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Sleeping While Pregnant

Wondering how to sleep during pregnancy? We got your back.

Twenty-two weeks is about the time your belly will start to take on a life of its own. That little baby is alive and kicking. And kicking… and kicking some more.

You’ve probably been told by now that you should no longer sleep on your back. Is it true? The answer is that occasionally lying supine will not harm a developing fetus, but sleeping that way every night might.

When you lie on your back, your bulging uterus squishes the vena cava, the main vein that returns blood from your lower body to your heart. Lying on your back for an extended period of time can cause dizziness and breathlessness, and may interfere (over the long term) with the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta.

Therefore, it is recommended that you now sleep on your side. Having said that, DON’T freak out if you go to sleep on your side and wake up flat on your back. Just roll over. It’s not a huge deal.

How to Sleep During Pregnancy: Maternity Pillows

Most normal people would think that spending ~$60 on a pillow is ludicrous. I would agree. Normally…

But losing sleep for months straight is not normal. It takes a heavy toll on… everything. Being up at night can make you completely neurotic. For me, the cost of a good maternity pillow was priceless.

Here are the two pillows that mommies love (both made by Leachco):

1. The Snoogle ~ $57

This large, C-shaped pillow is amazing. It is the most popular pregnancy pillow on the market. This thing is huge, just warning you.

2. Back ‘N Belly ~ $77

Mind you, this pillow is LARGE and in charge, so it’s no good if you have a small bed. You may have to kick the dog out to make room for the BNB. This pillow is especially great for women who are having a lot of hip and back pain.

The other benefit of this pillow is that you don’t have to flip it over if you want to change sides (hey, Jethro, where is momma’s pryin’ bar?). This pillow can also be used for nursing (in theory).

Many, many will even resort to sleeping in a recliner, which is great for reflux too. This is fine: do what you gotta do.

Congrats on getting over the hump. Now, go forth and sleep!

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