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Top Car Seat Stroller Frames

For the first six months or so, most parents use infant car seats in conjunction with very lightweight, simple frame strollers (translation: wheels for your car seat). However, you can certainly use a full-size stroller as well, provided it’s a travel system (i.e. a stroller that accepts a car seat) that’s compatible with your car seat.

An Affordable Alternative to Travel Systems

The lightweight frame stroller is ideal for a newborn for so many reasons…the stroller frame itself is inexpensive, lightweight (10 lbs vs. 18-30 lbs for a full-size stroller), and compact. Tip: buy it used.

After heaving this thing in and out of your trunk 50 times, you will come to understand why being small and lightweight is of the UTMOST importance, especially if you’ve had a c-section.

When folded, it takes up very little space in your car or trunk. Also, the undercarriage storage basket is absolutely ginormous, so you can go on a major shopping trip and not have to worry about lugging around your loot. Shoot, you can even go grocery shopping with this thing.

And as a practical matter, moms and dads, the logistics of getting out of the house with your new baby can be shockingly overwhelming. The LAST THING you want to worry about is how to operate some big, heavy, complicated stroller. Your sleep-deprived brain is not going to have the wherewithal to deal with ANYTHING that isn’t super simple. Trust me on this one. 😉

The universal solution is the Baby Trend Snap N Go ($69), but again, you’re better off if you can get a stroller frame that specially goes with your car seat because you’ll have assurance it will be compatible without having to use straps or other weird modifications. Here they are:

Best Frame Strollers

*Baby Trend Snap N Go ($69) ~ goes with every infant seat (sort of) *

Chicco KeyFit infant seat ~ goes with the Chicco Caddy ($109)

Graco SnugRide infant seat ~ goes with the Graco SnugRider Elite ($129)

Maxi-Cosi Mico or Cybex Aton(s) ~ goes with the Maxi-Taxi ($159)

UPPABaby Mesa ~ goes with the UPPABaby Minu ($399), which is also an excellent travel stroller

*For Nuna , the trvl stroller is a great contender for an lightweight frame stroller (13.5 lbs)!

RIP Sugar Anne, the best dog ever

Sexy they are not; the beauty of these stroller frames is that they’re super lightweight, affordable (except for the Minu), and easy to collapse and fold.  

*Got twins? Check out our recommended stroller frames for twins guide.

Ok peeps, that’s the lowdown on frame strollers. Next up is full-sized strollers, which most people agree are a must-have in the first couple of years. Let’s go!

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