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The Grandparent’s Master Guide

Congratulations — a grandchild is on the way! There is no greater happiness.

So much has changed since your kids were babies — all new products, technology, regulations and safety requirements. I remember riding unbuckled in the car — fighting with my sister over back seat territory. We never wore helmets and our parents (you!) certainly never knew where we were (but we were home by dark!).

So much has changed.

Breastfeeding is a big deal now. Car seats are mandatory. Babywearing is all the rage. “Sleep safety” is extremely important. Dads are much more involved in child-rearing. Co-sleeping — what’s that? Parents monitor EVERYTHING (perhaps to our own detriment). And now COVID has made everyone’s lives way more complicated.

I digress.

We spent 6 months searching for the best gear for grandparents based on value, weight (lightweight!) and ease of use. We wrote this guide to get new grandparents up to speed on everything you need to know. 

In Loving Memory of my father, “Big Buddy”

Our first guide is for newborns and infants— they have unique needs because they can’t sit up yet. Gear-wise, this age is the most intensive. Our next chapter is for older infants and toddlers. You can read them all at once or take it as it comes (I prefer the latter). We end with Babyproofing the Grandparent’s home, something that is often overlooked in the process, but will make everyone’s lives 100% easier!

But first, let’s start out with Baby Gear.

Good luck! Leave a comment and let us know if you have questions.

~ Meg Collins, Editor in Chief


  1. Like the new expanded site and for us grandparents. Been following u since grandson born 5 yrs ago. My daughter told me about u. Thanks for great info.

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