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Gift Guide for Twins 2020

When you’re buying holiday gifts for twins, it’s important to consider toys that more than one child can play with (otherwise, you’ll wind up with a house full of crap! Speaking from experience…). That’s why we’ve put together our annual holiday gift guide for twins. Enjoy!

A Twin is to Hug, Boni Ashburn, illustrated by John Nez ~$14

This board book is all about the amazing and sometimes challenging aspects of being a twin — like having to share and always being compared. And hugging. ☺️

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Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Board Game ~$15

This is our family’s favorite cooperative game. Players work together to help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up, and if they are successful everyone wins! Cooperative games are so much fun — especially the part where everyone strategizes together and cheers for one another!

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Rock and Roll Teeter ~$30

This cute little teeter totter can be used inside or outside. It has rounded edges (read: no accidental owies on sharp, pokey sides), easy-to-grip handles that are perfect for little hands, and wide seats with high backrests to keep kids from falling off. Flip the teeter totter over to create a tunnel kids can crawl through!

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Janod Confetti Musical Set ~$34

Get the family band together! Each child can choose their favorite instrument, and then… switch! This colorful set comes with a recorder, tambourine, two castanets, xylophone and two mallets.

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Twins Personalized Name Puzzle ~ $price varies

This is such a sweet gift for twins — a personalized name puzzle for two. The letters are big enough for even the littlest of children to place them in their designated spots. Handmade from non-toxic materials.

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Mega Marble Run Marathon ~$39

Teamwork! Your twins will have a blast putting this 200-piece marble run together, and then watching the marbles race through the tracks, tunnels and drop-ins! Engineering made fun.

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We Go Together Like… Personalized Story Book for Twins from “I See Me” ~$39

Your duo will be so excited to see themselves as the lead characters of this story — it’s all about them! You can customize everything about this book, from children’s names and appearances to a special dedication for your pair at the beginning of the book.

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Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister ~$40

Two kids can fit on this seated spinner — perfect for indoors or outdoors (bonus: in the summer, attach your water hose and water shoots up from the center wheel and outside edges. Splish splash!).

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Wee Baby Stella Twins ~$43

Your duo will love this adorable and super soft set of fraternal boy/girl twins. Perfect for snuggling and playing make-believe. Each doll comes with its own magnetic pacifier.

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Land Roller Inflatable ~$129

I know this looks crazy — like a giant, human hamster wheel — but hear me out: my in-laws purchased this last summer, and despite my fears that my kids would break all their bones, they LOVED rolling around in this thing. Seriously, it kept them (and us) entertained and giggling for hours!

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Twins Toddler Swing ~$130

This is a beautiful hand-made toddler swing for two. The fabric is removable and washable, and the swing can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with all the hardware necessary to hang it. Pillows can be personalized. Note: don’t place your babies in here until they have solid head and neck control, and can sit up unassisted. Each seat can hold up to about 50 lbs.

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Indoor Cardboard Playhouse ~$143

Baby it’s cold outside… no worries! Get your duo to help you put together this awesome and spacious cardboard tree fort… and let the fun and imaginative play happen!

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City Train Set and Table ~$240

Chugga chugga choo choo! Multiple kiddos can work together to place the tracks, build the city and run the trains. This set comes with wooden train tracks, a unique metro style train, heli-pad, bridges, buildings, figures, trees, road signs, a boat and vehicles.

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Tandem Pull Sled and Cushion Set ~$249

Pull your two favorite passengers around in this comfy, cushioned tandem sled. Get ready to make some fun memories with your duo… and then cozy up inside for hot chocolate afterwards!

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Power Wheels Ride-On Toy ~$249

Pretty sure this car-for-kids is every child’s dream. My twins love their Power Wheels Ride-On. They take turns driving and riding in the passenger seat. Watch out, world (seriously, though… watch out)! Here they come!

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Handmade Montessori-Style Climbing Equipment ~ $382

This is such a unique gift your twins truly won’t expect. This set comes with a wooden climbing triangle, arch and a rocking ramp that can be used in a variety of ways. Perfect for two toddlers to climb, rock, balance and explore! Bonus: it’s made from natural wood, and the designer uses sustainable water-based paints and environmentally friendly varnish (meaning products won’t cause allergic reactions or emit harmful substances).

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That’s all for now – I hope you found some inspiration for gifts for your multiples. Happy holidays!

~ Marissa Bader, Twins Editor

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