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Best Diaper Backpacks

When you’re a parent, diaper bags are a must. No really… blowouts can strike at any time, and in stinky situations like this, your trusty diaper bag will be indispensable. Mastering the art of balancing a baby and handling a stroller while slugging your much needed morning cup of Joe is tricky enough without having to clutch onto a messenger bag or adjust your shoulder strap on a crossbody.

Enter the diaper backpack!

Diaper backpacks are great for multitasking — plus they’re easier on the back, and they provide you with much-needed hands-free mobility. So go ahead, mamas, give yourself a hand (or both hands) and get a diaper backpack instead. The options below are stylish, timeless and very practical.

1. Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack ~ $79

Skip Hop is an all-time favorite brand of ours here at LL. This bag comes in an array of earthy tones and is sooooo gorgeous. The faux leather looks rich and not plastic-ey, a big must for me with faux materials.

best diaper backpacks: Skip Hop Greenwich Diaper Backpack

Functionality-wise, I love the exterior bottle pocket for a quick fix. I also love how the whole front unzips for complete access to the inside compartments.

best diaper backpacks: Diaper Bags Skip Hop Greenwich

2. Fawn Design ~ $160

I have all the 😍 for this gorgeous bag. There are 10 — YES, 10! — pockets in all. I love how the front of the bag is rounded, which gives you some added space. The faux leather is supple and super easy to clean when spills happen – and they will.

best diaper backpacks: Fawn Design Diaper Backpack

It can be worn as a messenger style bag or backpack, and both options are super comfy. This diaper bag is so chic (hello, gold hardware), I can see myself using it long beyond diapers.

best diaper backpacks: Fawn Design Diaper Backpack

3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Backpack ~ $128

This is the bag I am currently using to manage my 1 and 4 year-old toddler dictators. I’m completely obsessed with the pockets, both interior and exterior. I’m also using the interior “Inter-Mix System” for premium organization (perfect for my OCD’ness).

This system uses smaller zippered pouches the brand calls “pixels.” There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place. A pixel for each child’s needs and my own as well. I also slip my laptop into the back zip pocket when traveling. There’s very little this bag can’t do (or carry). The Inter-Mix Starter Kit (see below) comes with a cool pack “pixel,” which is amazing, though I wish there were a built-in insulated pocket for cold/warm needs in the main space.

best diaper backpacks: Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Diaper Backpack

4. Boxy Backpack ~ $189

This is the favorite. The canvas is coated so you never have to worry about stains. It’s known for intuitive features like magnetic closures, and the main compartment folds out to become your diaper changing station.

best diaper backpacks: petunia pickle bottom
Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack
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5. “Be Right Back” Backpack Diaper Bag ~ $155 ($124 on sale)

Parents rave that this is the best backpack diaper bag on the market. The straps are comfortable, and the pack has lots of pockets and a good amount of storage – it can even fit a small laptop (13″)!

best diaper backpacks: jujube backpack
Ju-Ju-Be “Be Right Back”

6. Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag, $175 (on sale for $140)

This backpack is roomy and has a huge packing capacity. It has ten pockets with a spacious central space for large items, and we love the magnetic front flap. Diaper bags tend to get dirty pretty quickly, so we appreciate that this backpack is made of a faux leather material that wipes clean so, so easily. The interior is also spill resistant! It is on the heavier side, but it’s also made to last… so it’s a pretty good option if you know you’ll be keeping it for future children — or yourself! Yes, it’s that stylish.

best diaper backpacks: freshly picked

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