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Shopping Guide for Kids School Gear

Greetings parents!

Good news: schools are going back in the Fall! Bad news: the pandemic isn’t over yet, especially for kids under 12 who don’t have access to a vaccine.

While we parents are overjoyed to see our kids back in daycare/preschool/school… we realize that the wheels could fall off this wagon when outbreaks occur (and they will!), so we still need to stay flexible and be prepared for any scenario.

Most schools are still calling for masks for kids. And for those that are staying at home for whatever reason, either full or part time, our homeschooling supplies checking and tablets and computers for the younger set will come in handy.

Good luck, don’t fret, we’ll get there! ~ Meg

Cool Gear for the School Year

We’ve got news, parents: our little ones can’t stay our babies forever (we know, sad…), and soon they’ll be attending school. It’s inevitable (well, maybe it’s not inevitable this year LOL, ahhhhhhh).

If your wee one is heading off to preschool or Pre-K this year, we know how overwhelming it can be. It’s completely new territory — and that goes for you too!

Doing a little school shopping before school season actually starts can make the process more fun and less stressful. Not sure what to put on your school supplies list? Don’t sprint to Office Depot just yet… We did took all the guesswork out of school shopping and picked our absolute favorite school essentials.

Where to Start

Your children’s school(s) should have sent you grade-specific supply lists. These often vary from school to school and even from teacher to teacher. So make sure to check the lists you were provided (or contact your school if you didn’t get one yet) and cross reference them with what you already have at home. After all, things like backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases may not need replacing every year.

We’d also encourage you to stock up on some supplies to keep at home — so that your little ones have them within reach when they want to practice their new skills (or simply draw) in the comfort of their own home.

Cost of School Supplies

Buying school supplies is fun and exciting, but it comes at a price. The key to saving money is to start your shopping early and to do a little market research. Check and compare prices from various retailers — online shopping should make this process super easy.

From backpacks to lunch boxes and water bottles to the best STEM books to read to our kids, here are all the school supplies you’ll need to add to your list.

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