the dog, going through airport security and boarding a plane, doing housework, or navigating through a crowded street market become infinitely easier with a baby carrier.

Nay, downright enjoyable!

Not to mention, during these unprecedented times, a baby carrier can be a life saver and a place of safety and stability for both you and your little one. Seriously, it can be your covid-era best friend: both of your hands are free, which means you can wash them with ease, work out and grocery shop or run into friends without worrying too much about people unwelcomely touching your newborn.

Ergobaby Carrier

 Your Lifestyle

As with strollers, all baby carriers aren’t perfect for every situation, so my advice is to decide how you will primarily use the carrier, then go from there. Meaning… will you use it for shorter periods of time, for doing things around the house, taking short walks around the neighborhood – OR – will you use it for longer periods of time, like going on long walks or hikes. Or both.

Speaking of lifestyle, excuse me while I grossly overgeneralize and stereotype people, but I really have noticed that there are two very different types of families out there: the walkers and the drivers.

After living in both environments, I can tell you that the needs of these two groups are very different (sorry for overgeneralizing, but it’s kinda true), and so each will need different baby carriers. (Yes, I know you can fall somewhere in the middle, just humor me.) 

Now, let’s have a look at the types of baby carriers and which are our faves…

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