Updated January 2019

Nothing screams “winter!” like dry, cracked skin/lips and crusty snot. Never fear, humidifiers to the rescue! In addition to “just feeling good,” humidity can help relieve discomfort from colds and flu. It also helps prevent illness by keeping mucous membranes moist ( <— did you know?).

* Always use a cool-mist humidifier (vaporizer) for children.

Our Favorite Humidifiers for Babies

1. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier ~ $35

This uber-quiet humidifier won’t disturb your kiddo’s slumber, the #1 reason this product made our favorites list. Other amazing features include humidity and mist directional control as well as ease of use and cleaning.

*Note, because this one is small enough to fit on a nightstand, the tank is much smaller and may not last though an entire night, depending on your setting.


2. Crane Adorables ~ $39

Rated highly by Consumer Reports, this one is cute and inexpensive — best of all, choose your favorite animal!

It’s very easy to use, just turn the knob to power on and adjust the speed. On the high setting, it will run all night and up to 1 day on the lower settings.  It’s pretty quiet, doesn’t leak and doesn’t take up room to store. However, my only qualm is the little light that acts as a nightlight, which I cover with a dark towel.

*And check out their popular Drop humidifier, which has all the same qualities in a more grown-up fashion.

humidifier for babies - crane


3. Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier ~ $39

I (Melissa) purchased this top selling cool mist humidifier in addition to our Crane Drop, which I also like. The tank is small but lasts all night on the high setting. It’s smaller and quieter than the Crane but the light is a little brighter (again, I just cover with a towel). It’s simple to use, just push the power button to turn on and off, easy peasy. Highly recommend!

4. Remedies ~ $59

This top-rated “cool mist” humidifier comes with a high-quality stone filter that will keep it clean and gives you a soft, healthy mist. The filter also eliminates the bad smell of the water. This humidifier has a built-in LED night light (which can be turned off) that comes in 7 colors.

*This humidifier doubles as an aroma diffuser too; just choose your favorite oil and relax away — not all humidifiers can do this!

humidifier for babies - Remedies


That’s all, folks, happy breathing!

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