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Holiday Decor Ideas 2022

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and it’s actually starting to get cold (if you live somewhere where it gets cold, that is…). As such, my kids are now asking me daily when we will be decorating for the holidays. They literally think that cold weather = Christmas decorations.

I’m not particularly big on decorating for… well, anything (it’s just another thing I’ll inevitably have to clean up…), BUT. We do it up for The Holidays.

Grab your warm (or better yet, adult) beverage, crank up the Crooners, light a good candle, and get yourself ready for the freakin’ season. Here are our favorite decor items for the table; seasonal kitchen furnishings; festive candles, scents, and lights; wall decorations; entryway flare; kids gear; and cozy holiday staples.

Table Decor


Candles, Scents & Lights

Wall Decor/Mantle



Getting Cozy

That’s it for now, folks. How are you going to decorate your home? Share with us some of your holiday favorites in the comments below.

We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season!

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