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The Infamous Toilet Lock

Alright, folks — this is a quick one. (You’re welcome.)

Toddlers are infinitely amused by toilets; they think of them as their own personal waterplay feature — and at the perfect height, too. Sweet!!

But not only are toilets a drowning hazard (it’s rare – about 2 deaths per year – but it does happen), but mostly — it’s just plain gross when toddlers have their hands all up in the toilet. Ewwwww.

One option for baby-proofing your toilet is to simply keep the bathroom door closed and locked. This is a great idea anyway because bathrooms tend to be chock-full of off-limits stuff like cleaning supplies, medicine, grooming appliances, and the like.

A simple way to do this is by installing a hook-and-eye lock high up on the door, out of your child’s reach.

But after you forget to close/lock the door that one time and find the toilet packed to the brim with stuffed animals and toilet paper (or find your iPhone swimming in the toilet, ahem), then you may decide you need some extra protection.

So… since you can padlock your toilet for well under $10, we think it’s worth it. Your iPhone will thank you.

Toilet Lock Options

You’ll be absolutely shocked to hear that there isn’t a huge market for toilet seat locks. You’ve basically got three options:

1. Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock ~$12

Safety 1st’s old toilet lock is well-liked by most parents (we don’t recommend the newer one). It sits on top of the lid and keeps it shut unless you unhitch the locking mechanism:

Note that you might not be able to sit the lid/seat fully back with this, depending on how much clearance space you have.

2. Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok ~$7

Another toilet lock is the Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok. It affixes to the side of the toilet and unlocks easily to fold back. You can see it in action here (cue to 35 seconds to see how to release it). It works just fine for many, but some reviewers note that it doesn’t have a great fit on every toilet seat. Others note that the plastic is pretty flimsy and can be broken by curious little ones. If your kiddo’s the type to fiddle with locks a ton, better opt for the Safety 1st, or a latch lock:

3. Latch Locks

Lastly, you could also throw an adhesive strap lock on the toilet. We love the Munchkin Xtraguard Dual-Action Latches ($8 for 2) and the Wonderkid Safety Locks ($15 for 6). These are an absolute favorite in the baby-proofing department!

Be prepared – if you install a lock mechanism on your toilet, make sure you show guests how to use it. If there is any urgency to the situation… and a guest can’t figure it out… bad things can happen .

The Toilet Paper Roll

Every single toddler who sees a toilet paper roll desperately wants to unravel it — this is straight-up human nature. To ward off your little hooligans from turning your bathroom into a sea of unraveled toilet paper, try this great parent hack: a hair tie or rubber band around the TP roll (courtesy of the clever folks at Seesaws and Sawhorses):

Good luck out there!

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