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Halloween Costumes 2018

It’s Halloween season, can you believe it??? There are so many cute Halloween costumes this year; my oldest son says he needs two different costumes (eye roll). But I can’t blame him, the assortment of costumes at our favorite stores is so good!

Take a peek ~

Infant Halloween Costumes

Baby Plush Hedgehog Vest Halloween Costume – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $20

Babies are so freakin’ cute. Baby hedgehogs bring us to the next level.

*Shop others from this collection at Target

Halloween Costumes 2018

Baby Pumpkin Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $23

If you don’t have a baby photo of yourself in a pumpkin costume, did you even have a childhood?! This one is fleece and plush, so cozy.

*Shop all baby costumes at Pottery Barn Kids

Halloween Costumes 2018

Family Halloween Costume

With the release of the second installment, the Disney Incredibles franchise continued to be huge this year and is my fave theme for a family costume.


Mr. Incredible Classic Muscle Adult Costume – Target ~ $40

Halloween Costumes 2018


Disguise Women’s Mrs. Incredible Bodysuit Costume – Amazon ~ $49

Halloween Costumes 2018

Young Girl

Girls’ The Incredibles Violet Parr Halloween Costume with Sound – Target ~ $25

*Shop others from this collection at Target

Halloween Costumes 2018


Kids’ The Incredibles Dash Parr Classic Muscle Halloween Costume with Sound – Target ~ $25

Halloween Costumes 2018


Baby The Incredibles Baby Jack-Jack Parr Deluxe Halloween Costume – Target ~ $20

Halloween Costumes 2018

I also LOVE themed PJ’s that double as costumes. Just add an “accessories” package for trick-or-treating. This is what I am doing for my boys this year!

Hanna Andersson Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Long John Pajamas in Organic Cotton ~ $44

Halloween Costumes 2018

The Incredibles 2 Gear Set ~ $10

You really only need to add gloves and a mask for the littles to pull this costume off. A great option for kids who don’t like a fussy costume.

Halloween Costumes 2018

Toddler Halloween Costumes

Toddler Plush Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $30

This is a great no-fuss option and warm for colder trick-or-treating climates.

Halloween Costumes 2018

Rasta Imposta Future Fisherman Costume – Amazon ~ $29

I don’t know why but I saw this and laughed so hard. I love this costume!

*Shop kids’ costumes on Amazon

Halloween Costumes 2018

Ghost Tutu Light-Up Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $69

This is the girliest ghost costume I have seen. I love the light up feature!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Toddler Harry Potter Dumbledore Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $59

All you Harry Potter lovers, this is for you. It’s perfect for the dress-up box, post-Halloween.

Halloween Costumes 2018

Toddler Rainbow Emoji Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $55

My kids don’t have cell phones, but they definitely know what emojis are. PBK has a number of cute emoji options. So creative!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Toddler T-Rex Skeleton Halloween Costume – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $20

Love this take on a classic skeleton!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Big Girl Halloween Costumes

Over-the-Top Pink Pirate Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $79

Hell yes! Finally a femme pirate costume without the word “wench” in the title. Times are a changin’ people!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Peanut Butter & Jelly Childrens Halloween Dress Up Party Cosplay Costumes 2-Pack – Amazon ~ $24

This is one of my all-time fave costume themes to do with a friend. Add purple leggings to jelly and tan leggings to peanut butter and it’s perfect!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Big Boy Halloween Costumes

Glow-in-the-Dark Frankenstein Costume – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $71

I love this version of a classic costume. The head piece makes Frank extra tall and all you have to do is pair with boots already in their closet.

Halloween Costumes 2018

Kids’ Air-blown Inflatable Car Guy Halloween Costume – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $30

My kids love when we drive by these crazy things! Inflatable costumes are super popular this year. This is a must have!

Halloween Costumes 2018

While we’re on the subject, check out this Adult Inflatable Cactus Costume ($40), too much – tooooo much!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Trick-or-Treat Holders

Trick-or-Treat Container – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $10

These prints are super cute and the material is similar to your favorite reusable grocery tote.

Halloween Costumes 2018

Pumpkin Pillowcase Treat Bag – Pottery Barn Kids ~ $13

Remember when we used to schlep our pillow cases around the block? I’m loving this upgraded version with customization capabilities.

*Shop other treat bags at Pottery Barn Kids

Halloween Costumes 2018

Jolly Jon Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags – Kids Candy Bucket Tote Bag – Amazon ~ $13

Reminiscent of an Easter Basket, bucket treat bags are always great for little hands due to the wide opening. A few fun print options in this style!

Halloween Costumes 2018

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

We know some of ya’ll are crafty and we love it. Here are two great starter ideas for do-it-yourself costumes.

Girls’ Unicorn Costume Headpiece – Hyde and Eek! Boutique ~ $8

It’s safe to say unicorns are the MVP this year! Pair this accessory with a sparkly top and bright bottom already in her closet and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a unicorn!

Halloween Costumes 2018

Kids’ LEGO 2.0 Iconic Costume Kit – Target ~ $12

Make any type of lego character with this fun starter pack. Many options to get creative with.

*Shop other Lego costumes at Target

Halloween Costumes 2018

That is all, gang. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!!!

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