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Best High Chairs

Congrats, parents. You’ve made it so far! Can you believe your little one is getting ready to start solids? They grow up so fast [wipes tear].

Before you dive into this next chapter, you’ll probably want to get the best high chair and some other basic feeding supplies. There used to be two types of high chairs — one that stands on its own and another that sits on top of an existing dining chair — but now there’s also a third category that stands alone and converts to a toddler/kid chair. This latter group is more expensive, but will last for years to come.

*Whichever kind of chair you choose, one thing to look out for is the footrest situation — meaning, you want to consider where baby will put her feet. Without any sort of footrest or solid space to plant their feet, babies can struggle to sit upright/well to eat. (If you don’t believe me, let me ask you… have you ever tried to eat while sitting at a bar stool without a footrest? I’ll tell you: it’s the worst.

Best Stand-Alone High Chairs

A stand-alone is great if you have the space for an extra high chair in your kitchen or dining room. You can easily move it around, even from room to room. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging or staining your existing chairs, especially if your chairs are upholstered.

Or white.

Or upholstered in white.

Anywho, here are the best stand-alone high chairs in each price category:

Ikea ANTILOP ~$19 (say what?) — Economy Pick

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: twenty-five dollars for a high chair? Must be pretty crappy. Actually… not really. This chair is pretty awesome!

ikea antilop high chair

Pop the legs off this chair and it comes apart very easily for storage or for taking along on a trip (see below), and best of all, there is NO fabric anywhere on this high chair, which makes it so very easy to clean (why can’t anyone else figure that out?). In fact, many parents have ditched their expensive, full-featured, pain-in-the-rear-to-clean chairs for this one.

collapsable high chair
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This chair is also perfect for grandma’s house or some other place you need a spare. See it in action here.

At $24, this chair is a best buy. Don’t ask me how these people make money. Like “where does their sausage come from?” I don’t think I want to know…

Joovy Nook ~$129

A swing-open tray, you guys. Finally, someone did it!

The tray on the Nook is all kinds of fancy, as it also adjusts front to back to minimize the size of the food crevasse (you know, that space between tray and tot that food inevitably falls into) as your kiddo grows. Other perks of the Nook are that it comes assembled right out of the box (yay), the pop-off tray cover is dishwasher-safe, and it has a super compact fold. On the downside, since this chair has a fabric cover, there are a lot of complaints about how difficult it can be to clean. *Also note that this chair has a slight recline and will not sit upright at exactly 90 degrees.

*Another well-liked stand-alone with similar features is the Chicco Polly

Graco Blossom ~$219

graco blossom highchair
Graco Blossom

This neat, grow-with-baby system offers *simultaneous seating for two children of different ages, so it’s ideal if you’re planning on getting knocked up again anytime soon (hah!). The Blossom can be used as a regular high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster, and a child seat (click here or see below to see what I mean).

stages of highchair
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We have the Graco Blossom chair at home and have enjoyed using it in all configurations, especially when we have guests. I also like that I can easily wheel it from room to room as needed. This is a great, full-featured high chair that grows with your family. *This chair does not fold, but it does recline. Therefore, it can be used for younger infants who don’t yet have tummy control.

Another Great Economy Pick: Graco Slim Snacker ~$89

The Slim Snacker from Graco is the most highly rated high chair on Amazon, and it comes at a great price point. It folds up (with one hand!) in a jiffy, stores away easily, and has 3 recline settings. This is a fantastic no-frills high chair that gets the job done — the big downside here is that the fabric can be tough to clean and the way the seat itself is structured there are a lot of nooks and crannies (read: lots of places for food to get smushed/wedged/stuck). You can remove the seat to clean, but it’s a bit of a pain.

graco slim snacker chair
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Lalo The Chair ~$310 (on sale for ~ $235)

Lalo’s The Chair is a modern-looking high chair that checks many boxes: it’s easy to assemble and store, easy to clean, and it will last through several stages (not just babyhood).

Although it has a wide base (read: big footprint) and it’s not super compact, we like that you have the option to purchase several add-ons to make the Lalo fit your child’s needs (ie. infant support, booster conversion kit, play chair conversion kit, and more). This chair can play many roles and will really last you quite a while!

On the plus side, this is a very sturdy, well-made chair that you can expect to go the distance. There aren’t many bells and whistles, but in this case, less is more. The Chair does sit at a slight recline, so that’s something to note, and although you can pull off the tray and sidle the chair up at the dining room table, between the recline and the belly bar, it’s not necessarily super easy for babies (especially younger babies) to actually eat from the table. Comes in a selection of muted color tones.

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Best Convertible High Chairs

The new kids on the block here are high chairs that function as stand-alone high chairs but also convert to “table high chairs” for older babies, toddlers, and young children. These have a higher price tag, but they are *well worth it if you can afford the cost because they will save you the hassle of having to purchase a separate booster seat for the dining table down the road. (For reference, many kids need a boost at the table well into elementary school — so this is something where you can really expect to get some longevity from your purchase.) Convertible high chairs are also recommended by feeding experts because they allow children — including babies — to sit at the table with the family.

