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Waiting for Baby to Come

Whether you are 10 days late or just shy of 37 weeks, the fact is that the waiting game is the hardest game of all! And if another person calls to ask if you’re in labor yet… GAHHHH! Like you’re not gonna let them know.

Trust me, I understand. Lucie was eight days late and Alice was TWELVE freaking days late, so I can totally commiserate! Every day feels like an eternity.

SO, for you I have (drum roll please)…

10 Things to Do When You’re Waiting to Give Birth

1. Organize your playlists and music collections.

2. Pre-design your baby’s birth announcement while you still have the brain capacity. When baby arrives, just drop in the pic and vital stats and pull the trigger. I like Shutterfly, Tinyprints and Minted.

3. If you are comfortable going in public indoor places with your little ones, locate the closest library, get a library card and an activity schedule, find out if they have a lap sit (or “rhyme time”) for infants, and check on their COVID policies. You can also check for outdoor singalongs in your local Facebook mommy groups. If you aren’t comfortable exposing your little one to the big big world just yet, don’t worry — there are plenty of virtual singalongs and other online resources for infants. We have a few suggestions here.

4. Read a couple of really great books (or better yet, get them at the aforementioned library, which you just joined…).

5. Research local mothers groups in your area and join! ** A total lifesaver!!! (If a Google search fails you, just ask moms who you see walking down the street.) Don’t neglect to do this! You may not be able to meet them in person anytime soon (though a socially distant walk with masks on may not be out of the question), but having that virtual connection is better than nothing. Here are some great resources for support.

6. Get your hair/nails done (while you still can, mwaaaaa!). (Ok, I’ll stop. Seriously.) Just make sure that your salons are following CDC guidelines, and wear a mask and a face shield, if possible.

7. Read the Postpartum section of our site. =)

8. Sign up for the Amazon Family program to get super cheap diapers and wipes.

9. Go to Trader Joe’s and stock up on freezer meals (LOVE that place…). Or better yet, have someone do that for you and drop it off at your front door (so you don’t have to expose yourself before giving birth).

10. Do a puzzle. Like, one of the really difficult ones where all 1,000 pieces are the same color. And the same shape.

All right, ladies, I will see you on the other side.

You can do this ~ be not afraid!!!

(The other side is this great place where you can actually tie your shoes without assistance. On the other side… there is SUSHI and soft cheese. And wine, my God, the booze is simply amazing (once it hits your lips…). There’s UNCOOKED lunch meat. And hot tubs. Belly sleeping. Dangerous ladder-standing… did I mention the booze?)

*** Ladies (and Dads/partners!), thank you for letting me share this amazing journey with you. You will start receiving postpartum emails next week — we are working on the rest of the Year 1 emails, but they are a bit sporadic. Bear with me and keep in touch on Facebook.

Miss something or want to read ahead? Here’s the newsletter archive (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).

Good luck with your labor and delivery!!! May God be with you (whoever your God may be, or not be).

Love ya ~
Sincerely, Meg Collins
Editor, Lucie’s List

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