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Best Kid’s Books for 2015

It was a truly exceptional year in children’s books; in fact, all the books in this year’s list were all published in 2015!

Check out what you missed while you were feeding/burping/cleaning up after/etc., and respond to those emails from your family demanding some ideas for your baby/kids!

~ Infants ~

1. Hi (Animal Words) ~ $6

~ by Ethan Long

You know you should be reading books to the babe, but you can barely gather up the energy to choke down a sandwich. “Hi” by Ethan Long to the rescue! Bright colors, one word/sound per page, and rhyming text. It’s all you could ask for! (Well, except for a night nurse)…

2. The Babies and Doggies Book ~ $7

~ by John Schindel and Molly Woodward 

Feeling a little guilty that your fur-baby hasn’t been feeling the love since you brought home your human baby? You won’t give it another thought once you read this book. It’s everything babies love (themselves and dogs, in abstract) rolled into one adorable package.

~ Younger Toddlers ~

1. Maisy’s Digger ~ $5

~ by Lucy Cousins

If your toddler doesn’t love Maisy, it’s just because they haven’t yet been introduced. Maisy is the mouse creation of Lucy Cousins, whose hallmark is the use of scratchy, black font and few words. Even the squirmiest toddler can’t resist Maisy — and who doesn’t love diggers?!

2. Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa ~ $12

~ by Anna Dewdney

How better to thank your parents (or in-laws) for watching your sweet toddler (or terror, depending upon the hour) than to reward them with a copy of “Llama Llama Gran and Grandpa”? Perhaps it will inspire them to take on your little one as an overnight guest.

~ Older Toddlers ~

1. What this Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig ~ $8

~ by Emma J. Virjan

“What this Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig” is the first in a series. It’s a terrific introduction to circular tales, where a book ‘circles’ back to where it begins, like Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give a…” series.

Bright colors, bold illustrations and humor sprinkled throughout make this a great choice for both toddlers and early readers. Families with children in multiple age groups will enjoy this as well.

2. Wolfie the Bunny ~ $11

by Ame Dyckman

Dot is the only member of her bunny family to realize the danger in adopting a baby wolf. If you have a new baby at home (along with an obstinate older child, ahem), this might be a good way of telling them that baby is here to stay.

3. Polar Bear’s Underwear ~ $13

~ by Tupera Tupera

Maybe both you and your toddler could use a little humor when it comes to potty training. “Polar Bear’s Underwear” is great for your home collection, complete with removable underwear (tee hee!).

~ Preschoolers ~

1. Who Done It? ~ $11

~ by Olivier Tallec

Think of it as I Spy for the preschool set. “Who Done It?” (back off, grammar police) features ten characters and one of them has something to hide. Rollicking fun!

2. It’s Only Stanley ~ $14

~ by Jon Agee

Jon Agee’s “It’s Only Stanley” is a dog with big plans. Rhyming text, muted color pallet, surprise ending. What’s not to love?

3. Goodnight Already! ~ $11

~ by Jory John

Jory John’s bear in “Goodnight Already!” says what you’re thinking each night, but can’t say. Exhausted Bear (“exhausted bear”, lol) has resorted to begging Duck to go to sleep. Alas, Duck has other ideas. Perhaps this sounds like someone you know?

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. Great list, Beth! I want to buy them all (as well as the 2014 list–OK, I can’t resist the Big Box of Little Pookie), but there isn’t room in the nursery!:)

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