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Baby Booties for Winter

We know your little one doesn’t need shoes until he starts walking, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on footwear. Indeed, baby’s tootsies need booties to stay nice and toasty all winter long. For that, your mini-me needs slip-ons that don’t slip out. To help baby start winter on the right foot (get it, get it?), we’ve picked our very favorite baby booties for winter (and beyond!).

Best Baby Booties for Winter

Hudson Baby Cozy Fleece Booties ~ $10

Your babe will be equipped to stay warm all season long with these cozy booties. With non-stick soles and a wrap-around feature that Velcros in the front to ensure booties stay on baby’s feet, these are perfect for first walkers practicing around the house on a snowy day. These are basically Zutano knock-offs.

Zutano Fleece Booties ~ $23-25

As you all know by now, most socks do NOT stay put, especially on smaller babies. These Zutano booties have snaps that keep them in place to keep little feet warm and toasty, and they have just the right amount of low-level traction on the bottom to prevent slips and falls.

Nowali Moccasins ~ $30

Another warm house slipper for little ‘uns is the Nowali Moccasin. Meg owned three pairs of these for the girls and they’ve never let us down. Also great for babies learning how to walk.

Robeez Soft Soles Baby Boots ~ $40

The epitome of baby cuteness, these winter booties come in three shades and are made of leather with faux fur. Charlene used them with both her boys, and they absolutely LOVED them. If you’re in the market for great quality at a reasonable price (plus, *fashion, lol), look no further.


UGG carries a variety of VERY warm house slippers for children from babies to big kids. Starting with…

UGG Kids Bixbee Booties ~ $39

UGG Bixbee booties are made of soft terry cloth (upper and interior). They have velcro closures that open wide for chubby, little feet. Cuter than the Zutano booties, IMO.

UGG Kids Erin ~ $49

Moving up the chain, the Erin is made from suede and high-quality sheepskin. It sits higher above the ankle and has a simple hook-and-loop closure.

Happy winter, fam!


  1. If your are looking for a wonderful handmade, Canadian brand, Huddy Buddies are wonderful booties for babies.

    1. Hi Mekaila! They are cute 🙂 We look forward to testing them out for possible inclusion in this guide. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for sharing such good knowledge as I was seeking baby booties, now I think its enough for me and my baby.

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