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Best Wooden Toys

Birthday party? Baby shower? Bribery? It’s never *not* toy season, is it?

Whether you’re trying to keep your toy buying non-toxic or just generally sustainable, check out our top picks for the Best Wooden Toys!


I’ve done my best to pull together gifts at various price points to accommodate all budgets — all while staying local and (mostly) USA-made. As you’ve come to expect from me, this collection is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Quality wooden toys can be handed down to future sibs or friends, provided your eager doggie doesn’t get to them first. Proud to say that 100% of everything on this list has been personally vetted by either me or my customers.


Best Wooden Toys…

I’ve covered a variety of age ranges with this list, but most are for the 3+ crowd. Note that when you see “3+” on most toys, that’s an indication of a choking hazard. General rule is that if a toy has small enough pieces to fit easily through a toilet paper tube, it’s not safe for the mouthy/teething kiddos.

$ – Maple Landmark 

Based in Vermont, this is a great company whose toys are all made in the USA. They’re famous for the “name trains,” but the following toys are great for both babies and big kids.

Spinny Math ~ $15

2pk Maple Teether ~ $28

Maple Landmark Maple Teether

Shape Sorter Bench ~ $38

Maple Landmark Shape Sorter

Color Shape Stacker ~ $41

Maple Landmark Color Shape Stacker

$ – PlanToys 

Wide range of well-priced toys for all ages. They’re manufactured overseas, but their reclaimed, hybrid “PlanWood™” line has made sustainability accessible for all…

Rainbow Dancing Alligator ~ $29

PlanToys Alligator

Stacking Tree ~ $20

PlanToys Stacking Tree

Cutting Fruits & Veggies ~ $30

PlanToys Cutting Fruits & Veggies

$-$$ – Uncle Goose 

These guys make rad and modern wooden blocks. They’re handcrafted in Grand Rapids, MI, using select materials from around the Great Lakes area (yey, midwesterners!!). Yet another awesome, 100% made in the USA brand.

Nursery Rhyme Blocks ~ $17

Uncle Goose Nursery Rhyme Blocks

Dino Blocks ~ $22

Uncle Goose Dino Blocks

Periodic Table Blocks ~ $36

Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks

Hebrew Blocks ~ $42

Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks

$$ – Petit Collage 

Petit Collage’s line of wood toys complements their extensive line of modern nursery decor. They’re designed in San Francisco and made overseas of FSC-certified natural European beech wood.

Jumping Jumbo Elephant Pull Toy ~ $20

Petit Collage Elephant Pull Toy

Modern Bunny Wooden Stacking Toy ~ $21

$-$$$ – Finn + Emma 

Finn + Emma®’s wood toys are made in South America from untreated Indian hardwood, finished with vegetable seed wax, and filled with little beans. Their popular layette collection is featured on our Top Layette Picks list, and we’re in love with their wooden toys just as much!

Wooden Rattles ~ $15

Finn and Emma Rattle

Wooden Play Gym (includes hanging, removable toys) ~ $135.00

Finn + Emma Wooden Play Gym

$$-$$$ – Tegu Magnetic Blocks 

Their 6-piece wooden block set has been one of my favorite stocking stuffers for 6 years running. Tegu has added so many new goodies over the years and they’re worthy of your consideration. Everything is sustainably handmade in Honduras.

Daredevil Magnetic Block Set ~ $34

42-piece Explorer Set (5 color sets to choose from) ~ $110

Tegu Explorer Set

$$$ – Grimm’s Wooden Toys 

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design was founded in Germany in 1978, and their entire line is still manufactured there. Most products are sanded and dyed by hand, using safe & sustainable practices. Their signature rainbow toys are both exciting for your kiddo and make a great accent inside your home.

6-piece Rainbow Stacker ~ $37

Little Flower Wooden Puzzle Stacker ~ $110

Happy Shopping!

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