Updated February 2019

At some point, your preschooler will let you know that she is way too cool to eat her meals in a “baby chair.” She’ll prefer a booster seat for eating at the kitchen table like a big kid.

Booster Chair for Eating - Ingenuity Smart Clean Booster Seat

Ingenuity Smart Clean Booster

There are a ton of booster seats for toddlers and preschoolers out there (enough to make your head spin). We’ve chosen some of our favorites that are simple to use, portable, and easy to clean. Here they are, in order of price (from lowest to highest).

Best Booster Chairs

Ingenuity Smartclean Toddler Booster ~ $29

This popular seat is our fashion editor, Kristen’s, favorite booster, and she’s not alone! It can boost your child either two inches (without the foam insert) or four inches (with the insert), so you’ll get years of use out of it. This table booster seat comes with straps that attach the seat securely to your chair and a removable 3-point harness to keep your wiggliest toddler in place.

We love that it’s dishwasher-safe, and the neutral slate color will go with just about any kitchen decor. This seat is also lightweight, so it’s easily portable for your family dining excursions.

Booster Chair for Eating - Ingenuity Smartclean

Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat ~ $34

The Prince Lionheart booster seat has a very simple design that provides your kiddo with a 3-inch boost. While it doesn’t have straps to attach it to the chair (or to keep your kid strapped into the seat), its textured bottom keeps it from slipping around while in use. This simple booster is waterproof, easy to clean, lightweight, and very well reviewed.

Better for slightly older kids, given the lack of a harness.

Booster Chair for Eating - Prince Lionheart

Bumbo Toddler Booster Seat ~ $39

Similar to the Ingenuity Smartclean, the Bumbo booster seat (which Meg and Melissa own and recommend) attaches to your dining chair with adjustable straps. It features a (non-removable) three-point harness to keep your child nice and safe. Easy to clean and transport—if you’re looking for a booster seat with a harness, you really can’t go wrong with the Bumbo.

Booster Chair for Eating - Bumbo

KABOOST Portable Chair Booster ~ $39

Getting points for creativity, the Kaboost ka-boosts up your entire chair, rather than just your preschooler. It snaps onto the chair’s legs and offers two height positions (3.7 or 4.5 inches). Its feet are rubberized to protect your floors and non-slip for safety’s sake; however, the rubber feet also make it impossible to slide your kid closer to the table without lifting the chair. The company recommends using felt furniture pads to help with this issue (and it really does help). As a clever alternative to a typical booster seat, the Kaboost is the ka-bomb!

Booster Chair for Eating - Kaboost


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