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The Best Part of Having Twins

Of course we all know that having twins can be incredibly challenging, exhausting and downright difficult.

No surprises there.

But what we don’t talk about enough is how AWESOME being a parent of twins can also be.

From that first moment they actually notice each other’s existence, to watching their special bond develop and grow, to hearing them speak their own secret language that only they can understand, to witnessing all their twin love as they kiss, hug and squeeze each other tight — it’s all so darn adorable!

Since the challenges of raising twins dominates the conversation, we wanted to take a minute to talk about why raising twins is so incredibly special.

Reader Responses: “What’s the Best Part of Having Twins?”


Michelle Corey: “I love watching their friendship grow! They are 14 months and will grin and giggle as they play peek-a-boo and chase each other around the living room. ♥️♥️”

Angella Fallin: “My favorite thing is their giggles when they are playing with each other or how they come and soothe one another if the other is hurt. Their bond is precious.”

Rachel Rush: “They’re just now in the stage where they occasionally interact. At lunch, my son was playing peek-a-boo with his high chair tray, and my daughter thought it was hilarious. It was priceless back-and-forth giggling.”

Lauren Ferrari Gearhart: “They will be best friends forever!”

best part of having twins

Christie Angel: “They’re little partners in crime. They drive us (and their older sibling) nuts, always getting into things, but it’s usually pretty funny too. We call them the ‘racoons,’ and they generally get into a lot of ‘racoonery!’ More than evidence below.”

best part of having twins

Sarah McClintock: “We are in the ‘why’ stage, and I love it when they answer each other’s ‘whys?’. They have such patience for each other, and I don’t have to answer another ‘why’ question!”

Clorinda Guerrero: “Best thing about having twins, so far, is seeing those two little individual faces look at me.”

best part of having twins

Marcy Grant Hendrix: “I love when I hear them carrying on their own personal conversations with each other in the back seat or from across the room. They are 2.5 years old, so this is fairly new. Sometimes they are cracking each other up, sometimes it is emphatically serious. It always warms my heart…until the screaming starts. 🤣”

Michele Rodgers Liu: “I love every time my 2.5 year olds hug each other and say, ‘You’re my best friend forever!’”

Shelley Verducci: “So far the best thing is watching their individual personalities come out. I think with twins we have this unconscious assumption that they’re going to be very similar, but ours are so different and it’s really fun to see!”

best part of having twins

Honalee Koep: “Our favorite is double snuggles.”

best part of having twins

Jennifer Jomier: “Holding hands on the way to daycare! They push each other’s buttons, but they’re best friends too. ❤️”

best part of having twins

Jessica Leuci: “They keep each other entertained and give hugs and kisses day long.”

best part of having twins

Dee Bell: “When they have a secret pact not to tell, but one spills the beans.”

best part of having twins

Megan Hutchinson: “We recently went on a vacation down south, and they shared a queen-sized bed. They each slept across it in their own half, but they gradually got closer and closer to each other throughout the night until they were side by side. They’re 3. I need to remember this whenever they’re trying to kill each other…”

Kristen Frey: “My twins are only two weeks old and just love being together…”

best part of having twins

Shaheen Thakrar: “Hands full, heart full! Double the drama for this mama!”

best part of having twins

There you have it: all the sweet, hilarious, special and precious things your twins do that make raising them so absolutely amazing.


~ Marissa, Twins Editor

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  2. I feel like having twins made me into the relaxed, happy, present mama I always wanted to be! Clearly two children in the exact same developmental stage demanding double of the exact same thing is hard, but it makes you step up and handle it. Balancing two babies when people around you are complaining about one makes you feel like a superwoman! The confidence it gives you as a first time parent is amazing.

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