Our top picks in this category are all *very high-quality and really will stand the test of time.

Stokke Tripp Trapp ~$319 — Editor’s Choice

Never mind that the straps remind me of an electric chair (creepy), the Tripp Trapp by Stokke is a true classic and an all-time parent favorite.

stoke high chair at table

This high chair is designed to be pulled right up to the table, so your child can sit and eat with everybody else. (Although you can opt to buy it with a separate tray.) The signature footrest is infinitely adjustable and designed to grow with your child (see below). Later, the footrest acts like a ladder, allowing your child to seat herself on her own. This is so convenient and wonderful.

Furthermore, once your child is finished using the high chair, the whole thing can be converted to a stool or an adult chair. We know, the Stokke is pricier than most, but you’ll use it for MUCH longer. They also hold their resale value very well, as you will notice on Craigslist.

stages for high chair
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The Tripp Trapp is made from beechwood and comes varnished in a rainbow of colors – or just classic wood. Note again: you can purchase a tray separately and now a newborn set for the 0-6 month crowd.

See also: Abiie Beyond Junior Y ~$225

Abiie is an Austin-based company that makes a high chair that grows with your child… from babyhood to infinity and beyond! (see below).

6 month 12 month high chair

Does this chair look a little… familiar? Though it seems like a rip-off of the modern Stokke Tripp Trapp design (see above), this wood chair is the one of the most highly rated high chairs on Amazon. It’s quick and easy to adjust the seat height for a baby, toddler, little kid, or even an adult without using any tools.

Parents say it’s much easier to get a baby into this chair than into the Tripp Trapp. It also features a waterproof seat that’s easy to wipe clean and a tray that can be removed with one hand (and is dishwasher safe). The Beyond Junior Y comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer— not too shabby, Abiie!

high chair
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Nuna ZAAZ High Chair ~$380

This high chair from one of our all-time favorite baby gear brands is functional and long-lasting. It’s a bit boxy-looking, but still more “adult-looking” looking than your standard Fisher Price aesthetic…

nuna zaaz high chair

The ZAAZ is super easy to clean: not only is the tray detachable, but the chair also doesn’t have any fabric, so all you have to do is wipe it clean. It’s also easy to adjust for your child and eventually transform into a chair for older kiddos. It will be with you for the long haul. (Note the seat-tray gap on this one is relatively large/wide.)

zaaz chair
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Space Saver Chairs

The space saver or sit-on-top chair is a good choice if you can sacrifice an existing chair or if you don’t want a big ‘ol honkin high chair taking up space in your kitchen. These also tend to be collapsible and portable, so you can easily take them from place to place.

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat ~$39

If you’re looking for a basic space saver high chair/booster, look no further.

fisher price booster seat
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This seat easily attaches to almost any dining chair. And when babe gets older and is ready to sit at the table, simply remove the back and it converts to a regular booster seat. Easy!

Best High Chair Alternative

Another option — Inglesina Fast Table Chair ~$79

This last high chair — the hook-on style Inglesina Fast — is very well-liked, but it’s not necessarily our favorite for everyday use. The ultimate space-saver, you can attach it to pretty much any tabletop or counter top and it takes up far less room than a high chair. For some, this is a perfect solution.

high chair alternative
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The disadvantages with this chair are that 1) there’s no footrest (dangling feet situation) and 2) it is a b*tch to clean. (It’s basically all fabric and let me tell you, scraping oatmeal/sweet potato/avocado/etc. out of this thing is beyond frustrating.) Personally, we think it’s best for eating on the run, or things like grandparents’ homes.

*The Inglesina fits tables up to 3.5″ thick (yes, you should measure just to be sure) and holds up to 37 lbs. of baby meat.

There you have it, the best of the best in high chairs. Good luck!


    1. Avatar of Sharan

      Quick note on the Evenflo: it does not have any recline options and the tray is pretty far from the seat so if you have a petite little one (like we do!) there is a big gap between her and the tray. But it is easy to clean and easy to put together. Oh, and we purchased a footrest off Etsy for it.

  1. Avatar of KZ

    you forgot the baby bjorn! sleek, minimal, modern, folds up for storage, no fabric and the tray goes right to babies tummy so no food falls in their laps. i LOVE this highchair.

  2. Avatar of Laura Jo Pfaff

    You may want to include a note or word of caution regarding the space saver style of high chairs. They all come with tip over warnings, But parents should be aware that little ones can easily kick or push of the table causing the top heavy chair to become unstable and fall backwards with little one in tow.

  3. Avatar of Emma

    We use the Inglesina Fast Table and love it! Our major complaint is cleaning the seat cover. Someone got us the Wunderland highchair cover and that cover is awesome! If you have the Inglesina would recommend the Wunderland cover so you’re not always having to take down the whole highchair to clean it.

  4. Avatar of Megan

    Any recommendations for counter height high chairs? Got the stokke trip trap but it’s too short we realized to eat in the kitchen! Ugh.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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