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Summer Shoes for Kids

Summer Series Part 6: Updated April 2018

A follow-up to Part 5: Best Life Jackets

It’s that time of year when we take a trip somewhere warm, and I realize I have NO shoes for the kids for the upcoming season – ack! So I threw this together for others in the same situation.

Best Summer Shoes for Kids

Flip Flops

Flip flops are cheap, easy, and work well for the 2+ crowd (younger kids seem to have trouble keeping the thong between the appropriate toes, heh). For extra security, get the ones with a strap in the back.

Old Navy Flip Flops ~ $3+

They don’t get any cheaper than this, folks! These classic Old Navy flip flops get the job done. *Note these run big! I don’t recommend the “infant” sizes because they’re generally too narrow for chubby baby feet. Past infant sizes, they’re great.

Summer Shoes for Kids

Reef Kids – Ahi Flip Flops ~ $22

Reef flip flops are very well-made and last forever. These are available in all sizes (the bigger sizes don’t have a heel strap).

Summer Shoes for Kids: Reef Kids Ahi boy flip flops

Water Sneakers

These options can be worn in and out of the water. They are easy to clean, and last forever. Best of all, these styles makes it easy for even the smallest of kids to slide their feet in and out by themselves (“I do it by myself!!”).

Native Jefferson Shoe ~ $45 – Top Pick

The first warm weather season my son could walk, he wouldn’t wear any type of sandals. It was maddening until I stumbled upon Natives. We finally found a durable, warm weather shoe my son could wear in all warm weather environments, even as a water shoe. I have found sandal options for boys are harder to come by than girls so this is my very top pick!

Summer Shoes for Kids

RUNNER UP: Cat & Jack Version [boys] [girls] ~ $15

These are not available in as many colors as Native, but are a great alternative at a lesser cost. Often Target does a BOGO on shoes so you could possibly get two pairs for under $25.

Summer Shoes for Kids


Freshly Picked Carmel Sandal [girl] or Bixby Sandal [boy] ~ $42

This is a great update to a traditional salt water sandal style. I prefer this sandal as the rubber sole is super flexible, almost sneaker like. The more flexible the sole, the easier for little feet to walk and run in safely.

Summer Shoes for Kids

Old Navy Vinyl Sandals for Toddler Boys ~ $17

Perfect for water play, these sandals stay secure and offer a flexible sole for tiny feet to be active in. Especially great sandal option for newer walkers.

Summer Shoes for Kids

Old Navy Pointy-Toe Huarache Flat Sandals for Toddler Girls ~ $23

Huarache sandals are so cute on tiny feet! I love this sandal style. Closed toe sandals offer extra foot protection.

Summer Shoes for Kids

Keen Seacamp II ~ $54

For a full day outdoors, we are keen on Keen! This shoe comes in sizes for toddler to big kids.

Summer Shoes for Kids

Happy Summer!

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