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Intro to Parenting and Mental Wellness

Every generation, it seems, lays its own claim to parenting hardships. I would run through the litany, decade by decade, but really, why bother? It’s just a long list of (more) sh!t to worry about. 

In the 2020s, so many of us are plagued with anxieties, both fresh and well-worn — and they really span the gamut, ranging from the everyday stress of Doing It All to practical worries about crossing the street and climbing trees, 21st-century fears (pandemics and shootings and digital media…) to sensory sensitivities to OCD. 

Whether you suffer from a diagnosed condition or not, most of us have our own brand of anxiety we carry around each and every day. 

And for many of us, the load is really getting heavy.

Step number one: let’s talk about it. All of us. #breakthestigma

We designed this series on all things Parenting Wellness to open the door for this conversation^^, beginning with some specific things we at Lucie’s List have all struggled with personally. Each segment is not only informative and relatable, but also hands-on and tactical. 

There’s so much going on out there that it can be difficult to make time to attend to ourselves, but discerning and acknowledging these areas of struggle is so unbelievably freeing. We invite you to join us, and take a look at all three pieces: 

  • How to Thrive When You’re a Highly Sensitive Parent: a primer on what it means to be a “highly sensitive person” and a how-to guide delving into strategies for managing sensitivities as a parent (psst: if you are someone who is quickly and easily overwhelmed by noise, people, or any kind of stimulation, *read this!)

Whether you are expecting, a new parent, or a veteran, and whether you struggle with “Formal Anxiety” or not, this content is for YOU. We hope you walk away having learned something meaningful about yourself and your (desired) life. ❤️

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