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Biting While Nursing

“My 12-month-old bites me while we’re nursing. She’s done it before, but in the past it has come and gone as a phase… Well now it seems to be here for good. She has no teeth yet, but she has a super strong jaw and it still hurts like crazy, plus it makes me anxiously dread each nursing session. I really feel like I’ve tried everything… I’m losing my mind over this and I don’t know what else I can try.”

Top 7 Answers

1. AMC: Honestly, anytime you are dreading the next feeding, in my opinion, it’s time to stop no matter what age your baby is. It is meant to be a positive bonding time for both of you, and if it brings you pain and discomfort it’s not benefiting either of you. You should be able to stop guilt-free. Happy mommies raise happy babies!

2. NHR: It very well could be a phase and she’s looking for your reaction. My daughter started scraping her teeth off my nipple at 11 months during a nighttime feeding. No matter what I did, she laughed. So, I decided she’d had enough. She never asked to nurse after that. I guess it was her way of telling me she was finished. I’m proud that we made it to 11 months. 🙂

3. AE: I would flick my daughter’s foot and say “no!” It didn’t hurt her, but it startled her and she didn’t like it. It only took a few bites and subsequent flicks before she stopped biting completely.

4. SB: Just read this on an article I found on Pinterest. The title is “27 smart breastfeeding tips for new moms”:

If your kid is biting your nipples, pinch their nose.
“If your kid bites, pinch their nose. They’ll immediately let go of you so they can breathe, and it’s just unpleasant enough that they learn really fast that biting isn’t fun. It took maybe 2-3 tries with my kid on her first tooth, and she never tried it again.

5. JB: Mine does the same whenever he’s getting ready to cut a tooth. But sometimes he will also do it if he’s bored. I found that distracting him when he’s teething with one of his favorite toys while nursing does help. Good luck.

6. DR: I don’t think she’s done with breast milk. I’m having the same issue with my dd. She’s 7 months and it hurts like crazy!! I feel your pain. Have you tried using a nipple shield? See if she’ll breastfeed like that; it’ll be much more comfortable for you. Good luck!!

7. AMM: If she wants the letdown to happen faster, try the Marmet technique before you let her latch. That’s my only suggestion. My LO bites during the second two weeks of my cycle due to low supply and it is frustrating!!! 

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