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Bicycle Helmets for Infants through Kids

It can be hard to find kids helmets that are small enough for infants and young toddlers, as most “children’s” helmets are made for school-aged kids with MUCH bigger heads. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best helmets for infants, toddlers and older kids. Note: these helmets can be used for biking, roller skating, skateboarding, and more.

A note about safety certifications: All bicycle helmets manufactured after 1999 must meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) bicycle helmet standard. That said, all of our recommendations below are CPSC certified. For more detailed information, please reference this article.

Comfortable, Protective Headgear for Skateboarding, Roller Skating and More

Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Helmet ~ $39+

9 months+ (baby/toddler universal size: 46-52 cm)

*Certifications: CPSC – CE – AS

Lazer designed a baby and toddler helmet specifically for the smallest of heads. The lightweight shell is well-ventilated with easy to remove and clean soft-fit pads, and it has reflective tape around the helmet for better visibility.

Some reviewers have suggested that parents need to make sure the helmet doesn’t catch on the child bike seat back, and there are a handful of complaints about the helmet being tough to adjust, but most people love it. All in all, it’s a cute, high-quality helmet that is small enough for the youngest riders.

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Giro Scamp ~ $35+ or Scamp with MIPS ~ $39+

9 months+ (size xs: 45-49 cm and size sm: 49-53 cm)

*Certification: CPSC

The scamp has a pinch-free buckle, built-in visor, plenty of ventilation, and comes in two sizes. (Again, measure carefully.) It’s easy to adjust the tightness by turning the Mini Loc adjustment dial at the back of the helmet. Parents love the toddler helmets from Giro – there are virtually no complaints about it!

The Scamp with MIPS (multi-directional impact protective system) also features an additional inside liner specifically designed to disperse energy in the event of an impact, meaning that the force of an impact would be more evenly distributed. Again, parents rave about it.  

Best Infant and Toddler Helmets: Giro
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Bontrager Little Dipper ~ $44 or Little Dipper with MIPS ~ $64

9 months+ (46-50 cm)

*Certification: CPSC

Bontrager makes fun, high quality, decently priced child helmets. The Bontrager Little Dipper is easy to put on and adjust with a QuickSet fit system and a pinch-free buckle. It has a sturdy, in-molded EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) hard shell and a built-in visor as well.

The in-mold construction provides more strength, yet the helmet is still light and well-ventilated.

Best Infant and Toddler Helmets: Bontrager
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Joovy Noodle Helmet ~ $24

47-52 cm (18.5-20.5 inches)

*Certification: CPSC

The Joovy Noodle helmet has plenty of ventilation (with bug mesh in the front), an easy-adjustable sizing dial in the back, and a pinch guard on the two-toned chin strap. Be aware: some parents think it runs small.  

Best Infant Helmets: Joovy
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Happy biking, scooting, triking, and riding!

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    1. Melissa Kresser

      Not sure what “soft cloth helmets” are?? But if you’re at all concerned, check out helmet requirement for safety here.

  1. Avatar

    Check out Nutcase helmets. I have no relation to the company. We’ve been using the baby nutty from 12 mths to present (2.8 years) and will soon transition to the little nutty. They are low profile and come in a lot of cool patterns/designs.

  2. Avatar

    We recently purchased the Joovy Noodle helmet for our 21 mo son, and he doesn’t seem to fuss with it. I like the ease of use, and that it will grow with him. I also appreciate the simplicity of its design and that they come without any over the top patterns — just solid color (nice if you want to leave it as is, or great as a blank canvas to adhere stickers to).

  3. Avatar

    If I’ve got my kid in a trailer, rather than a front-mounted seat, does he still need a helmet? My gut says yes.

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Bethany! Go with your gut, better safe than sorry 🙂 Although, depending on what state you live in, the law maybe different. Check out this report for more details.

  4. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the great informative site. I bought a Giro Me2 2 years ago for our now almost 4 year-old.

    It still seems to fit, but he will outgrow it soon so I am thinking of getting him a new one and possibly using this for our 15 month-old. However, I don’t see the Me2 on your chart. Is it not a recommended helmet?

    1. Melissa Kresser

      Hi Randy! Looks like Giro no longer makes that helmet 🙁 However, you might still be able to find it on discount! The next closest looking helmet they make is the Scamp. Just make sure to get the right size for your older.

  5. Avatar

    Just commenting on Nutcase – little Nutty helmets that someone asked about earlier. Both of my boys used them – the best part of them is the magnetic buckles and of course the cool designs.

  6. Avatar

    Giro scamp is NOT true to size. I bought for my daughter based on dr visit measurements a week before order. It would not even fit on her head. We just went to target and bought schwin infant 1-3 age adjustable!

  7. Avatar

    Pity that nowhere within your article recommendations do you mention safety certification and/or ratings, i.e. CPSC, ASTM, etc., essential considerations for selection and ranking.

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