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Holiday Gift Guide: Luxe Gifts

We’ve all been there.

You need to buy that one special gift to really wow that one special person. This gift is a surprise that is absolutely nothing near a “need” and you’re praying your gifting efforts are completely surpassing a basic “want.” Below are some gifts to surprise, delight and blow your gift recipient away – enjoy!

Briar Handmade Pom Bonnet ~ $52

I stumbled upon Briar Handmade last year. They make amazing baby and toddler bonnets. Every winter they release Pom Bonnets and they’re just flat out gorgeous. This 100% wool bonnet can be filed under perfect baby keepsake.

Luxe Gift Guide: Briar Bonnet

Ambeur 20-Inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On ~ $135

I’ve traveled with a busted-ass suitcase my whole life. True story! I would love nothing more than a pretty hard shell spinner case to tote around the world (please take me on a tropical vacay someone!). This carry-on is highly rated and comes in a number of fun colors.

Luxe Gift Guide: Ambeur Carry on Suitcase

Jo Malone London Cologne Collection ~ $115

This brand makes incredible fragrance. When perusing the counter I found it hard to single in on one fragrance I liked. I love this mini set which includes 5 different scents and the packaging is so cute. This is a gift to surely wow!

Luxe Gift Guide: Jo Malone Fragrance

TWELVElittle Water Resistant Nylon Diaper Clutch ~ $75

I fell in love with this mighty wonder while doing research for our up and coming diaper bag round-up (get excited!). This is a great sub for a full-sized diaper bag. It comes with elastic straps to keep everything put, a changing pad and a great zippered pouch. I have been able to fit 5 diapers and a few of my little guy’s daily necessities in this awesome clutch. I love that it can be worn as a crossbody!

Luxe Gift Guide: TWELVElittle Clutch

Boss Lady Lacquer docking Station ~ $63

We all have that boss lady in our lives. She’s badass and gets stuff done (ahem). This would be perfect for her nightstand to charge up her tech goodies to hit the ground running 100% charged up.

Luxe Gift Guide: Boss Lady Docking Station

Zoe Chicco Typographical Diamond Pendant ~ $570

I have been a lot of things to many people and places but the most important title I have held is “mom.” There is nothing more special to me than being a mom and diamonds are pretty frickin’ special too.

Luxe Gift Guide: Pendant Necklace

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum ~ $278

Ok fine, never in my life did I expect to proclaim a cleaning item is a dream present. But here I am – just a mom, standing in front of a pine needle laden house praying I could snap my fingers and the mess would disappear. This is an amazing, highly rated, cordless wonder that I would LOVE to receive this year.

Luxe Gift Guide: Dyson Cordless

Le Creuset Dutch Oven ~ $291

I treated myself to a Le Creuset Dutch Oven this year. It is one of my top purchases ever for my kitchen. The heat distribution is perfect. I am a major fan. In fact, I love the color so much, I always keep it out on my stove top even when it’s not being used.

Luxe Gift Guide: Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Amazon Echo Spot ~ $129

This is the newest Echo release by Amazon. In fact, it won’t ship until the 19th. But it’s sure sounding like the juice is totally worth the squeeze. This version of Echo is compact and has a screen. You can host video calls from the device, or even take a gander to see who’s at your front door. So cool!

Luxe Gift Guide: Amazon Echo

Chelsea All-In-1 Kitchen ~ $374

Maybe my toddler will end up with a sexier kitchen than me, but at least it will look amazing in our home. Can you say silver lining? This kitchen is definitely not run of the mill, in fact it’s anything but. Joanna Gaines would totally purchase this for her kid’s playroom!

Luxe Gift Guide: Pottery Barn Kids Play Kitchen

So there it is! Our third and final gift guide of the season (see our others here!). We’re hoping we made your holiday shopping a tad easier in what can be an otherwise stressful process. Or maybe we just provided you with the perfect link to “accidentally” pass on to your own fam in hopes of getting goodies you, yourself are wishing for. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!


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